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  1. Cheers @Yessongs Weather was great this day. The 10 days I was there earlier this month, and we averaged 30oC each day!! Fantastic weather.
  2. That stuff tastes fucking awful!!!!
  3. Time for some glasses I believe.
  4. Wasn't on about your threads Bigboy, was on about the threads shown on the profile page of Lanzalad.
  5. Couple of good threads there I think you should post onto the lower levels of the forum!
  6. Recently came back from spending 10 days in Kyoto in Japan. Was meant to be catching the England V USA game in Kobe but the ticket was re-sold without me been told about it. So spent the entire time exploring in and around the city of Kyoto. Beautiful place and well worth the time to explore the city. This is Arashiyama Bamboo forest, which is very much a tourist attraction, but is so much bigger than you would ever realise. I could only of covered about 10% of this forest once I had checked it on the map.
  7. Cheers Stu. Love my travels. Off away again beginning next month as well. I’ll get more Japan photos up when I get a spare moment.
  8. Watching Ukraine V Portugal right now. A game a lot more entertaining than watching England play, plus Ukraine are beating Portugal 2-0 right now!!! 🇺🇦 🇺🇦🇺🇦
  9. I turned over and watched EastEnders instead!!!!!
  10. @Sangsom Be aware as of 1st October, Japan bought in new tax laws and regulations so a lot of things have gone up in price since you were last there.
  11. Good luck mate. Been checking the Kyoto weather since I left last week, and the average day temp seems to have dropped by about 8-9oC since last week until now. Take a prolly mate.
  12. I was wearing Cargo shorts that went below the knee, and still got collared by security to go and buy some trousers. Some girl who had her shoulders covered with a very large shoal so had to go and buy a new top, as the same girl wasn't going to let her in either!!
  13. Thanks. Yeah, landed in BKK last Monday and left again on the Thursday. Don't think I saw a single spot of rain at all in those 4 days.
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