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    I really don’t know where to begin here but today has turned out to be one of the best days of my life. I can say everything has been getting worse over the last few months without very little progress and my health has taken a massive hit due to my treatment. For them on here that don’t know, six months ago I was diagnosed with (NETs) Neuroendocrine cancer, which is one of the most aggressive small cell cancers you can get and a very rare type of cancer with only a very small successes rate of around 4% so I decided I’ll not be one of the 4% that will go into remission. Over the last six months I’ve gone thru hell with my treatment and also the berth of my first son, little Thomas. At times I’ve felt it’s been very close to the end of the road for me and I’ve ended up in hospital several times without an immune system and infections. Over the last month the hospital stepped up on my Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy which they over dosed me on Chemotherapy and i decided to ask questions as I felt like I was on deaths door with the over dose and I was told you are giving the flight of your life and we all know you are doing everything to make this work for you and you may not believe it but your body is standing up to the treatment very well and we had always known you would end up getting admitted. So until today I would have given my self around 5 to 10 years, well that was the stats and now today was the meeting over my treatment and how its going. I was waiting in the room like maybe 50 others all was chatting about the problems and my name and into the office I stepped. I was met with the normal chat over the cancer and treatment. Then the doctor said to me. Do you want the good news or the bad news? ? Well my heart sank and I just said I really don’t know I’ve had a lot over the last months so what else cant I take. He said you have responded very well, that well in fact we are looking at putting you into the 4% of remission. I didn’t know what to do or say the doctor handed me a box of tissues and said have a few minutes. I could never explain how this feels in any way what so ever, and then I remembered what about the bad news…? I need treatment of Radiotherapy to my brain, which has its own problems. At the moment I’m at the back end of my planned treatment with added Radiotherapy treatment which ends next week and I need to have a MRI scan to see what can be done over the lose of use of my hand and foot. I can’t tell you how I feel but today could well be the start of the rest of my life.
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    Big row taking place in Reception this early morning between Hotel customer ( still feeling no pain) and 6ft 2 inch glammerpuss ladyboy. Customer: "Just leave, I told you to leave!" LB: "Okay, I leave but you pay me first!" Customer: " I not pay you as nothing happened." LB: "You asked me to come round this morning and when Reception phoned you told me to come up to your room." Customer: "Yes, but I thought you were someone else. Nothing happened, so just leave" LB: "I leave when you pay me the 1,000 baht you promised me yesterday." Customer: "But nothing happened, so I don't owe you anything." LB: " Well you fu**ed me yesterday! " Customer: "Yes, but that was a mistake." My suggestion to pay the lady and look good was eventually accepted with very bad grace!
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    Members joined this forum for a change from what was out there and also due to the shit that had been posted on other forums. Change is good and many need to embrace it, some have, some will just hold on to dreams. Forums are not football teams. This is 247 and long may it continue as a new vessel for those who wanted something different. I would suggest that if you miss it that bad and it stays open then your allegiances can be maintained there. It is about time that those who joined here start supporting the forum or return back to where they feel more comfortable. Nostalgia about Secrets can be maintained here, nothing wrong with that if needed by some but support needs to be given to this forum as it is where you have been free to post without heavy handed moderation. I personally find your post a little disrespectful to those of us who enjoy this forum and are pleased that it exists, I especially thank those in admin who have done so much to make this forum work and respect for the effort they have put into it to see it grow in a positive way. They have been welcoming to everybody who has come from the other forums and questioning the reasons for why people are happy to be here seem out of place and unworthy. Gal seems to have managed to move on, about time others did as well without going on incessantly about other forums and their loyalties, it does get tedious even if it is in this thread and, please note, I was a member of Secrets. I was loyal to another forum as well for many years, it stopped offering me what I wanted and I left; the Genesis of this forum started about the same time I was in limbo and it has become my preferred home. This forum is nothing like my football team but I will do my best to support it while it offers me a social platform that fulfills my needs.
