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  1. Nope. All pubs are currently shut.
  2. True, but Werder played as the better team Roll on another 45 minutes and time to watch Bayern beat Dusseldorf!
  3. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1926384/these-eggs-are-fake-says-angry-buyer?fbclid=IwAR12zAD2na0DkILiqw1_5bh3vjSx09AGgsXA4PsDv4FJPy4oIz1_ve_YiFs
  4. Last year BA painted about 4 different jets into retro BA colours to celebrate 100 years of BA.
  5. Decided to extend my daily walk today, and walked the entire perimeter of Heathrow airport. Started at Hatton Cross along North perimeter road, pass the tunnel and all the way into T5. Them past there and into the Cargo village and T4. After that back onto Hatton Cross to complete the walk. It is so unbelievably quiet here at Heathrow. No cars, no people, and all these car parks empty of cars! its a longer walk than you realise. 19.8KM that took just over 4 hours to complete from start to finish. Weather was great, 11mph wind and beautiful sunny blue bird sky. My feet are killing me now.
  6. DPD do thois. I was tracking my parcel, drop off by drop off yesterday. It was interesting to watch the numbers go down from 102 until 0 when the driver knocked on my door.
  7. What do you meant the last 2 days? Try the past 2 months since this started!! Laura Kuenssberg has been an absolute fucking joke reporter for the BBC since this started! Why should I have to pay my license fee to hear the utter shite that comes out of her mouth!! She should do the honourable thing and commit Hari Kari!!
  8. Tram systems work well in countries that have decent roads, traffic lights, and a population that has been educated to learn how to drive and follow the rules of the road. Look at the amount of drink driving accidents there are in Pattaya! If anything, the locals could use the tram as a way to deflect water down their soi's and out towards the beach and sea! Might be more useful doing that with the trams instead. Don't think a tram will be much good in Pattaya, never mind other parts of Thailand as well.
  9. Winding the f**k out of certain people on Facebook right now! Wind them up, watch them spin around, and then their heads explode. Its funny as f**k to watch!
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