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  1. So what would be a good multi vitamin available in Thailand ?
  2. Great cover of an all time classic, i wonder how many times LZ have sat through listening and appreciating one of their songs performed by someone else ?
  3. Very nice indeed, were those your actual cars ?
  4. BINGO, you saved me posting and your post is bang on.
  5. but they're trying their best, the UK is well rid of them lol
  6. The ECJ had the opportunity to put the injustice "RIGHT" and just demonstrated their total support for the UK government irrespective of justice, just a bunch of wankers imo and i'm not a whiny expat, far from it in fact.
  7. Yes he became a recluse for a large part of his life holed up in a west country cottage, grew his finger nails to a ridiculous length but he did come out of it eventually with the help of friends. I saw FM twice at wembley arena back in the 80's sadly minus PG, great band imo. PG was the songwriter of Black Magic woman and Albertros, two fantastic songs.
  8. Remember the music centers ?
  9. TFT lol, well i guess thats a result then as from memory i paid 6 shillings and 8 pence back in the mid 60's.
  10. There are several bars Gally that i know i won't get ripped off with short measures or fake/cheap shit so i don't mind them mixing the drink for me but those i don't know its a case of buyer beware. Phil at Le Pub is one that i trust implicitly.
  11. Com Dino here mate and i just can't be asked to get involved with this shit, i just want to switch on the TV and press a few buttons on the remote(s)
  12. Thats ok with me as i have several sangsom's and i can adjust the strength to my choosing, i like to taste the sangsom.
  13. I'll be surprised if they have'nt but i don't really want to burden them if i can avoid as they have enough to contend with living in the UK !!! I need a new TV so buying a smart TV is probaly the way to go. Would Thai Netflix English content programes/movies be in English ?
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