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  1. I’m here in Pattaya on a retirement visa. I’ll see how things shake out over the next few months.
  2. I’ve been to Madras Darbar, it’s directly across from Central Festival, maybe 5-10 times in the past couple of years. Usually to meet friends. Every meal there has ranged from decent to very good. I’ve even gone with Indian friends who said it was good.
  3. Sorry I missed seeing this. That was very kind of you. I was in Bali for the month and had a great time. I could see relocating to Indonesia. How was your trip?
  4. You were right about that buffet. It’s 130 baht and very good. I’ve been going most mornings. It’s maybe a 10 minute walk from my hotel. Thanks for the tip. This is the whole reason I’m here. The sharing of useful information.
  5. I’m heading back to Chiang Mai this week, I’ll give that buffet a try. For 160 baht it looks very good. Thanks.
  6. I’m out in the daytime a lot, so for me a hat is a necessity. I never wore them until moving to Thailand. But here, even when very tan, I can still easily burn. Pale skin does not respond well to the midday tropical sun. And I lose the damn things all the time!
  7. Agreed. When I can understand what the hell they’re saying! I got on the baht bus next to one and we talked for 15 minutes. I barely understood every other word, sometime only one out of five. Nice guy but I can understand girls fresh off the farm from Isaan better.
  8. That was a nice place to eat. Though agreed, it was a bit out of the way. But then, I like walking.
  9. It surprised me. I looked outside and both Beach and 2nd Roads were flooded. I’m sure soi Buakhao was even worse.
  10. I loved my Jeep. That said, it was a real Jeep, a Wrangler, where the roof and the doors came off, and the windshield folded down. That baby would go anywhere. I still miss it. The Cherokee is a very nice vehicle as well. That said, the Compass is essentially an econobox with a few Jeep badges added. I’d never even consider it. If I was going in that direction, I’d just buy a small SUV or a small to midsized Toyota or Honda.
  11. Personally, I hope they tear the whole thing down. Ugly, and it louses up a lot of views. Hopefully nobody here put any money into this.
  12. Ok, another question Sorry, I’m a newbie to real fish and chips. Though we did have an Arthur Treacher’s in my hometown when I was growing up and I liked it. Lol. What is the best type of fish in fish and chips? Never mind. I see the question was asked by the original poster, and a lot of you are responding by saying Haddock.
  13. Thanks. I walk past there all the time. I was wondering how the fish and chips were. I’ll have to give it a try soon.
  14. I’m still amazed that I can find such good food in Thailand. I thought I’d be living on Thai food. Instead, I got here and found every type of food I loved. Don’t get me wrong, I love Thai food. But I like everything else as well, as long as it’s good.
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