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  1. Never know when you're gonna need that 3AM cat food fix.
  2. There are entire internet forums full of pictures I took in the bars back when. I think it was Harris Black behind that. Didn't much care, still don't. If you put a photo on the internet you lose control of it, it's just that simple.
  3. This topic is not easy because everybody's individual requirement is different. Assuming you have no health-related issues, this site has a ton of data that will help you design a good program for you: https://www.exrx.net/
  4. I realize that you're joking here, but V8 juice is sometihng I love and drink regularly. Great stuff.
  5. Best beers EVAH, hands down.
  6. Out for a beer... First week of ownership, no complaints. Sirius/XM satellite radio fired up, fantastic sound system. It's begging for RPMs. Soon, have your 1000th mile birthday and we'll run ya open a little.
  7. A first oil change earlier than the manufacturer recommends is actually a great idea and I'm going to consider it. I agree with you about the first 1000 miles, and that's exactly what I had in mind. Funny, the thing wants to rev though. I'm trying to keep it under about 3500 RPM but if I'm not paying attention it's above that before I know it. It'll thank me later for going easy on it while it's teething though. Thanks mate. Yes, the original plan was to go with the cobalt blue. However, I got a pretty good deal on this car, so good in fact that the other Honda dealer wouldn't come close to it, but it was only good if I bought one off the lot. As it turns out, they had two examples of the Si, both in this same color. So, it was any color I wanted as long as it was silver, unless I wanted to pay an extra $500 for them to find one for me and haul it to the dealership, then who knows what else they'd try to renegotiate. Naah, this color is fine, won't show the dirt etc. Interesting, I was visiting a friend this weekend, and we were talking about that very thing in the context if him deciding the color of the next car he's going to lease. Over the course of the next two days we probably saw 150 cars in that same cobalt blue color! They're everywhere, every third car is that color no matter the manufacturer! LOL! That was it for that, he wants no part of that color now, and I'm even happier with the silver. Overall a good experience with this car so far. I pray it continues.
  8. Parked for the night last night. Fortunately I have covered parking in this condo.
  9. I reckon I got a good deal. The other Honda dealer in town couldn't come within ~$3K of what I paid. Well, the last 2 rentals, especially the car I turned in yesterday, were new; yesterday's Nissan Rogue had about 10 miles on it when they gave it to me, first driver. So, I've been living in that smell for 3 months already! Interestingly, as much as I liked the Rogue, it had developed a rather harsh sound from the transaxle. If I had owned it, I would NOT have been happy. As it was, I simply turned the radio up, and told the rental company when I turned it in. BTW, that thing, a crossover SUV, gave me 39.7 MPG on one commute (17 miles). Not bad. Hope the Honda does as well. Of course, I'll break it in even more lovingly than I broke the Nissan in.
  10. If you can limbo into the back seat, you can ride for free!
  11. They're an option I didn't go for. They upgraded the safety stuff for '19. Not sure about this, I barely remember to look at the little TV set when backing up anyway! BTW, the Si also has a right side camera which activated when I signaled right to change lanes, for example. Apparently they fill the tires with nitrogen these days, wonder if that makes any difference?
  12. The Si only comes with the 6-speed manual. I suspect a couple of those gears won't see much wear, especially 6th. I drove that car's twin brother (sister?) and yep, plenty of pep and a joy to drive. Will be a great eye-opener to drive it to work in the morning, my commute has a bit of rural highway and some interesting corners to play on. Sorry to hear of the mishap with the fuel pump, Yeah, shit happens, maybe some water in the fuel and a freezing cold day? We don't get many of those here in South Carolina! 😄
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