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    My bike as I have just fixed it ๐Ÿ˜€ Had not used it for a week so went to start it Monday for work. Battery was flat so put it on charge overnight. Tried it next afternoon and still no power. No ignition lights or nothing. Thought it had to be the main fuse. Bought one on the way home from work. Took the old one out and it looked okay. Thought 'bollocks, it's maybe something else'. Put it in and it fired straight up. Relief all round. ๐Ÿ˜€
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    lol 19c at 7am is cold.... Pump think you've been living here too long lol
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    @john luke Hey, thanks for those pics, I know they have a show going on right now at Impact. Glad you had a good time, certainly for me, these shows are a good day out a few times a year. The one in July is off the hook. Bangkok Auto Salon Show. Good lord these girls washing the cars are quite attractive. Post up a few more when you have a chance.
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    The girls were trying to dress in coats sitting outside in the bar but I said no. Not cold at all. Iโ€™m not very popular with them at the moment.
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    Thatโ€™s funny. The coldest Iโ€™ve seen was maybe 13C in December a decade ago in Chiang Mai. The fat Canuck I am, Iโ€™d still take a midnight walk to 7-11 in my shorts and wife beater, while all the hostesses were doing the โ€œHello, welcomeโ€ in pants and jackets, thinking falang must be crazy
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    Nothing worse than a Thai lady over dressed.๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰ Im sure you guys will work through it. Here itโ€™s fucking freezing.....Iโ€™d kill for 19 degrees.
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    The Goose.Loved watching the Ashes series as a kid in Australia. Always Christmas holidays,lazy days lounging watching the Cricket. Bob Willis was part of the England team I remember most. botham,Gower,Derek Randal,fucking twat Boycott. We loved to hate Boycott,but Bob Willis was always a class act. RIP Bob.
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    I had my long drive back from Mae Sot today. Have you noticed the proliferation of gantries over the motorways with these whatsits hanging off them that tell motorists just how much everyone is over the speed limit? Bloody dangerous if you ask me. With my bad eyesight I have flashed passed them before I can tell if it says 120/130/140 kph. You don't need distractions like that when your in the middle of an undertaking manouver.
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    Maybe he wanted to swap his black pudding for extra bacon.
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    Downfall (original title: Der Untergang) Released in 2004 and I finally got around to watching it a couple of months ago. A very good movie.
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    I never thought I'd say this but I think Hitler made some good points in the video.
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    FFS why didn't someone wake me up? Superrich Thailand website is 39.35 and I arrive in 30 odd hours...keep creeping up paaleesssse. P.S. I'm looking good for an 88 year old....555
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    Great photos but I think you made an error with photo number 14.
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    Tonight at about 18.30 hrs downtown Patts time........
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    @Pumpuynarak How about the BMW Moto girl? Is she "Brown" enough for you? LOL! How about the Honda girl?
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    I liked the glass cage,back left,near the washrooms.๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹ Wifes sister did a pretty good stint at Peppermint upstairs.Was there for a good 18 months to a couple of years. We used to go visit her every week or so.
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    Never try and change a set menu. It can only end in frustration or worse.
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    I would not mind giving her a test drive. No harm in dreaming. ๐Ÿคฃ
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    Lets call this typical British humour... Not bad, and surprising it passes in those days of P.C. madness
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    Saw him at Edgbaston many times. For both England and Warwickshire. A very sad day
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    Congratulations on three years. Hope you can survive for another three, with an option on a further three.
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    One positive step: London Bridge: Second terrorist returned to prison in wake of attack. Unfortunately, it came too late for Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt. This could get very political, very fast and I know that isn't allowed. But for me, there's a huge difference between the French Resistance of WWII and the Taliban, in terms of both methods and goals. The French Resistance strove to drive the Germans out of France and restore an independent French democracy. The marquis targeted German military and French collaborationists but didn't randomly attack random civilians. In fact, the biggest and most important contributions of the French Resistance were not guerilla attacks against army units but intelligence gathering about German forces and sabotage of electrical and telephone lines, railroad tracks, bridges, etc. The goal of the Taliban was to establish an Islamic state under strict sharia law. From the beginning, it had nothing to do with driving out foreign occupiers. The Taliban didn't emerge as a movement until 1994, which was five years after the withdrawal of Soviet troops and more than two years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The Taliban achieved dominance in the Afghan Civil War because it represented the Pashtun ethnic group (about 40% of the population) and had the active support of the Pakistani government. After the Taliban won the civil war and established the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which was noted for its brutality and was only recognized by three countries (Saudi Arabia, Paikistan and U.A.E). Several hundred thousand Afghans are estimated to have died at the hands of the Taliban because of religious or ethnic (tribal) differences. The Taliban also committed one of the worst acts of cultural terrorism in history- the destruction of the monumental Buddhas of Bamyan. All this happened before the U.S. invasion of Dec. 2001. Since then, the U.N. estimates 80% of the civilian deaths in Afghanistan are attributable to the Taliban. There's nothing positive about its struggle to return to power. If the Taliban succeeded in driving out the U.S., it would only create a government far worse than one than now exists. Evil
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    100 baht for chicken...just to get the shits next morning??? Lol TFP
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    Yup, temperatures have plummeted here in pattaya.... Ironically I turned the aircon off a couple of nights ago, and couldn't sleep. Turned it back on but on fan mode and slept like a log. Spose I need the background noise...!!
