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The Mae Sa Valley



Today I left at about 10Am to try out my new ride. I decided to do the "Samoeng Loop", which is basically a circle through mountains and forest that starts and ends in Chiang Mai.

This is the scooter I got:



I dont know much about scooters, I own a Triumph Sprint RS 955i, 20 years old, which I really love, but I have to say this 300cc Sports Scooter did surprise me. The engine is great and also the suspensions is really good. And for an old guy like me its also very comfy and has enough storage room. Really a nice ride!

Here short impressions about the ride:

The tour is about 100 km long, it took me about 4 hours with many stops and chit chat along the way. The ride is easy a few sharp corners but nothing too hairy. There is very little traffic once you are out of Chiang Mai and along the way there is quite some stuff to see.

A few more images:






And the map:



OK people I hope you enjoyed the ride, I got too much sun today, my head is in pain, gotta hit the sack.

Take care 


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