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  1. Thinkingallowed

    Transferring money to bkk

    Never been longer than three working days but is often the next day.
  2. Thinkingallowed

    Hua Hin

    Yup, on the main road about 5km south of Buffalo Bills. Might just be open at weekends.
  3. Thinkingallowed

    Hua Hin

    Look this up... https://www.cicadamarket.com/
  4. Thinkingallowed

    Funny pics

    I love shops and restaurants with names like that. We ran a competition on another website I inhabit to make up bad taste ones. I got an honourable mention for my fascist fish and chip shop Arbeit Macht Fry.
  5. Thinkingallowed

    Should I upgrade from an iPhone 6 to iPhone XR?

    How heavy is the XR in comparison to the 6? Asking as I've just gone from an 8 to Xs and to be honest I'm not impressed with the increase in weigh. Other than that I'm happy.
  6. Thinkingallowed

    What are you doing right now..?

    Have a safe trip mate.
  7. Thinkingallowed

    What are you doing right now..?

    Be interested in hearing your views on the ferry crossing plus ease of getting transport at the other end.
  8. Thinkingallowed

    Transferring money to bkk

    Can't find Kbank TT rate at the minute but just did a live comparison with SCB and transferwise on the £4000 mentioned above. Transferwise exchange rate is more than 0.5 baht higher than SCB which is more than 2000 baht. This covers any difference in fees. Plus I'm pretty sure most Thai banks have a charge for deposits of foreign currency, a small fraction of a percent to a maximum of 300/500 ish baht. This doesn't occur with transferwise.
  9. Thinkingallowed

    £15m Premier Player presumed dead!

    Don't be fucking ridiculous. We are talking about an Argentine footballer who I'm guessing possibly only Binlid as a chap who watches Cardiff City will have even heard of before.
  10. Thinkingallowed

    £15m Premier Player presumed dead!

    Report me
  11. Thinkingallowed

    £15m Premier Player presumed dead!

    Obviously no one really wants to have to work with Colin at Cardiff but this seems an extreme way of getting out of it.
  12. Thinkingallowed

    new to the forum

    I don't want to POUR cold water on your argument and my reply might have been easier if YOUR examples had numbered FOUR not three but you get my meaning.
  13. Thinkingallowed

    What are you listening to right now?

    My apologies, here's another scouse act that have just released their first album. Good bunch of lads who can be found entertaining the fans in bars in and around Anfield on match days.
  14. Thinkingallowed

    What are you doing right now..?

    Pleased to hear you are having a good time.
  15. Thinkingallowed

    UK Spouse Visa - English Test

    Usual meltdown.