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  1. Bingo, banning them is not addressing the real issue.
  2. Thanks guys, i got a replacement piston from Lazada cost 492bht and fitted it, job done.
  3. Now i thought the Corgi were better quality than Dinky, as a young lad i always had them bought for me so can't comment on the pricing.
  4. Me too mate, after a couple of near misses that could have wiped out wifey and i. I don't mind night driving locally but out on the open roads with all the lorries and loonies, nahh i'll give it a miss. You'll be much safer leaving in the morning.
  5. So 1st day not much change then from last year, TFP the info SE.
  6. Yep TS many of us would have had Dinky and Corgi toys when we were young but like you we probaly have'nt got them anymore. I remember having a very nice collection that i gave away to a young cousin much to my parents displeasure. I even had the Corgi James Bond Aston Martin DB5, i wonder what that would be worth now ?
  7. But with the HoC majority that the Tories now have he could change the law again if he wishes prior to the end of 2020, thats what has been said on Skynews 'All out Politics" by all and sundry.
  8. Based on the fact you can't actually legally own any land here in Thailand buying a house for me if i was single would be a non starter, it would have to be a condo/appt which i would'nt want to buy for the reasons i stated and the fact i don't want to live long term in a condo/appt. I know many single expats who have circumvented the rules by setting up a Thai company and put the house in a company name, fine for them but i would'nt be prepared to spend a few million and then have the Thai government confiscate the property which one day they could well do, TIT I paid for our house which is in wifey's name and we are now very happy living here, our neighbours are all good people and we get on like a house on fire, i just could'nt see us living in a condo/appt for 12 years, it would be purgatory for us. After 13 years of marriage and putting up with me wifey more than deserves the house as some security for her future along with the 50% widows pension she will receive on my death but she reckons when i'm gone she won't want to live in the house anymore and will sell and keep half of the proceeds and give the other half to my sons, i've told her that is a decision for her to make, she is under no obligation.
  9. BINGO, ya can't pick ya neighbours unfortunatley.
  10. That is why i would never buy a condo/appt but of course you can still get problems with neighbours living in a house. Staying in hotel rooms over the years has taught me you can't control the noise from an inconsiderate neighbour.
  11. So guys what would/have you done regarding renting or buying a property in Thailand. I've just done a quick calculation based on renting at 20K per month (thats what i reckon we would be paying for our house if we were renting) and as we have been living in our house for 12 years we would have paid in rent 2,880,000 bht. The house with furniture cost 4.5M so we're still out of pocket and it will take a further 6.75 years to break even but of course we have the capital value of the house, well wifey does lol Whats your thinking ?
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