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    Secrets is Secrets This is Thailand-247. As you say mate,leave that shit over there.I am done with the forum there,don't see why people can't get over the fact it is finished as it used to be. All the sentimentality in the world ain't gonna revive it.
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    Newsflash ....Secrets forum is still open , if you have something to say about Secrets then why not continue posting there .., ? I post regularly on three forums and sporadically on three others , but bringing the whinging and whining about about Secrets and it's members ( past and present) is getting boring
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    As a welcomed newbie here just a few days ago, I have enjoyed the various topic chat among the members and hope to get in where I fit in on this board. It's also nice to see many familiar handles over here from the Secrets board, some who I notice continue to post over there as well, me included, as well as finding their groove here. I agree about the politics section causing some fizzures among certain members, where taking the piss out of someone would morph in some cases into vile, personal attacks, because of a disagreement about some political viewpoint. I didn't care much for that aspect as to me, it only showed a person's adolescent mentality about such matters, refusing to, or simply incapable of, continuing on in a grown up, civil manner in responding to another bm. A chat board turning a middle aged man into some high school aged brat, comfortably swathed in a blanket of anonymity in most cases. An excellent idea here on keeping the politics in it's own separate section away from the main general topics page unless you are a member of that "club". I think that will end up going a long way toward eliminating so much poisonous negativity that wormed it's way into other threads on Secrets due to bad feelings toward members that first blossomed out of the politics threads. Though I'll continue to post over there when the mood strikes, it does remain open after all, I'll look for a nice, comfortable easy chair to prop my feet up and put the lion's share of my time online regarding Pattaya, in this neighborhood. Add a bit of class to the joint! 😜
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    In a thread titled "Secrets forum" one can expect people to discuss the Secrets forum. If that offends you, consider getting the thread deleted and all mention of that forum criminalized. In the absence of that, one could just not open the thread.....
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    We have a good core group of regular ex posters from Secrets and/or Live among us,so i think the forum will still be busy,even if some choose to go back to other forums. Would rather go for quality over quantity myself,rather than have shit stirrers causing their usual trouble. Shame guys like Striderman and Big John ain't come over from Secrets,they post lots of good pics and info for those who want to know the latest happenings in town.
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    Well, I find myself working in Whitstable for the next 5 weeks, so thought on my day off I should take a stroll around avd see what the place is like. Its quiet! Very quiet! But the coastal path walk is quite nice. Some pretty part of the country around here.
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    I liked Geoff Carter's style, when I say liked I mean I didn't want to kill him quite as much as the rest of them.
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    I sent them a video of me watching porn and offered to go fifty fifty on future sales.
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    Having been told not to venture out past the house door unless it was for the hospital over the last 4 months and today I was told my blood count was up and it would be ok for me to head out into the really world, So it was very nice to get out of the house again today. We decided to have a bite to eat at Frankie & Benny's food chain restaurant. I like how this place is set up with the decor and its nicely spaced out with ample walk ways ... We opted for the 3 courses for £11.99 each which is great value for you buck and i think our total bill came to £31:00 with a soda drink... I decided to leave £35:00 as the service was very good too. We both had the same to eat starting with the mushroom bruschetta then the skinny pizza and then the Brownie and ice cream which always goes down a treat.
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    Thanks for all the messages. I'm currently sat on my sofa and watching Puang play with little Thomas in her arms. This has been such a rollercoaster and its so nice to look at my wife and son knowing i'm going to be around. I really cant get todays meeting out of my head..
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    A little tear of joy/relief occurred in my eye there as well. Anyway enough of this sentimental shite have you not sorted other people's PayPal problems out yet? Fucking shambles!
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    This forum is the first one I click on now.
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    Spend your money on whatever would make you happiest.
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    The first 4 or 5 years were Magic. I remember I could not get to the bar to work fast enough. That was in a time when the Girls needed the bar and those days are long gone now.
