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  1. 22 days but don't think I'll actually spend any time in Pattaya.
  2. There's a pale pink coloured one with a smaller hole or a sort of yellowish one with an even smaller hole I think.
  3. *Note to self, avoid checking forum before lunch*
  4. He fouls on the pink so I guess she wins 153-0
  5. For some reason the OP was in VIP so I merged them and moved to this level for everyone to see.
  6. Another thing is I'd like it to arrive before I do then I've time to test it and fit it or send it back.
  7. Is this that they have the best cleaners or the tidiest customers?
  8. It's 145 km to our nearest home pro so that's too far to walk with a gas cooker under my arm. Other shops are available but no closer than 60km. Trying to avoid spending a day of my holiday going out buying it to be honest.
  9. We need a new gas cooker for the house and I'd thought to maybe get one through Lazada. Is it safe/easy to buy stuff off there with foreign visa debit cards? What about only being able to write the delivery address in proper letters and not Thai script? Is this a problem?
  10. Disappointing at Pizza pizza by Yanee as it was supposed to be a restaurant owned by a Thai superstar and based on the Bangkok branch.
  11. Don't know. Tried it when it first opened as Pizza Pizza by Yanee and thought the pizza pleasant but unremarkable. The service though was terrible from food served in the wrong order to warm limoncello.
  12. No where is perfect though, I've still never had a pizza in there. Along with some Thai food for Mrs Thinkingallowed I ordered one of their delicious sounding pizzas not long after they started doing them. Unfortunately they had a new member of staff who thought it would be better if she didn't disappoint me and let me know that they couldn't do that particular pizza because of the lack of an ingredient. I left still hungry.
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