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    As some of you know my mrs is from Buriram and we've built a gaff here 2ish years ago, mainly for her old folks to live in and for us to spend our holidays in outside of Bangkok, Samui and Pattaya. We built the gaff on their plot of land bang in the middle of a small village, about an hour's drive from Brum city and less than 10 clicks from the Cambo border as well as the nearest town called Bankruat. It's quiet, peaceful and what many folks would consider a jungle I suppose, yet I enjoy my time here and my trips seem to get longer with each visit. Mind you, when I first came here 10 odd years ago without a proper bed, shower or shitter I did go native as they say. Now, since we're planning to be here for the coming 3 weeks I'll update this thread with pictures and notes provided there's some interest. Any Qs just post then here or PM me if it's personal (eg cost of building). First up some pics of our gaff in the boonies, which is a 3 bedroom house with 1 bathroom and we've got decent WiFi, smart TV etc so pretty comfy imo. Cheers.
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    Some pics from Dec and the holidays. Had dinner with a few of my gym friends at The Wine Connection, great food and wine here. My friend Mike is a former pilot for Lufthansa, now working as a private pilot for a company here in Bangkok. He flies rich Thai people all over the world on vacations. Oi is an Air Traffic Controller here, works both the Radar Room and the Main Tower. Met my wifes friend “Eye” downtown one afternoon at her office for lunch. She owns her own Visa business and takes care of all of my documents to keep me legal here LOL! One evening, went down to Siam Paragon to see the “Festival of Lights” very nicely done by the Thais. No holiday would be complete without a boys night out downtown right? Few friends and I hit Hooters on Silom for dinner, then over to Nana to hit a few places, hit Bar 4 and met this gal from “Sisaket” She was cool. Went over to “Billboard” Go Go and oogled the girls in the Jacuzzi LOL! Of course, we had to buy a favorite girl an LD. That worked out quite nicely, I guess they liked us, they sat on our lap after they got out of the tub LOL! Finished the night out at Soi Cowboy, hit Dollhouse and Suzie Wongs, both places had nice talent without question. Bought these 2 gals outside Dollhouse an LD each. Off to Hua Hin to ring in the holidays. Wifey likes this place called “Vana Varin” have stayed here a few times over the years. Our room is made of “Clay” like an Igloo and in the round. 25 minute drive downtown to the night markets and restaurants, rent an ATV here and cruise around out in the boondocks. No traffic out here, very mellow. Fist time for me to this place called “Ao Manow” had no idea that you have to enter a Thai Military base first, then all of a sudden there are beaches here. Unique. Quite popular place with the locals. Hit Soi Bintibaht one evening, tons of beer bars here, surprisingly some good talent outside waiting for one to sit down with the lovelies. I had to be on my best behavior. All in all, great time and the weather was just fabulous. Not often it gets down to 23c in the evening. Nothing but the best to all of you in 2019. Sa Wa Dee Pee Mai.
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    Now I really don't care about anyone lurking in on the forum at all. Why should I let it bother me. If guests are looking at topics and posts then they have fond the forum and lets hope they sign up and post. Now the other kind of lurkers, the ones that look at this forum and then report back to other forums. Someone even said we are all patting each others backs on here which i've never even seen on here at all. Then we have others saying the forum is not for them and has nothing to post about on here. Thats fine we have always said we are not another Pattaya forum and its more about Thailand. I could say a lot more but i'll leave it at this..
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    I don't have a problem with them, although obviously would prefer they posted occasionally. As for removing them, why? If they are reading the board, nd they're not really causing any harm, and they might, one day, start posting. If they've been removed, then they are not going to start posting.... and might "badmouth" the forum on another. Of course if they are causing an issue by just lurking (ie reading, and still badmouthing elsewhere) then get rid of them.
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    If I may...before all of us here in Thailand pop the corks and raise our glasses to celebrate the arrival of a new Calender Year, please take a moment to channel some positive mojo (or say a prayer for the religious folk) for the 60 some odd people who died and the hundreds maimed and scarred for life 10 years ago tonight in the senseless Santika Disco fire tragedy. What a horrible night in my neck of the woods, I lost 3 beautiful friends there and could of oh so easily been there myself on that fateful night as it was one of our regular haunts. Life is precious and you never know when it can just be swooped from underneath you in a flash. Take a moment, send some positive mojo, and than party like rock stars as the clock strikes midnight😁😁😁
  6. 10 points
    I'll be picking her up from work at midnight. Straight to bed, I don't like people, don't talk to people, don't socialise with people. Can stick new year up their arse.
