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    I've posted on here before with regards to my kind of cancer and treatment. Today was always going to come around but it was one of them days that i wasn't too sure if I wanted it to come around. Every thing reminds me about my appointment with billboards busses tv ads the lot... all for cancer.. For me today was going to be a simple yes or no and all sorts was going on in my mind and i was all over the place when it was time to leave the house. We got to the hospital early and I had a scan and then headed for my appointment with my cancer specialist. I entered the room with my sister as I didn't want young Thomas in the hospital, so Puang stayed home with him while my sister came with me for support. My cancer specialist was smiling and she didn't hold back and told me there's no trace of cancer and only scarred tissue. I really couldn't believe it... we had a few moments then we asked again and it was made clear to us.. There's no trace of cancer and only scarred tissue. I came home and hold my wife and baby in my arms for ages. For the future, its going to be check ups for the next year at one every two months for a year and them every three months for the next 4 years...
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    Wonderful send off for Baz today. Barwise and myself were there from this forum. Rest in peace.
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    Well this week has had its ups and downs and Puang looks like she may have a touch of postnatal depression setting in.. So I decided we needed a day out of the house and surroundings and decided on Filey. Why Filey, As a child I spent loads of time at this place so I know it like the back of my hand and we headed there a few years ago before Thomas was born. We was all set to go this morning at 7am as we knew the weather was going to be good and at that time we get a clear run to Filey. We landed in Filey just before 9am so a breakfast was a good call and we knew just the place to go.. "Filey Bistro & Coffee Bar" a lovely little family run cafe. Puang just had a tea cake and tea but I opted for the fully monty breakfast which was bloody lovely. Now after breakfast it was high tide and we planned to walk down the beach to the caravan park a few miles down the beach to check out the place as i've not been near Primrose Valley for 40 years. The old cobble landing in Filey with the old tractor to tow the boats out of the sea. The old 1960's hi de hi type chalets Many are warn out and still have the wooden window frames and most of the wood is shot. I think they are now only used as staff accommodation. Back in the day they was a sea defence system with concrete but now a days they just let nature take its course. Also back in the day a tractor dressed up as a train with carriages but its been stopped from taking customers down to the beach and back up as its classed as not safe now a days..
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    I just booked a flight to Bangkok from San Francisco on Korean Air for late August through mid- September. As their economy seating on a 777-300 offers more leg room than any other airline I am aware of, Asian based or otherwise, my flight cost $696 all in. China Southern and China Eastern were in the low to mid $500's economy, but since I am larger than a dwarf or horse jockey, no thanks. I booked a room through Agoda at Sutus Court, $96 USD for 4 nights. I have a pool, a lift, a balcony view overlooking the pool, a king size bed, room safe, ac, fan, complimentary water each day with housekeeping and all the amenities one needs for a comfortable stay. No way in hell I am getting that quality of digs in America for $24 lousy dollars a night. I'll be there for 3 days on the front and back end of a 3 week trip, as the middle 2 weeks I'll be in Kenya where those tall, slender Naomi Campbell looking gazelles will run me about $25 USD for all night, and they won't leave until damn near noon. No 6 am runners with those girls. None of them want to leave the warm snuggle of Big Papa at that ungodly hour! As you all most certainly know, there are probably 200 bars within a 12-15 minute walk in all directions of the Sutus Court location near that Buokow/Diana intersection, a plethora of massage shops, restaurants that sell numerous dishes both Thai and farang, for $6 usd or less, a baht bus taxi will cost me 10 baht to go practically anywhere in town, a moto taxi will deliver me door to door for as little as 40 baht. I say that to say this....when you really think about it, Pattaya, is a great value. The one factor that causes so many guys' undies to get in a bunch is the cost for girls. Ok, then in that case, be a smart shopper. Don't bother with those expensive agogos on WS or even LK Metro. Don't ply the girl with endless LD's. Two is the limit, make your move with her then or bugger off to the next bar. No one is putting a gun to anyone's head forcing them to spend a wad of cash on a daily basis. Plenty of opportunity for an attractive 30 something at Bamboo, easy to strike up a deal with a massage girl after she gets off work for an ST for 12-1500 baht, and who can ever forget the value of an afternoon delight on Soi 6 for 1000 baht or so? Put in a little work and watch what happens! You all don't go to the supermarket and get the most expensive cut of beef in the butchery, do you? There are plenty of other choice cuts that will satisfy at a much more reasonable price. Same with the girls. Never give them the power over how much YOU are willing to spend. Remember, they have something you WANT but you have something they NEED! Accommodations, flights, food, drink, transport......the cost for all that stuff is as good as it gets in our lifetimes RIGHT NOW! Now quit bitching, book a flight to Swampy and get out there and ENJOY LIFE!
