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  1. fatbhoytim

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Aye, was always taught not to wasteful with food by my mother -- second day food imho,tastes better. 👍
  2. fatbhoytim

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Bubble and squeak with smoked ham, topped with a fried egg. Great boxing day breakfast made with Christmas left overs. Soaked up yesterday's swally.
  3. fatbhoytim

    what options have you had

    When I was 18 in Merchant Navy we were in Brisbane, where my uncle owned a fruit farm and I spent a few days with his family there. He offered me the chance to emigrate there and then as he would sponsor me and employ me. As I was due home after a 6 month trip, I said I would go home for my leave, speak to my parents and next time out I would stay. Never went back to Brisbane, so never emigrated. Often wondered what would have happened, but no regrets. Lived life to the full.
  4. fatbhoytim

    What are you doing right now..?

    Feckin thing should be in a funeral home
  5. fatbhoytim

    What are you doing right now..?

    Having pre Christmas dinner pints , with a black Christmas tree. Something not right about that.
  6. fatbhoytim

    So how's everyone enjoying

    Only the one so far !
  7. fatbhoytim

    Merry Christmas

  8. fatbhoytim

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Nice looking plates of food there.
  9. fatbhoytim

    Forum Lurkers

    Maybe the "lurkers" are hanging back from posting to see how the land lies. I have seen on other forums people having the temerity to ask a question of long time members being ripped a new one just out of spite. Nice to be nice.
  10. fatbhoytim

    Do you prefer book or movie?

    While I agree with most of what you say, I have no compunction about downloading e-books for free. Amazon charging 8-9 quid for an e-book that they send with a push of a button that has no retail,transport or delivery charges apart from author cut, is taking the piss. I have seen books in Waterstones that are actually cheaper to buy than getting them sent to my kindle from Amazon. Downloading for free is like buying books from charity shops for a couple of pennies, the author gets bugger all from the resale either. Before I bought my kindle, that is where I bought majority of books. I agree that authors should be paid for their work, but until companies like Amazon stop ripping the piss, I will continue to use the other sites. I have bought and paid for e-books from Amazon, but only at a reasonable price. I am pretty sure people like myself who use the other sites would buy from official sites if they brought down the prices to reflect there is no physical book and the associated costs with this.
  11. fatbhoytim

    Do you post more

    Cnut, another couple of years and I will be joining you 👍
  12. fatbhoytim

    Do you prefer book or movie?

    The book goes into far more detail of what those poor fuckers endured. As you say, very sobering.
  13. fatbhoytim

    Do you prefer book or movie?

    Has to be books. As stated big or small screen adaptations are almost always a let down if you have read the book first. "The Railway Man" springs to mind for me, although "Roots" was imho, an example of a decent adaptation. I think that was down to Alex Haley being on site and not allowing too many changes.
  14. fatbhoytim

    Books --Author and series recommended by you

    Ian Rankin -- The Rebus Series Alistair McLean -- oldies but good John Grisham -- lost his way recently, but a good author Nelson De Mille -- excellent author Val Mc Dermid -- Wire in The Blood was really good, as are most of her others Mario Puzo -- Lot more to his pen than the Godfather Series Martin Cruz Smith -- Turned out some really good yarns A lot more deserve an honourable mention, too many to list.
  15. fatbhoytim

    mourinio sacked

    It has worked for him up to now............