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Finally I am out of here



Today at 9:30 I took the Train to Zürich Airport. The Swiss Rail Company SBB is really good, in terms or reliability it comes second only to Japan, but Tickets are really expensive. The oneway frist class ticket cost me 45 Euro (1 hour ride).

But as you can see the place is comfortable, even the toilets are large.



first class seats, comfy and train almost empty


spotless and large toilet

Checkin and security procedures at Zürich Airport where easy and quick. They double checked my hand luggage because I had about a million batteries with me. But the guys where friendly and I finally made my way to the SWISS Business Lounge.



Terminal 1 - Roof

So finally I made my way to the plane and we took off.



Thai Airways Champagne (pretty bad to be honest, but the flower is nice...)



Swiss alps, I just love this country


Ok thats it for now, the next blog entry will be from Chiang Mai.

Take Care




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34 minutes ago, Sherlock said:

Great photo of the snowy mountain tops.

Winter is on its way and the ski season kicks of in 23 days!!!!

Not to mention October Fest next door !

A colleague (Austrian, Vorallberg area) even working in HKG goes back every year for it !

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