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    You'll get some good ideas from expats on here but please bear in mind that what they actually do is argue on the internet all day. *runs and hides*
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    Most of what I regret doing had at least some good associated with them, so if I changed them I would take something worthwhile out of my life. For example, my now-ex wife. Before we were married, if I had cum on her face that night after college Easter break, like I should have, we wouldn't have had to get married, but then I wouldn't have the three greatest kids in the world. And, if we hadn't divorced, I wouldn't have the greatest girl in the world now. So, I find it hard to regret anything, since there seems to be something positive associated with everything I've done. Guess I'm lucky.
  9. 9 points
    I have no problems with lurkers either. When I first joined addicts many moons ago I didn't feel confident enough to post as I knew jack shit about Thailand. I had been to PG in the Philippines and was looking for somewhere else to go that wasn't quite so far away. How many are newbies as I was or regulars that are just nosey buggers, who knows, but I see little harm in haveing potential posters in the background. Hopefully they will feel their way into contributing as I did.
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    Guangzhou Airport! I fell asleep on my flight from Swampy to Guangzhou whereas I had a 4 hour layover. So we land and I proceed to the passport control area thinking I was just going to simply make way to my connecting flight gate and chill. Not! I get pulled out of line apparently for not filling out some form en route -so they said. Big communication breakdown occurred where 2 heavily armed airport security men told me, "You big problem!" I was completely bewildered as to what kind of problem I was. I never raised my voice or barely said anything for that matter as it all happened so fast. Next thing you know, I am escorted to a small room where the 2 security dudes took my carry on bag, wallet and passport and left locking the door behind them. I was thinking, "F me! Am I some sort of political prisoner or some shit?" So there I sat on a bench alone in a locked room that looked like a janitorial storage area for about 45 minutes. Then, a well dressed Chinese airport employee in a suit opened the door and gave me all my items back. He said as he was handing me all my stuff, "I apologize on behalf of China for your inconvenience sir, please follow me." Great, so now where are they taking me? I follow him across the airport to a room with a curtain with only Chinese writing above it. As we entered, he said, "This is the nicest VIP room in the airport sir. Am am pleased to tell you that everything is free for you in this room for the remainder of your stay." This room was plush complete with a luxurious buffet of food, couches, computers with free Internet, people waiting on me hand and foot telling me if I needed anything, just ask. Never did find out WTF happened and never asked, but it was like a Twilight Zone episode.
  11. 8 points
    So yesterday we drove up to Buriram city for the annual 'countdown', which has become quite a big event in recent years, mainly due to a man called Newin. His full name is Newin Chidchob, and he is without a shadow of a doubt the most influential man in Buriram, perhaps even Isaan these days. It is Newin who bought a small football club outside of Bangkok, moved it to Buriram and morphed it to what everyone now knows as Buriram United. It is Newin who, together with his friends from Bangkok, built the massive football stadium named after it's main sponsor Chang arena. It is again Newin who managed to convince his friends/investors to built the $ 50 million race track where they are now hosting the GP. As a retired politician and once minister in the kabinet of Thaksin, the man has put Buriram on the map and the people here love him for it. The tourism industry of Buriram is booming and everything else with it. It would not suprise me if this man makes it to PM one day. Every year since the Chang arena was built they host this 'Countdown' event which starts around 6 pm, has various artists performing on stage followed by massive fireworks and it's all free to the people of Buriram. Just say count down in Thai style and everyone will know what you mean. We arrived 7 PM and it was still quiet-is, so found a good spot to sit and got a bucket of 5 Chang which was surprisingly the only beer available :). The music was quite good and varied from rock to rap and of course all in Thai but most enjoyable. The only problem was that I was freezing! The wind was strong and temperatures dropped below 20 degrees celcius so off I went to the Brum UTD shop for an extra shirt to the tune of 690 baht, which is in itself cheap for a proper football shirt but I remember when they were 500 baht. So off I go with my new Brum UTD shirt on and funny enough some Thais asked to take a picture, which doesn't happen too much anymore these days, but is always nice. By that time it already got busy and we were on our 3rd bucket of Chang when my mate Marc arrived. Unfortunately, he had some drama with his missus for some bullshit reason and had to dash again quickly. It baffles me why Thais always tend to blow up tiny things no matter the occasion then go sit somewhere and visibly sulk, making it awkward for everyone. Anyway, they left and we partied on, enjoyed the count down and fireworks before getting some gai yang and Leo as a night cap at the resort we were staying. Had a right hangover this AM but the Leos are doing their job at the moment. Happy new year from Buriram.
