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  1. drifter

    New Car: Which one? Buy or lease?

    I loved my Jeep. That said, it was a real Jeep, a Wrangler, where the roof and the doors came off, and the windshield folded down. That baby would go anywhere. I still miss it. The Cherokee is a very nice vehicle as well. That said, the Compass is essentially an econobox with a few Jeep badges added. I’d never even consider it. If I was going in that direction, I’d just buy a small SUV or a small to midsized Toyota or Honda.
  2. drifter

    Waterfront condo

    Personally, I hope they tear the whole thing down. Ugly, and it louses up a lot of views. Hopefully nobody here put any money into this.
  3. drifter

    Fish and Chips

    Ok, another question Sorry, I’m a newbie to real fish and chips. Though we did have an Arthur Treacher’s in my hometown when I was growing up and I liked it. Lol. What is the best type of fish in fish and chips? Never mind. I see the question was asked by the original poster, and a lot of you are responding by saying Haddock.
  4. drifter

    Fish and Chips

    Thanks. I walk past there all the time. I was wondering how the fish and chips were. I’ll have to give it a try soon.
  5. drifter

    Fish and Chips

    I’m still amazed that I can find such good food in Thailand. I thought I’d be living on Thai food. Instead, I got here and found every type of food I loved. Don’t get me wrong, I love Thai food. But I like everything else as well, as long as it’s good.
  6. drifter

    Fish and Chips

    Any recommendations for good fish and chips here in Pattaya? A lot of you are from the UK so know your fish and chips.
  7. drifter

    Do you take food from home to Thailand?

    I’ve been told you can get some great prices on UK food from Siambury’s on the darkside. It’s out of the way for me, but I was told I’d save enough on one or two cheeses to pay for the Grab. I’ll check it out soon and get back to everyone.
  8. drifter

    Do you take food from home to Thailand?

    Yeah. I’m supposed to take Vitamin D, and it’s bloody expensive here. I’ve got to seriously explore the possibilities of mail ordering stuff.
  9. drifter

    Do you take food from home to Thailand?

    I don’t watch football. Which is a shame considering where I used to live
  10. Yes. Next trip to Bangkok, I’m definitely going there.
  11. drifter

    An old frog Indonesians exploration

    Very nice. Thank you.
  12. drifter

    Do you take food from home to Thailand?

    I can buy an Australian wine in the US for less than half what I pay here. And here is so very much closer to Australia. But no worries.
  13. drifter

    Do you take food from home to Thailand?

    Yeah, the prices on wine is way too high. And cheese is almost as bad. Just another case of milk the farang.
  14. I met two female white whales here in Pattaya. They were here to, wait for it, get eyelid wrinkle removal surgery. 50 to 100 pounds overweight and they were here for that. Sigh
  15. That’s the first time I felt sick to my stomach, reading a post here.