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  1. Should of been deleted before it even got started!
  2. Yes, its a cracking series. Hard to believe it, one of those things you need to see with your own eyes just to have a vague idea as to what really happened!
  3. UIA did have their new 777 on this route, with a new business class cabin. A few weeks back, they charged back to their old 767, with the shitty cabin. Business lounge in KBP Kyiv is nothing special what so ever, with minimal food and drink! I usually fly them domestically all the time in Ukraine, and quite often too on short haul international flights, where you have to pay for everything!!!! Free water only in cattle class!
  4. If its a case of maybe having a one night stopover, or looking for cheaper flights, then play around with your dates on the airlines website. When I flew to Osaka 3 years ago, I flew on KLM. To do the flight from LHR to KIX all in one hit, KLM were asking for £749 to do that. But, I played with my dates, and had a one night stopover in Amsterdam. So the cost of my flight LHR-AMS, one night in a hotel, the fly the next day AMS-KIX, KLM charged me £459. Hotel was only £50 for the Hyatt Place in Amsterdam, so it does pay to play around a little bit.
  5. @john luke I fly UIA Ukraine International quite often. Are you really sure you would want to fly them on such a long route?
  6. France have a tranny performing for them!!
  7. Cheers S. Yeah, I know it will be hot, but was the only time I could get off work before the school holidays. What's it like getting in and out of the country at the airport? I keep hearing lots of horror stories about this!
  8. Yeah, I've been watching this too. Great series. Chernobyl is an amazing place, and i'm so glad that I've had the chance to visit there. Jerusalem is on my dime! f**k know what its going to cost be at the end of it!!!
  9. Yep Jerusalem. Off for a week in the holy Land in July.
  10. 48 days. Can you guess where it is yet?
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