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  1. I have noticed the foot traffic around the normally traditionally busy sois have decreased by quite a bit this last couple of weeks. Most notably on soi pothole , where before it was always busy night and day due to the popular massage shops across from the triangle. Sat there for a couple of hours yesterday and there was not one customer went into the massage place Sitting in Poppy's 2 on beach road, there is noticeably less foot traffic passing by, and a distinct lack of Russians. In saying that, most bars in lk metro have been busy most evenings. It is what you make of it, but without a doubt, Pattaya is continuing to evolve.
  2. And, right on cue, GOING FOR 55 555 No bad going for a 7 year old club. Decent first season?? He won Feck all and has a worse record than the magic hat and the bold Pedro. 2 wins at home against the 8 in a row champions put them same same as Livingston. Anyway, hearts next for the treble treble. Hail Hail ☘️
  3. Sometimes you have to go for it
  4. Sitting in Aberdeen airport waiting for my flight to Amsterdam-- surprise surprise it is delayed, thankfully have plenty of time before the Bangkok flight
  5. Aye, we can only beat the shite that is put out against us. The winners of the "pub league" were the first team in Britain to win the European cup, a cup that certain teams were liquidated trying to emulate. Hail Hail
  6. Could go that right now, but cannae face the cooking...
  7. Feeling sorry for myself with a massive hangover after yesterdays celebrations -- Ah well, head out to Thailand tomorrow
  8. Just *ahem* downloaded this one. I believe it is on general sale middle of July. I hope it is better than his last- Macbeth- which I could not get into at all.
  9. But-but-but that would mean I would be a Rangers supporter ??? Sorry mate, not in this life🍀Hail Hail☘️🏆
  10. 🍀🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🍀 Well done Celtic - 8 League titles in a row - 1 more game for an unprecedented treble treble Hail Hail
  11. Cannae take that song seriously since they made that viagra advert that's on telly using this song. Good tune though.
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