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    Did they give out closing down anniversary shirts ???
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    I was one of those guys who in my early years visiting Pattaya, mid 90's, I couldn't wait to retire and move there full time. Well, times change and even if money were no object, I honestly think that a 3 month stay would be fine with me. Have been fortunate to travel to several other countries and have enjoyed them as well. At 50, I went to Ireland for the first time as I had heard for years from my Irish friends that the Guinness was best there rather than in other countries. I found it's true! Add to that the wonderful people and the pub culture. Plus, the best tasting beef I have had anywhere. Grass fed, just as tender as can be. I would definitely want to spend 4-6 weeks a year in summer there. Overall, as I am under 2 years to go until eligible for retirement, I'm now looking at a 6 month stay here in the States and 6 months overseas. Am considering selling my house and downsizing to a small condo as a US base, a turn key deal, and then a rental studio in overseas locations. As a single guy, my time and money are my own and wherever I choose to go, it's a big world out there and if money was no concern, then live to discover the wide variety of beauty this world has to offer, both in geography, and it's people.
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    We have had some unseasonally warm weather over the last few days here in South Wales so when we found ourselves with a day off together we got in the motor and went for a drive. In the car the wife says " where are we going tillak", I said Porthkerry park, I think there must be something wrong with her hearing because she chimes up " Prawn curry park"? and never let it drop the whole day Here are some pics of the day, we ended up late afternoon in The Captains Wife pub right on the coast at Sully which is near Penarth .
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    I think Sharkys is having some fun with Secrets Cambodia
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    Whatever Ben can tuck someone up for each time the bill comes.😀
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    We plan to take the forum off line at 2am Thai time on Monday morning for a full database backup and a few issues we need to address. The forum will be down for a few hours at the most. Thanks for your patience..
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    Same people who are handling Brexit.
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    If you were his friend he would always be willing to help. My ATM card took a shit and I was off to AC in the morning before the banks opened I was screwed. Told him may just cancel till i get my card sorted. He looked at me and said he was off to Burger King for a whopper. Well an hour or so later he was back at the bar with a Whopper for me as well as 60K baht looked at me and said sort it with me when you get back. Thats just the kind of guy he was.
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    I would be too embarrassed to be even near the place on that date but I know people who would be bedding down in tents overnight for that offer.
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    We are only placing ads on the forum in key places such as the top and bottom of the page for partners of the forum and business advertisers. The reason why to help to support the forum cost, it's not that important but it may help to bring a better forum. To the members it will alway be a free useful forum.
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    Get one in the vernacular of Oz. No loot, no root!
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    Some pics I took at a car show at Baneasa Airport,Bucharest where I was working a couple of years ago. The one that looks like it's made of wood....is made of wood.Have a prang & call a carpenter I guess & hope there's no fire involved.
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    I feel sad that I don't know or watch any Vloggers. Doesn't seem I am missing much.
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    Something's afoot on Walking street soi 14. Don't think I've heard anything mentioned.... 😁
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    Over the course of the last few weeks have got pretty friendly with one of the dancers to say the least. I do know quite a few in there including Gib the one with the monster natural tits that arrive 3 feet in front of the rest of her. Because I'm easy going as regards drinks I do tend to get surrounded somewhat to the bemusement again last night of 4 young lads who were mouthing whats wrong with us lol. Its called LDs chaps and nothing more than that Anyway this pretty young topless dancer has taken somewhat of a shine to me last few occasions. Called Amp shes 21 dances topless with a perfect unblemished body unsullied by babies suckling on the titties. As per usual I'm hamming it up with her encouraging to go look some other young guys. No she says "mai me satang".... I've cracked up completely. Start chatting about family shes startled that I had 5 children but tells me shes one of 7 sisters from Petchabun. Start talking about salary in Champagne. Now I had heard numbers before but was startled when she said 42,000 Baht a month. My mouthful of tiger has gone everywhere.... Yes she says 1400 Baht a day. The agency dancers work 10 day shifts (Gib as above) for 15,000 Baht What about drink quota I ask or BF over course of a month. 5 drinks a day and if short they drop 60 baht for each one. No problem she says you always buy me two but in last hour she said all the pissed japs chinese and koreans come in and can easily get quota Bar Fines I ask. I dont go she says. She was fluent in English so there was no misunderstanding but I asked again. No she says I never go just dance topless. If their topless dancers there is no BF quota. Once they go over the 5 drinks quota they get 60 Baht a drink so she said pretty easy time the orientals drop anchor with their twitching todgers to get another 5 on top so 300 a night 1700 a night and she doesnt even need or want to drop her pants lol Gotta love this madhouse. Another cracking night in paradise
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    You don't mean.... do you? Lol!
