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  1. Some unexpected results. In theory with one more win any team in the top 15 could be in the top five.
  2. That is a screenshot of my page on the default settings. Below on dark setting.
  3. Good Morning On your computer go to the bottom of the page and click on the little down arrow at the side of Theme. Select 247 dark and see if this addresses your problem. I am set on the Bright Default theme, whilst I find that some of the background colours are a little flat, posts and photographs etc are OK with plenty of contrast. See how it goes. John
  4. And onto Whitby Abbey. Admission to the site is £10 (£9 for over 65s). Parking £3.30 for two hours.
  5. North Yorkshire Moors on route to Whitby.
  6. You can see the watermark on the above which is a jpeg file with just a white background. I had a discussion with Phil ages ago about watermarking. There is obviously an option on the software to switch automatic watermarking on and off. There was an issue with a member on here copying photographs and posting them on his own Facebook page. It looks as though the default setting is to switch on the watermarking. Hope this assists. @boydeste- this should address your point on the food thread.
  7. Halifax - A short journey from Leeds. Halifax Minster is a church in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, dedicated to St John the Baptist. Three West Yorkshire minsters are at Dewsbury, Halifax and Leeds. The current Minster was built in stages beginning in the 12th century, with most of it completed around 1438. Wikipedia The Piece Hall Halifax - This sprawling 18th-century cloth hall now houses history exhibits, shops, bars & restaurants. A few nearby
  8. Live Long and Prosper @misteregg
  9. Bangkok Protests Over the past few days it has been necessary for the mod team to hide three threads covering the Bangkok Protests. Thai media law is very strict and precise regarding anything which is anti-government in nature. The authorities do monitor the internet. Some time ago a UK National Daily Newspaper was banned from being viewed on the internet in Thailand and if similar action was taken in respect of the forum the consequences could be serious. The obvious question is why can’t material concerning the protests, which has appeared on main stream media all ov
  10. The Himalayan Garden & Sculpture Park, The Hutts, Grewelthorpe, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 3DA. Positioned in a valley, the Himalayan Gardens near Ripon in North Yorkshire, provides a microclimate that makes it fertile ground for the rare Himalayan blue poppy. With three lakes and an arboretum, the gardens feature the north’s largest collection of rhododendrons with over 1,400 varieties. It’s home to an internationally recognised art collection with 90 striking contemporary sculptures in the landscape. The gardens in Grewelthorpe near Ripon were donated in 2012 to a Charitable T
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