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  1. The SFA in their wisdom decided to sell the rights of the Scottish Cup to Premier Sports, so even if you have already paid for Sky/Bt sports you have to fork out again to see the games. Feckin money grabbing bstards. Killing the game for the man in the street.
  2. Well that was the original game of two halves !! What a comeback from Scotland , well done.
  3. Watching Scotland getting pumped at Twickenham. Feckin embarrassment
  4. Make that 4 ......... I tend to wait till there are 3-4 episodes on the go then watch rather than wait on individual episodes. Waiting on the new series of "Billions" starting shortly, so will start watching 4 episodes in. Works for me.
  5. I have a petroleum blue card with KLM/Air France, and yes, it is a physical card. Good for getting into lounge and quick check in. They send out a new one every year as long as you meet their criteria
  6. Need to check that out, cheers. Started watching Rebellion last night, about the Easter uprising in Ireland. Pretty good so far.
  7. Or "vandalism" as it is called here
  8. Watching "call the cleaners" on telly -- by feck there are some clatty bastards out there who are happy to live worse than rats Totally disgusting.
  9. Stayed in a nice hotel in Phuket a few years ago and decided to stay on another 3 nights. When I enquired at reception to extend my stay. the girl told me to book the hotel online and I would get an upgrade to a room with a little pool outside the door for the same price as a standard room. Used the customer computers in the lobby there, booked it through the hotels own website and then called receptionist over who took booking reference and moved my room. Was well worth the tip I gave her. Not all Thais are out to rip off farangs.
  10. Homemade pancakes with cheese slice topped with fried eggs, served with sliced tomato. And finished off with cracked black pepper and a squeeze of Mr Heinz finest. Hangover breakfast.
  11. Pineapple on a pizza is bad enough, but on a feckin burger ? Madre de Dios, what is the world coming to
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