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    So,Phibunmangsahan is the last outpost before you gather supplies and head her out to the sticks. Phibun is approx 90 minute drive from Ubon...(East). Phibun has a little hospital,a market of course and a donut and cake shop. The last time I was there,they were just setting up a Lotus Express.👍 Anyways,I got married there in 2002,and have been back many times for a visit. I found a lovely little Thai resort on the Mum river,that had a pool (not swimable),a full Western breakfast (not edible),a zip line (I’m out) and for f**k sakes,HBO on the tele. Ive done my time staying in the sticks,and prefer to stay here,and drive out during the day.The family is Mama and Papa,7 girls and a boy. I guess the old man thought he was on fire,as the boy came out first and got skunked the next 7 times. The village is a literal girl machine.Everytime a new kid is born,it seems to be a girl.Out of the 8 kids,there are four boys and eleven girls. And it took a Falang to make one of the boys.💪💪💪 They are a great crew of peeps,and have never asked me for f**k all,although,the big white guy did set the rules early on,and has kept his end of the bargain so far,so no need to worry at this point. Ive managed to find some flash drives with some earlier pics,so will add them over time. I enjoy visiting the village.I found a little 9 hole golf course right on Sirindon dam,and I head out there for a fleecing from the local Caddies who I play with (and lose to). First order of business is to round up all of the motorcycles and take them down to the local moto/TV repair guy,for some well deserved servicing. my first ever Suzuki Swing is still there and running,although she has been pimped out by several of the little fucker,so it’s barely recognizable. Ubon is a fantastic city,only an hour from Bon Mueang,But 12 hours solid drive from Pattaya,up the 24.I really enjoy Ubon. We usually stay in Surin overnight on the drive up, at the Surin Thani (?) Hotel Which is where we had the offer from a lovely Chang beer promo girl,to take care of both of us one night,an offer that was politely declined by Mrs Wag,much to the disappointment of Mr Wag.🤷‍♂️ Around the second year Mrs Wag was in Canada,there was an awful lot of Thai mail coming and going at our place,over a number of months. Green books,Blue books and lots of Photocpoies were taken and sent back. it was only after our next trip the following year,that I was told,Mrs Wag had secured a lease with a telecommunications company,and they had installed a cell phone tower on property that she had been given from Mama,which she renews every 3 years or so and nets her a nice little egg,for when she returns for a holiday.Of which she has used to extend the family home and put in hot water for Mama,who is not allowed to use it from Papa,because he feels it’s costs too much money.🤪 I have little need to know how much the lease is for,but I do get to handle the courier invoices,at the time of renegotiations. Clever little fucker is Mrs Wag. Both parents are in their 70’s and should start shuffling off in the not too distant future.Mrs Wag has been preparing for them to go,and to be honest,I feel it’s been a miracle that all 8 kids have made it to adulthood,and the old man is still with us,after he falls off his moto pissed,at least twice a month.Miracle if you ask me.I have pics of that.🤦‍♂️ Anywas,any questions,fire away,I will add pics as I come across them. There is a beautiful cave and sandstone waterfall approx 30 minutes up the road from the village.Falang no pay double,but actually negotiated a deal for family members. yes,all those in the pic were in my pick up truck. the twins are my nieces.Cheeky as f**k and smart as a whip.Laways manage to get a few Satan’s out of me when I’m there.