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    Pretty chilly in Pattaya too. Strong wind this morning too. Saw a lot of ladies last night and this morning with sweaters and coats on.
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    TT is 39.63 at time of post Be wary of waiting and waiting to transfer cash..... Sterling is climbing against the Greenback because the Tories are looking pretty confident of victory. That may change leading into next week and Sterling will plummet if any hint of a hung parliament is on the cards. Pound cost averaging is your friend here. I've lumped over another 1k at 39.80 via Transferwise. If Tories are returned with a majority it will go higher make no mistake at which point I'll send another 1k which with previous transfer will cover next months trip If a hung parliament ensues Sterling will drop sharply but at least you locked in some of the higher rates (of recent times)
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    Let me look from another side Being a taliban in Afganistan, is not necessarily being a terrorist. Its being a freedom figther to liberate your country from a foreign occupation (beeing it US or Russian). Of course such a movement will be "technically" obliged to used methods that are not in line with the Geneva convention... Remember the Resistance in WW2 in France ? For the Allies they were heroes figthing against the Germans, for the Germans they were terrorists for who the normal rules for POW do not apply. Hence they tortured them etc.... Bit same as the American point of view.... And there are plenty other examples. Colonial wars come to mind, local people figthing for independance were branded terrorists.... Terrorism is not neccesarily linked with Islamisme, even if.at this times is often is. But remember the Red Army Faction in Germany ? IRA ? ETA (the Basques) .... They were terrorist. I am certainly not condoning any form of terror, including state terror, but it is too easy to brand somebody terrorist so that you can treat them in the most horrible way. Trump calling Iran Revolutionnary Guard a terrorist organisation is just BS. They are no more a terrorist organization than CIA or FSB. They fight for their country. Ok, beer at the beach.
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    Saw this mentioned in cnn.com and agree, great video. This Christmas commercial is warming hearts across the internet -- and it only cost $130 to make
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    Q : We don't eat eggs, no meat, no fish, no dairy products and no gluten, what do you recommend us ? A : A taxi !
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    Very emotional tribute to Bob Willis from Jeff Stelling just now on soccer special on Sky.
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    Gutted Amazing cricketer, but what a man. As a commentator said everything that Neville and Carragher, had neither the courage nor the integrity to do so. Hard as the message was to give , never afraid to call out an ex-player.
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    It's illegal to upskirt In the UK these days, you would get nicked for that here ๐Ÿ˜€
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    Baht weakened slightly against the Dollar and on other side of currency pairing Sterling up against that same USD....
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    Tonight at about 18.30 hrs downtown Patts time........
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    I had a heart attack 18 months ago and joined a gym 12 months ago, weights, HIIT and a bit of cardio. I enjoy it most of the time but the best bit is feeling great an hour after a work out, and Iv'e lost 14 KG
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    The last three mornings ( 6:30am !!) Sai had me visit Mae Sot's Municipal sports and football stadium. Well over 40 years since I last set foot on a running track and with two decidedly dodgy knees running is a non-starter but power walking (my version ) was okay. I regularly cycle but very conscious that 15 minutes trolling round Tesco's on foot has become a real chore. Must stop spending so much of my time sitting on my ass. The facility is much used by the local community and there was a surprising number of people of all ages and abilities using the track so early in the morning. The football pitch is both very large, flat with a really excellent grass playing surface. The best I have seen anywhere in Thailand. I can remember somebody posted in the forum that "walking" is the best form of exercise. Another member immediately posted " Walking is not exercise it is just............................."Walking!" Now in principal I might well agree with the second comment but believe you me I have spent so much time just sitting down that power walking just 5 laps on my first day round the outside of that track was exercise! This morning I did also cycle back to our house from the stadium as Sai's sister drove the car. Back with Sai tomorrow. Will try for 10 laps but might not make that yet.
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    Hi Chris. Have a great holiday in April.
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    It was running for the bus to work one morning, and getting out of breath, that actually kick started me going back to the gym. I thought, come on, you have a young daughter, this isn't on. Now I love it, can't imagine not exercising, get so much out of it, both mentally and physically. @Smiler, keep at it with smiler junior!
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    Well, the day continued... A gentle walk to the beach, about 10 min from our place. This is what retirement is all about ! Cheers .... Bingtan 4 and back home for lunch
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    Here's the video. Glad they put subtitles in for when Guy Martin is speaking.
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    Embarking on what could be a messy evening in this Irish bar in Corralejo.
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