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    I appreciate the kind words but it really comes down to The Forum getting passed over. The location has never been fantastic anyone that thinks it is is only fooling themselves. The Forum drove the bar without the Forum the bar fails. In the later years The Forum was all but ignored and because of that that's where the downturn took place in my opinion. I don't like to see business the way it is there now because I still feel connected to it even after all these years I hope they can find some way to turn things around and get it back on the right track the guys that own it are great guys hopefully it'll all work out for them. And just an example I have been monitoring The Forum there and here are the numbers for the last 7 days as far as post counts. 33 33 28 22 28 50 26 numbers like that show you that there's little to no interest it has just been let go and that's the reason for the downturn. I remember averaging between 1250 and 1500 Post per day everyday some will argue that a lot of those were game threads and threads that had little or nothing to do with Pattaya. Traffic it was all about traffic kept the board busy the board was busy the bar was busy very simple as the board went so went the bar as we're seeing today.
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    Concerns me when I see the word lifeless used as per Painter's view above. Is this part of the problem as well as it takes two to tango. Painter did his bit by patronising a bar and probably expected a better reception. The low season doesn't seem to have brought a desire of those girls touting for business to be overly pro active. I am sure there are some go go bars where money is flowing and girls are unlikely to be called 'lifeless but in the beer bars the lack of positive attitude from the bar staff seems to be the norm. Has it become that boring in the bars?. I remember a bar owner mentioning that you can make your own entertainment by buying drinks all around and acting up, the thing for me is that it should be the girls offering good customer service such that makes you wish to part with your money. How many times have I walked in to a bar with barely a nod of appreciation for my patronage and a lack of attention usually seeing staff engaged in everything but servicing the customers. Low season times should see a more positive attitude from staff not a lack of it so what is going on. Back in the day pre phones and when girls were hungry you could hear the screams of girls trying to entice guys in to their bars and offering immediate attention that made you feel like a million dollars and that was all year round, where did that customer service go. Oh for the days of Subic in the Philippines when the base at Olongapo was still full to the brim with servicemen. Arriving on a jeepney into Subic and listening to the cacophony of the girls eager for your time and money. You were made to feel king and parting with your money was exciting and rewarding. I apologise for reminiscing about something that many have never experienced. Those days seem to have gone by all accounts from reading these threads, very sad.
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    As someone who was involved from the very beginning there is no question absolutely none that the Forum drove that business and without that forum it would have not succeeded those May argue but that's the plain fact. Ben was very smart getting the Forum off the ground 1 year before the bar ever came to be opened. We had Secrets meetings at other bars around town during the building the excitement was building to see just what this new bar would be. All of that because of the forum plain and simple. I think the location it's a poor one nothing else on that Soi to speak of. To this day I have guys that I talk to that come to town and tell me they couldn't get to the hotel and throw their bags down quick enough and get into Secrets when they arrived here. It wasn't for everybody but back in the day it was the place. I never forget opening night we open the doors at 8 people came through the doors like we were giving hundred dollar bills away. I had customers tell me they came they were there for 30 minutes and couldn't get a drink because it was just too swamped. Far more than I would have ever expected and I'm guessing anybody else. I'm real happy to have been a part of it.
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    OK a few pics from the day. Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes to myself and the wife. Very much appreciated fellas!
