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  1. Go and chase ambulances and rant elsewhere--really-- ffs-- Because you chose to belittle my religion I am just supposed to sit here and agree while your cohorts pat you on your back? Just because you are a prolific poster it does NOT give you the right to slag off my beliefs and pass it off as banter. Call a black man (or a person of colour as I believe they wish to be known as these days) a ni***r -- and if they get offended say no problem mate, someone called me an orange bast*rd yesterday and everything is cool? As stated before I have no problem with piss taking or banter or even havi
  2. I like a laugh and a bit of a wind up, but sorry-- casual bigotry does not make it funny.
  3. Why the f**k are you coming out with this racist pish?? Keep that in the 17th century where this shite belongs. Change "kafflicks" for Muslim, jew, blacks or even fuckin jedi and see how far you get. Not in the least bit amusing, but then again there is nothing like a wee bit of bigotry to get the blood pumping, eh?
  4. Still in lock down Scotland, beer garden only. Thank feck weather is behaving for once.
  5. Legend has it when he was out on the town in Ireland when he was manager, he used to pay for all his food and drinks by cheque, as he knew the owners would probably frame the cheque rather then cash it!!
  6. As Sturgeon has now decreed that I can once again visit my static van, I got this for dinner last night. Prawn tuna and onion pizza starter, followed by chips cheese kebab with garlic sauce. Finished off for today's lunch.
  7. Aye, but they spent billions on a track and trace app, they were certain that would work
  8. More copy and paste shite from the spawn of CF
  9. Aye mate, used a tin of sausage and beans instead of just beans. Gives it something different. (and I am a fat bastrd)😀
  10. Accuracy-- from you ? with your copy and paste shite don't make me laugh. Are you sure you were not known as another persona - perhaps with intials C.F.? Science is contradictory, which is why reasonable people can debate about it without coming back with know it all comments, or in your case I suspect you are only trolling me.
  11. Are you some kind of arse bandit ??? Just about everytime I make a comment on here you are right up my hoop with some contradictory shite. I have already had this conversation with you and refuse to enter into any further discussion with you on this matter. Do yourself a favour and go throw shite somewhere else. Fuckin moron.
  12. If they are wearing these most popular type of mask, then yes. masks.webp
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