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    For the first time in donkeys years we are off out to a pub here in Cardiff, there are 13 of us in our party, 8 Thai ladies and 5 fellas. Fancy dress Peaky Blinders style is optional, can only imagine it is going to be a nightmare trying to get a taxi when we get kicked out the pub at 1am One of the girls has sent us a photo of her outfit.
  13. 8 points
    When I first joined them it was to find out more about Thailand , the areas I hadn't visited .. keep in touch with what was happening when I was at home A good place to share info and pics you probably wouldn't show to your family have found really good info on restaurants, bar and hotels from other BMs posts that I might have missed otherwise I probably spend too much time on them , normally watching TV and holding the iPad flicking through a few sites , really come on for a laugh , which is why I am trying to stay away from all political and religious threads I have met some very good people through a couple of the forums , some that I would endeavour to meet up with again if I knew we were in Thailand at the same time
  14. 8 points
    A very merry Crimbo to all of the forum members. 🎅🏼🎄
  15. 8 points
    Starter - cider Main - cider Dessert - cider Refreshments - cider Maybe squeeze in a couple of mince pies.
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    Considering your constant arguing style with everybody I am not surprised. Enjoy !
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    Was at an Indian buffet place on Sunday, paying by card at the end. Guy was putting the cost in, then showed me an option to pay 10% on top service/tip. I said to him it's a buffet, from as soon as we came in we did everything ourselves? He just gave me a blank stare.
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    Hands down, not even a close second, my favorite place in Thailand is my home sweet home, and in particular my deck! Spend so many hours out there contemplating the meaning of life!😀 Now if you had asked me 10 years ago, I would of said the big tub at Darling's (RIP) on Sukhumvit Soi 12. The standard ones just weren't comfy for parties of 3.
  19. 7 points
    Gents. I have had to delete a number of posts for the reasons i will show. @Lambik i think everyone is now aware of your views on politeness and the appropriatness of language. I have left some of your entries and some where other members take a different view. This was a thread about a new moderator and to some extent it has been hijacked. There are other threads dealing with politeness language and the like and in my view some of comments here would have been better in other places. I not hidden every post that has gone off onto the politeness and language theme leaving some for and against @Lambik s views. I have tried to leave those expressing opinions of the views expressed but have deleted those which are directed towards the member personally. Forum rules are clear on this point. Offer a contrary view is fine, personal attack on a member, no. The thread is now open. Please could it be kept on topic.
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    Definitely go see your doctor, even if you're still not sure about stopping, just go get checked out anyway. Aye, full lifestyle change required, that's what I had to do. You can get new interests, things to do, but one step at a time. Make an appointment with your Doctor, they'll probably send you for a load of blood tests, liver function test etc. Don't stick your head in the sand, ignore it and hope it will go away, that doesn't work!
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  22. 7 points
    As long as you play the ball and not the man .... it's when someone feels they need to attack the poster as well as their position things go bad , same in a working environment, no need to get personal
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    Just walked into a bar in Hua Hin, ordered drink and a couple of local lads came and sat with me 🧐 Turns our it was the local male hooker bar, never downed my beer so fast!! 😱 🏃‍♂️ 🤣
  24. 6 points
    The forum has been a proper laugh this past few days or so. Obviously purely a coincidence with copious amounts of alcohol being consumed over Christmas. It's well moderated, with a lot of self moderation which is great. No real issues, certainly nothing compared to other similar forums. Let's keep it a fun place where you can have a laugh, stop being or taking some things so serious for fcuk sake! See what I did there ... But not just that, in general. I'm sure everyone wants here to be a friendly place where you can also take the piss a bit and have a laugh. It's been enjoyable, not even remotely close to a fall out. Let's keep it that way. Here ends the sermon. Love, kisses and the odd wank (hope that last word's not censored).
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