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  1. The candidate can have a counting agent overseeing the ballots being counted but doesn't have to. Unless there were a lot of ballots spoiled with the same message or your message was particularly witty or clever it's doubtful it would get back to the candidate.
  2. You are doing absolutely nothing wrong mate, in fact your posts are much appreciated. In the interest of harmony maybe we could start a funny gif thread and keep this one as a non moving image thread.
  3. It's only half time in the game and we've come back from 3-0 down before. *reality kicks in and the sound of weeping drifts across the forum*
  4. A very good drink, tried a few of theirs including one that was $300 US from duty free. Was on a China Airlines flight and they’d run out of the regular stuff in business and had to open an expensive bottle because a CIP was on board wanting a drop of the hard stuff.
  5. More lies? I am shocked!
  6. Aye Scottish teams don't last long enough in Europe to cause trouble.
  7. Quote from above article... ...In another, a man stood on the edge of the fountain is pushed, before emerging soaking wet. It would be news if someone fell into water and emerged not soaking wet I would have thought.
  8. Used to love messing about on my boat. To save money I marinised a Ford transit engine when I first built it. Cost me about £1200 for a new two to one reduction gear box, the nearly new engine from a dubious scrap yard and any of the marinising kit parts I couldn't make myself. Probably another £300 on controls, battery and paying an auto electrician to wire it up. Fool made his wiring far too pretty and the voltage drop was too great to top up the leasure batteries. Wasn't so beautiful but worked after I redid it. Leasure batteries not included in above price.
  9. Fake news alert. Luton doesn't look as nice as that.
  10. Interesting listen this... https://podtail.com/en/podcast/undr-the-cosh/11-david-norris-i-cannot-confirm-nor-deny-these-al/ It answers is Roy Keane a cunt, does Colin Wanker like a brown envelope, which chairman was doing beaky in the toilets and much more.
  11. If there was a God of football Abu Dhabi City would have dropped points by now. Never mind just the small matter of Barcelona tonight before the round of matches where Liverpool managers decide the league. Klopp v Benitez and Pep v Brodgers.
  12. Who could have predicted that?
  13. I was thinking I've been with some big girls but never seen a one with lighting before.
  14. Keep an eye on Gulf Air promotions I've done a couple of flights with them in business class for just over £1000. They don't have good connections every day to BKK but out Thursday and back Sunday has worked for me. LHR-BAH legs are in Apex suites which are the second best business class suites in the sky. Right, re economy food. I wish they'd stop penny pinching with food etc to the point where it is shite. Just give me the option to pay for the level of service I want. BA get a lot of stick for now having buy on board in economy on their European short haul but what is the alternative? Last time I flew KLM short haul the snack they were giving out was so small they'll be making them from anti matter with negative dimensions next. Surely it's just better to have a choice. On both BA and KLM I've paid for better meals in economy and I'm fine with that. Flying with EVA I'd rather take my own food than eat what I've been offered recently.
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