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  1. Rompho Ray


    And I didn't. Simply squashed some TDS I ran across in the general inmate population. If people are able to contain their TDS to the politics section, it won't escape on my account. I ain't in there, ya see...
  2. This looks like a great option for someone who is tech savvy. My mate galenkia might not want to deal with the setup, but I'll be looking at these a bit more closely.
  3. Rompho Ray


    I'm not in the politics section. Did my posts get moved or just deleted? Hmmmmmm... No matter, facts don't need me to push them, they are what they are. 😉
  4. Agree. There may also be a virus which could be fixed by Malwarebytes or a free virus scanner. I'd also defrag the HD and do a Windows disk cleanup. There's no more reason for a Windows computer to behave that way than there is for a tablet to do that. BTW, good luck with your new gizmo gal!
  5. I have a c.10 year old Dell laptop. Had to replace the hard drive about 3 years ago (SSD failed) but fortunately had current backups. Recently upgraded the memory to the max the lapper was designed for, 16GB. Windows 7. Runs like a DREAM, blazing fast for what I need (similar to you), never reinstalled Windows, nothing. A tablet is better than a laptop if you often watch internet video when not at home. Under any other condition I'd buy a Windows laptop. It will let you use a full-size keyboard and a mouse, connect as big a monitor as you want, and will be compatible with pretty much every peripheral you throw at it. AND you can watch internet video when not at home. Personally, I dislike Apple stuff. It doesn't play well with others, so if you want to do things like share pictures and other files between your laptop and your phone, your phone had better also be Apple. There are a lot of other reasons I prefer Windows, but that's the main one. I personally like Dell computers, but there are other good ones out there. Per another comment on here, I have no recent experience with HP/Compaq computers, although I've never had a problem with their printers (I have a 20+ year old HP Laser Jet 1500 that still works fine). No matter which you go for, I'd read the reviews starting with "10 best" lists, zeroing in on the devices of the general kind you want (e.g. "the 10 best Windows laptops under $1,500"). Then pick several devices that sound like they meet your needs and search for reviews and deals for them individually. If you go for the Windows lapper, max out the memory, and get at least 1TB system disk. You will have ZERO performance issues until some major sea change in software/media leaves all current devices in the dust. Let us know how you get on mate.
  6. Rompho Ray


    Here not much of anything actually, a rainy, windy day. We'll see today when I try to get in to work though. No wonder Trump was a real estate mogul, he lives rent-free in heads all over the world. Early model showing Trump was right during his briefing: Actual error, by liberals of course: There's a lot I don't like about Trump, but one thing I do like is that he makes his opponents look stupid almost every time they go against him. Comedy gold.
  7. Cheers mate. Still learning to cope with big life changes, not much time spent at my computer these days. You haven't seen me much on FB either. I'll try to pop around a bit more often. :)
  8. Really great trip this was. Here are my pics from Ayutthaya, can't find the Kanchanaburi pics just now.
  9. Rompho Ray


    All good mate. Plant shut down for two days, making my next paycheck the biggest storm casualty for me. Couple of short power hits that got me off my ass and ordering a UPS for my computer stuff. Back to work tomorrow at least for a while.
  10. I would have said StubHub. Ticketmaster works too of course, just never used them. Correct. I'd recommend a baseball game like @Yessongs says. The new Yankee Stadium is very cool. Citi Field, where the Mets play, is supposed to be every bit as nice. Mets fan never been there though!
  11. Was a good evening indeed. Where are those pics, Al? :)
  12. Good to see the mentions of the blues guys, especially Elmore James. James was a major influence on Duane Allman, mentioned farther along the list. Major omission for me is Jan Akkerman. An amazing talent, plays everything from electric guitar to lute, and makes his own instruments. In case you don't recognize his name, here is the track you'd most likely have heard: For a longer, prog rock-type jam-style sample, consider: For the REAL good stuff, advance to the 8:00 mark. Akkerman has always been a huge fave of mine, and is on MY all-time list.
  13. My new baby has 2,500 miles on her already. Giving me nearly 38 MPG according to the on-board system. She's exceeding my expectations in every way, a truly excellent buying decision.
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