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    Just found some old pics, this is what 3K baht used to get you! Oh that was a fun time
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    I bet many have never seen these closed down beer bars. They are between Soi 7 and Pattaya Klang if you are on beach road going toward the roundabout just behind Nicks bar. These places were really busy little places back in the day. Here just off Soi VC is the first real boystown so to speak. closed years back as kept having problems with underaged employees Well the wooden walkway is being removed down near the beer garden never figured it would last to be honest Just a few walking street daytime and beach road shots
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    I was in there tonight, between 7.45 and 8.45, so yes, early. Rough headcount... 2 ladies in black tops behind the bar. Both fairly lifeless. 2 ladies in blue tops, serving. 2 ladies in white tops. Not sure what they were doing 1 cleaner, 1 older lady (manager? but I've not seen her in there before) Thai manager, and presumably chef 2 ladies in union flag dresses. However, one got changed and left, but as we were leaving there were two more sat outside. Unfortunately little atmosphere, and the gf and I were the only two customers, and the gf wasnt spending anything!! The silence between tracks on the sound system was deafening Food was, as always, good, drinks were as we asked for.
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    That might be not far from the truth. In the new revamped Scooters at Secrets about 9ish last night I was the only punter. Toy bar near Tims with the band playing I made it 3. The complex at the top of 10 had maybe 10 customers but 7 of them were in the end bar watching the Morlam show. A walk through Tree Town revealled about 6 customers in all the bars together. Made in Thailand complex was a bit better but many bars had nobody in. The ladyboy bars boosted the figures. I ended up at the top end of #2. For a while I was the only customer watching the excellent band in Leks Classroom although that filled out a bit to 6 around midnight After midnight Yuth Bar and Toy 2 both with excellent bands had 10 or so between them. Many of the individual stand alone bars scattered around that I passed on my travels were empty. But also all the other stuff that makes Pattaya what it is. The watch sellers, the food carts, the guys punting cuddly toys and the rest were a lot fewer than I would expect.
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    I am sure there will be but I generallly don't worry about the exchange rate whilst on holiday. It doesn't stop me going, it does reduce my spending power whilst there though, but I can adjust to cope.
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    Paul is the sole owner. Although he did not have to do so he made a promise to pay all staff for the month of March when Secrets was basically shut for the rebranding exercise and the staff had an additional extended paid holiday. That he did out of his own pocket but as he apparently explained to the staff who returned at a meeting the payment of future wages would need to be spread throughout each month. Those who have met Paul will have found him to be a very down to earth and likeable individual but also a very private person. He is not a person given to posting on social media and forums. I think he might not be too pleased at me commenting here about him but I really like the guy and I do not believe he deserves much of the flak being directed at him. I have no idea about the figures involved, it is quite literally none of my business, but I have a good idea that he risked much to do his best to turn Secrets around and keep all the staff in paid employment. Now for the news that I am sure he would not be too pleased at me for posting. Paul had a reoccurance of the problems associated with a tumour he has in his back. He had succesful treatment which ended a couple of years ago but as the tumour is right next to his spine a small "dormant" residual remains. Some weeks ago It moved slightly and is pressing on a nerve causing Paul absolute agony. So bad it has made walking difficult. Whilst some members have been demanding information or salivating at the thought of the possible demise of the business, Paul has been having protracted treatment to try to move it as a patient in BPH. Pattaya is suffering from the lowest of low seasons. It remains to be seen which venue's come out the other side or even if there is another side?
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    Some bars aren’t so expensive, 400฿ barfine, ladydrink 130฿ beer 95฿. If people quote Walking St gogo prices you’re always going to be disappointed but something for everyone here.
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    Tonights meal is chicken en croute with a jacket potato and salad with olive oil and a touch of cider vinegar, salt and black pepper The salad is lovely on the jacket potato
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    Doing things saved for Sundays... Relaxing with my son in the living room
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    Still a tremendous amount of quality girls to be had the problem for the bars are they don't need to be working in one to do business. Why should a good looking girl dance 8 hours a night when she can get a customer online or maybe two be finished and have the rest of the night partying with her friends. And you know what I can hardly blame them we would be looking for a better way ourselves every one of us. These girls only want what all of us want the best for ourselves.
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    Nobody, but nobody, HAS to pay those prices even in the Walking Street area. There are plenty of venues with substantially lower b/fines and drink prices.