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    The Tesco Lotus near me gave me a big brown paper bag yesterday like you see the Americans get in the movies. Ideal for me to put over the head of my next drunken barfine.
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    I am sorry but your comment about " mostly Indians" simply is not true and I assume that when you used the words "cleaned up" you were not meaning to imply Secrets rooms are dirty. If I was to attach a screen shot of Secrets Reservations for the next 4 weeks ( which for obvious reasons I am not going to do) you would be hard pressed to identify a single Indian guest from the names shown. I have to admit, that really surprised me but I assure you it is factually true. Secrets Hotel has a relatively small number of loyal and regular customers of "ethnically" Indian guests from the west who are most welcome particularly as they are great guys and always are regulars in the Bar. It is much more difficult for Indian Nationals to book and stay at Secrets because very few hold credit cards and are therfore generally unable to pay reservation deposits whether directly to Secrets or via booking agents. Although we tend to waive deposits for all regular returning guests that is a requirement for most newbie's to Secrets Hotel. Secrets does use booking Agents such as Expedia and Agoda however their rates are only attractive if prospective customers can take advantage of the promotional rates agreed between Secrets and the booking agents. The Indian continent is one of those excluded from such promotions. For the best rates and personal service for Thailand247 members, email to "reservations@secretspattaya.com" and don't forget to ask for the "Warburtons" upgrade.
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    too late I'm here already :-) Sent from my LG-H962 using Tapatalk
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    Hi chaps, l,m another transferee from Secrets. Bought a house in Pattaya in 1997 and still living here most of the time. Hope to enjoy perusing this forum daily. Cheers
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    4 . Benjamin Lightfingers
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    Hello, my name is Norton and I am a refugee from another forum. After years of being in my forum homeland natural and unnatural disasters have led to me fleeing my home-forum. I heard from my fellow other-forum mates that this was a place that would welcome the discarded, the opportunist and lost alike. A place of equality that would allow my Asian preferences to be accommodated and grow. Looking forward to civil discourse, sharing, listening, laughter and updates. Maybe “sucky” but true.
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    Morning all, I have lived and worked in asia for more years than I care to remember, Retired for the last four years and now splitting my time equally between the u.k. and asia
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    First class is fabulous but has a defined period of time of about 11 hours each way (from UK); upgrading to a top class hotel for around £150 a night (if your normal spend is well below that) might offer better value for money and a more comfortable and enjoyable time in real terms than the flight upgrade. The only thing about a top class hotel is that every other spend is going to be pricey so you might want to take your dining needs into account. Of course eating outside and drinking in bars won't add to your budget if part of normal spend. Thing is it is for your 50th and that occurs on 1 night so do you intend on flying on your birthday then First Class would be a birthday treat. However if your birthday is being spent whilst in Thailand I would probably go for the hotel upgrade. Of course you could just go business class (which would tick many boxes) and still upgrade to a relatively decent hotel with the extra £1000 or so.
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    Did a whole roast chicken satay tonight with a spicy peanut sauce.marinated the chicken overnight. Had roasties and veg with mine and the little un had sticky rice and miscellaneous shrubs with hers. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Hi gents. After many reminders from Bazle, I've finally joined. It was good to meet some of you at Le Pub last Sunday. I'll chip in when I've got something worth saying cheers Jon
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    If we have to go through the tedious as fcuk 'I miss and love Secrets' pish again, someone's gonna have to end up getting hurt!
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    Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, no sign of Otis... Koh Samui on the way to Surat Thani
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    Greetings from another Secrets refugee still enjoying the cultural decadence of living in Pattaya.
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    Happened to me. My ex went back to LOS to attend her fathers funeral and stayed nearly a month. Trouble was ....the little bitch came back !
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