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  1. Rompho Ray

    Easier to find a job when you already have one

    SO much truth in that.
  2. Rompho Ray

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Unlike some, especially those whose board names echo brewing styles, it's warranted.
  3. Rompho Ray

    Easier to find a job when you already have one

    LOL! The thought crossed my mind.
  4. Rompho Ray

    Hua Hin

    Here's a few reasons why they recommended it:
  5. So about a week ago I decide to head down to a bar/restaurant I've heard some good things about, Red's Icehouse. Had the "Lowcountry Boil" (which sounds like something you get on your azz), and a few beers, for dinner. Very nice. Stroll out to the riverside deck after dinner. Acoustic set by a guy with a guitar and a female singer, not bad. Some classic rock like Tom Petty. Weather balmy, maybe 55F, not bad for 9:00PM on a January night. I've struck a James Dean pose with my elbow on a shelf overlooking the river, when it starts to rain. The rain chases me under a shelter with one of those tall gas heaters. I sit at the end of a tall wooden table, the other end of which is occupied by two fellows talking, obviously out after a day of work. Also chased in out of the rain is a tall-ish thin fellow who is dressed slightly too well for the place and the crowd. He takes up some elbow room at the corner across the table from me, and we both watch the acoustic act struggle, then finally give up under the persistent drizzle. He turns to me and makes a remark. German guy. We strike up a conversation which drifts to what we're both doing in Charleston. Work of course. He's over from Germany, working at the Mercedes truck plant. We talk about working away from your home country, and express our appreciation for what a great place Charleston SC is. We also exchange professional resumes in the form of anecdotes about the cool jobs we've worked on; I can see that he appreciates that I worked in Germany and with a German engineer in England and South Korea. So, he finally pops the question: Would I be interested in working for Mercedes? Maybe. Let's talk.
  6. Rompho Ray

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    It's rooted in envy.
  7. Rompho Ray

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Certainly more popular than I expected, considering his rooting section.
  8. Rompho Ray

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Why does everyone seem to be rooting for this? I have no intention of doing that, and would rather just give up posting. I have a lot on my plate as it is anyway. However, I'm not going to post on the condition that I'm willing to take a lot of shit to avoid being accused of being Mangosteen. That will also cause me to give up posting. It took a fair bit of persuading to get me on this board. It will take almost none to get me off.
  9. Rompho Ray

    What are you doing right now..?

    The wasabi fumes coming out is enough!
  10. Rompho Ray

    What are you doing right now..?

    Eating Japanese wasabi peas and sneezing.
  11. Rompho Ray

    March 24 set as the national election day

    When I first read the title of the thread before clicking on it, I thought it referred to Thailand. LOL! Silly me.
  12. Rompho Ray

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    If the following was referring to me: ...then it wasn't me who let him out.
  13. Rompho Ray

    New Car: Which one? Buy or lease?

    Here, dealers can get previous years' cars for months after the new ones come out. The prices drop precipitously after the next model year is on the lot. The car companies find ways to sell them I'm pretty sure. Very interesting though, buying a "used" car, that has never been driven, from a dealer.
  14. Rompho Ray

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    He's not the only one who can clap back when pushed. BM started (sh)it, I don't.
  15. Rompho Ray

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Surrender accepted.