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    Message from Pattaya Veteran from this morning describing last night. He didnt say which Go Go it was but Walking St " Your so right at the rate the £ is falling Thailand going to be seen as expensive. Up to 2k barfine 7k all night 250 lady drink and 170 for bottle of beer last night" FFS this is ludicrous. Not a question of not being able to afford it but am simply not doing it. Close to be over for me and only for the second time since 1989 am I going to Europe next week as opposed to Pattaya "
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    Just received a letter from the council advising that my daughter has a primary school place at her first choice school in September. It is particularly good news as she already attends that school's nursery. We had received a previous letter that she had been offered a place at her second choice, a school a mile away (4 bus stops) so receiving this letter is good as the school is no more than a 5 minute walk, it will also save on transport costs and time etc.
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    So, drinks, barfines and girls prices have been driven up crazy by G.B.O. (and landlords) and now they cry that all the usual customers have fecked off to other horizons ? You see, personally if I have 10 k in my pocket I have no problem to spend it all on 100b drinks, 500b bf, and 2500 L.T. Now, if I have the same 10k in my pocket and I see beers at 180b, bf at 1500b, girl at 5k I will think "what a fecking rip off" and the 10k will stay in my pocket. And with it I will rent a villa with pool with a few friends, buy booze at the supermarket, get girls through social media and have a great pool party. Without the feeling of having been ripped off by some greedy "businessmen".
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    If one of those Youtube cunts pointed a camera at me i would ram it down their fucking throat. They are vermin.
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    Nope.Fare has been paid or a payment of sorts even for kids under 2 .Maybe the parents should read up on why babies cry on flights. Should there be a special compartment for people who drink to much and get loud during a flight or who snore and fart.
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    Some great replies on here so a late night update. Drove the road three times today night and day and cannot see for the life of me how unless you were rat arsed you could kill these two young men. You come off a nice smooth bend two lane road, well maintained decent lighting and basically he swerved into the oncoming lane at high speed and killed them in an instant. He is now in jail in Buriram and one thing everybody agrees on he was REALLY drunk. Know nothing more about aka Benito but his girlfriend from Khok Noi is keeping well away from him just now as locals are not happy. Local chaps (OK our local police guys told me) all going for 400K or maybe more once they find out more about who he is. 200K to help the BIB with their enquiries and 200K to the family but that is currently a starting point. Pragmatic was mentioned and that seems to be a very Buddhist reaction. Thank you for the intelligent and insightful posts. I still find the sudden loss of two young lives wiped out in an instant shocking and terribly sad
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    Blimey.... just been overtaken.... But then he fell in !
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    Its just Namps posting style,he's always been like that. If you met him in real life you would see he's one of the nicest people you could wish to meet.As i'm sure many others here would agree with.
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    Yes I do self moderate and usually by not replying in certain threads. I self moderated in another forum by leaving. There are some comments, posts by members here, that I totally disagree with and paint pictures of people I wouldn't want to drink with yet, as I have previously said, better not to comment or become involved as the likely conclusion would be a futile war of words that would offer this forum no benefit except for those who love chaos.
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    Scotlands Womens greatest World Cup Finals Victories...
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    So will I become a sexy man when I arrive next week? I was getting papa and pompui the last couple of visits.
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    OK, a few pics of the birthday BBQ. Nothing fancy, in fact it is more for the family and some neighbours to have another occasion to be together than for me. This time on top of the usual chicken, we (well, the brother) went to the seaside, about 30 / 45 min from here to buy fresh sardines. And as "special delicacy" the son had hunted a bit of those big lizzards, top left in the red bowl. No, I didn't try …... Of course a few "exotic" sauces are mandatory : Weather at the moment is perfect, probably 20 / 21 C in the evening The youngsters comparing the local wine, with the Bali rose….. Even managed a birthday cake ! Fraulein Indo managing the cut and distribution of the cake : As you see, very simple thing but keeps the social life going and the Miss is always happy to invite people and organize something. OK, seems we have received the pictures and video of the wedding, so today's job will be to see if I can copy some and post them here. Cheers !
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    Thanks guys for seeing to a good send off for our friend. And its not a problem Larry. It's also the first time I've rang the bell in a long time. It was my pleasure. Plus it gave me the opportunity to participate within the group to pay my respects to a man who was always such a delight to be around. Baz will be missed.
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    We were driving up to the Lake District on the M6 with father in law sat in the front with me. Passed a big accident and cops everywhere, fire brigade etc. Later that night over a drink, I asked him how compensation is sorted in Thailand and this is basically what he said (via my wife as interpreter) “Cash is King” and went on to say, when he was a traffic cop in his early years, any accident that involved someone dying, he or the cop involved, would be a referee between the families of the dead and the driver that killed them and usually a sum of money was agreed on and that was that. It was different when a HiSo was killed, they usually wanted blood and if the killer was poor, they wanted them jailed for as long as possible. There was a short discussion on whether the BIB got a cut, and he did the usual thing of a wink and a touch of his nose and mentioned that no cop wants the paperwork involved in a long, drawn out, court case, much better to pay in cash for your bad driving. If you have the cash that is, if you don’t, you’re up 💩 creek without a paddle.
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    I hear you. And the drama will most likely continue, and you, your mum and whoever else will continue to get sucked into all her chaos, as you are now. I read the link, forced treatment or Rehab very rarely works, people have to want it, not coerced. For some it does switch a light on, but few and far between. But Courts are under huge pressure to give out DRR's (Drug Rehabilitation Requirements) as the jails are full to busting, it costs so much to keep someone in jail, and jail can be and is just a revolving door. But, Jail wouldn't be the worst outcome for next time, as there will always be a 'next time', would give your mum some respite, a chance to try to get her to see she's not helping the situation. Plus the niece would get detoxed. But detox is just detox, the physical stuff. It's the mental addiction that needs dealt with, and that will only happen if the addict or alcoholic allows it and wants it to happen. It needs tough love, your mum needs to understand she's not helping the situation, she's enabling the niece to continue with her 'existence' as you put it. Not to feel guilty, it's not her fault, and the niece makes that decision every single time she uses drug, her, no one else. She makes that choice, as there is always a choice. There is help, from structured Drug treatment, to NA Programmes, to everything in between. But your niece chooses to use drugs, rather than use the help to sort herself out, she doesn't want to or is not ready to get clean. And to be honest, why would she, if she has always somewhere to stay, someone to give her money, she'll continue doing it. I put my parents through so much shite. My Dad was a Prison Officer, I was in and out of Prison, my mum worked in a psychiatric hospital with wards that dealt with addictions, I was in and out. I had a good upbringing, well cared for and loved, respectable well thought of family. I was using, dealing, robbing from them, in and out of jail, embarrassing the f**k outta them, overdoses, cardiac arrests, them not knowing from one day to the next if I was gonna be alive or dead. Horrible, horrible stuff, shameful, but that's where my addiction took me. That said, i'm near 20 years clean and sober, have a great life, have made my amends to my family, and know they are very proud of me and what I have become. There's always hope mate, always hope. I know it doesn't feel like it now, and it's horrible some of the stuff she is doing, and she'll no doubt know that, but it's her addiction. Really hope you bump this thread sometime in the future saying she sorted herself out.
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    Speak for yourself, I couldn't be happier with my wee family, nevermind unlimited krapow and massages when needed
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    Isn't it an ironic twist, that in a town with several thousand bars and many more girls, one of the main reasons for the success of one of those bars then, and one right now, is due to a couple of guys, who to be fair, were and are far more popular at any given time than any female staff member in either bar is or was. How many times would one stop into Secrets and either leave or stay for just one and then leave because it was a night off for Larry and he wouldn't be there to glad hand the customers? And how many are disappointed when stopping in LePub only to find out that Phil is off, or had to leave early for whatever reason, and either turn around and leave or only stick around for one and then leave? Both places employ many women for customers companionship with a mere wave to come over, and yet, it's that warm fuzzy you get inside when being made to feel welcome and engage in a short chat, with the manager himself, that was/is oft times the key as to whether you considered yourself having a good time in the bar or not. Larry and Phil, two men who operated in different styles, one who was more gregarious, the other more subtle, yet each never trying to be something their not but both highly effective in making a connection with their customer base and the success of their respective bars. Is it any coincidence that one bar began it's slow decline once Larry, a manager that Stickman once bestowed on him the title of the best bar manager in Pattaya, left, and the other, Phil, taking over his own bar and basically building it up and refurbishing it with all amenities available for the customers enjoyment, and has found success where previously there wasn't, despite the location not changing? Does the Scooters group have anyone close to that level of manager that either Larry or Phil were/are, in order to get this location jump started? If they do not, then without that very important factor, a solid bar manager, to be the glue to the entire operation, this total enterprise, despite all the best of intentions, and the money invested, may be all for naught.
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    Korat on Thames 20190616_120432.mp4
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    Gave my Son the Blackstar amp a few weeks ago that a friend of mine at the gym gave me, he is always on the look out for a new Guitar so he traded in one of his "Jackson" Guitars and picked up this beautiful, Teal Blue Flying V signature model by Dave Mustaine. Quite the beast, sounds great. The " Cleans" on this are just incredible. What do I do? I am just the " roadie" and plug in and move his Guitars around LOL!
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    Yep been wanting to do this for sometime now and a good friend Doug is in town now I asked him if he was interested in going he was so off we went. The train is a long slow ride.Takes about 5 hours with 27 stops along the way. But lots of things to see along the way. No Air Con this route only 3rd class fan cars but with the windows open was not uncomfortable at all. As the title says less than a US dollar just 31 baht. I was really expecting the worst but was pleasantly surprised. The following photos are a combination of Doug's and mine and are just a mix of the train travel and the area where we we went out and had looks at.
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    Wild salmon and baby new potatoes
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    Proper job cornish pastie jesrsy Royal potatoes and green beans n gravy simply lovleh
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    I noticed VPI stopped posting on Secrets after the mass destruction of threads, one of which was his posts on life on the farm in Issan. Probably one of the best threads on the forums. Don't blame him as it takes time to put together the posts, and then see them deleted w/o so much as I'm sorry from the boss.
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    I'm sitting here trying to think of somewhere in Thailand that I don't like....maybe least favourite place would be easier. We stayed on the dark side in some friends house around 10 years ago & I wasn't very impressed but I'm sure it's changed since then. Walking street these days is pretty crap,although I always seem to go there at least once every trip. I love Bangkok but only for a few days. Haven't been to Phuket or Samui since 1987,Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai since 1992 so can't really comment. f**k I live in the UK....I'd rather be in the worst place in Thailand than here!
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    Getting in the mood for my upcoming holiday. All you can eat Turkish buffet breakfast, £10. Open from 9.30 to 3, so lunch really. Great value, all cooked fresh @nampla69 new place Sean, couldn't bate it with a big stick!
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    I thought it was one of those weird fetish sites featuring old men who have shat their pants.
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    Here's my story I have never had the stuff until last October when I was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive cancer then I had many people telling me about THC and CBD and then i decided to do my home work. The evidence shows cannabinoids in marijuana slow cancer growth, inhibit formation of new blood cells that feed a tumor, and help manage pain, fatigue, nausea, and other side effects but in my case the THC oil tells cancer cells to die. At Christmas and New Year things got very bad and i was given 40% to live past my treatment and a 4% to recover from the cancer.. intact i was told i'd be very lucky to be here after 5 years.. As some of you may know i have a wife and a new born baby so it was my plan to find any way possible to get to the other side. I started to take the THC oil maybe 3 to 4 days per week and around about the start of February I had a meeting with my doctor who was reviewing my treatment plan and I walked into the office and he had two screens on his desk with the before and after CT scans and he was shocked with the results.. He told me to sit down and look, he was smiling so much and he told me I have never seen this before your cancer is going away.. I had is in my lung, chest, going down my back heading to my lower organs and in my brain with a 4% chance and 4 months later I'm still here.. I've had chemotherapy and radiotherapy from Monday to Friday since the new year and i've taken my oil.. my mate said does it work..? i've no idea but i would like to test and not take it. I'm now down to two days a week Fridays and Saturdays and my treatment starts again on the 15th with is 20 goes of radiotherapy to my brain which I'm told i should be clear by then.... I really shouldn't be here and i wake up every day to see my smiling little Thomas and that keeps me going.
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