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  1. Have gone to a few things here recently: Car Show…This was held outdoors at Golden Gate Fields in Berkeley about an hour drive here from where I live. Me and a buddy went, they do horse racing here, but this week-end they used the parking lot to do the show. Mostly Japanese Imports that the young guys “jack up” and personally I thought the Infiniti G35’s were great and best in show. I had one, sold it in 2016 prior to moving to Bangkok. Great car. That one Red Infiniti I stood next to, the guy told me he has put $17K USA into it. Always a few nice gals out there too taking photos for all of us. Rifle Range…The last 3 years when Rachanee and I would come back for vacation for a month, I would call up a few friends to go shooting. I asked her if she wanted to try, she politely declined, I could tell she did not feel comfortable around this, so I never push her to do things she does not want to do right? This year she said she would try with me, I took her out back and showed her some gun safety, she told me not to get mad if she does not want to shoot, when we get there. I have an M1, 30 Caliber Carbine. Dad gave it to me many years ago, great rifle still. This place has a nice outdoor range, up in the foothills about another 30 minute drive from the Mountain Winery where we saw the Yes concert a few weeks back. Ear protection, eye protection and safety are a big priority here and fully enforced. In Calif as of July 1st, no magazines that are bigger than 10 rounds are allowed, but these guys are cool and let me use my 20 round clip. I have 30 and 45, no go they told me. Rachanee did well for her first time, she preferred to sit and was more comfortable for her, as you can see, she was happy to have hit her first target with 2 full shots out of 10. Rambo in the making LOL! Next month we will take the 9MM Glock Pistol I have, and see how she does with that. Baseball…..So I am a big Baseball fan still. We have a local AA team here, the San Jose Giants and is 20 minute drive from the house and is quite nice. Our 4th game so far this year, $12 for General Admission seats here and pristine weather here in August is in full swing, 78 degrees at game time 7:30pm. This place has held up well over the years. Played here in 1978 for San Jose State in a tournament. Nice Bar-B-Que area for private parties and companies.
  2. Great movie... As a side note, was watching "Midnight Express" the other night here on the Movie Channel......damn, no hurry to go to Turkey LOL!
  3. Cheap Trick opened for "Kiss" 1977 tour here, the same night Elvis died and Paul Stanley talked about how his Mom loved Elvis. My Mom too LOL! That Guitar player for Cheap Trick was quite the character. I cannot wait to see "Kiss" here Sept 16th for the last time ever.......can't wait to hear Rachanees comments. First time to a concert here in 2011 with wifey at Impact was The Eagles, love em or not, those guys live performance is off the hook good. Opening with " Witchy Woman" the rest of the night just got better and better Cliff. These guys " harmonies" as a band is second to none. Glad I got to see Glenn Frey before he passed away.
  4. Found a 33 1/3 LP in the garage the other day.......quite the dinosaur. I know you all liked "The Tubes" back in the day LOL! 1976 New Years Eve pic at Winterland, San Francisco.... "White Punks on Dope" with Quay Lewd.....unbelievable.
  5. That was H-P that was started in someones garage.
  6. On occasion, Pornhub gets me a fix now and then. I just usually type in "Thai" girls and see a few beauties who are quite good at what they do LOL! I know this is going to be a hard sell to all of you, but up until 3 years ago, wifey had never seen any "porn" on any site on the internet or anything. So naturally I asked her if she wanted to see some on Pornhub one day. This was about a month after we got married in Jan 2016 right? It was the right time LOL! I found this rather well endowed African American gentlemen with what else? A Thai gal of course. She said " Oh my God, I'm sure" Forever etched in the memory banks. 3 somes? Fun times back in the day with these 2 Phuket beauties......I did not have to "coach" them at all......those were the days.
  7. Let's hope they don't screw it up....many a walk with a "darling" from the night before here back in the day. Kind of peaceful really.......early mornings were best to beat the heat.
  8. Sorry for the late response buddy, my last few "single" years I spent at The Dawin....boutique hotel as they are now called I believe. $46 per night, clean, 5 minute walk to Nana, Girl Friendly the whole nine yards. Dynasty and Ibis are good too. Was there Sept 2017 when a few friends from "Man Jose" came to visit, no shortage of women anywhere in that area for sure. London Calling Go Go was quite the surpise as far as quality girls.....IMO. Few pics of FL's from back in the day and the room too. Have a great time in Kenya and your return to Bangkok.....still a great city I think. Interested to hear your thoughts. Maybe you will see Gavin Newsom LOL!
  9. Cliff, this girl is nice, met her at the car show yesterday. Her name is Sunny Fae. Perhaps I can fly her in for you when you are lonely...I am always here to help LOL!
  10. Upon further review Cliff, I thought perhaps Namps was demanding 5k baht from you, or else he was going to tell all of us you were doing a " 3 some" that night with one of wifeys friends!! Remember, I have seen you in action first hand.....girls calling you David Beckham and such....I get no action at all you bastard LOL!
  11. https://www.indystar.com/story/entertainment/music/concerts/2019/06/20/jim-irsay-pays-record-auction-price-when-buying-david-gilmour-guitar/1518118001/ Well, I was in the running to buy Gilmours Black Fender, but Jim Irsay out bid me. Damn..can you imagine having some of Gilmours Guitars from back in the day?
  12. Eddie Van Halen on the one above Alias? How about this one? My Son and I checked it out a while back here at "Guitar Showcase" Only $25k asking price.
  13. Terry Kath also played a Fender Telecaster.......saw him once with Chicago, March 1976.......the next night after seeing The Who. Talk about one of hell of a week-end.....Chicago in 1976, they were great as a band and dam...that horn section. Seems like yesterday. .
  14. Listening to an old disc jockey that is actually still around from back in the day here, he quit 20 years ago, he said he could easily light up a cigarette today no problem, but doesn't. I am amazed and had no idea even after 20 years the craving is still there? Wow. Cliff, hope you can quit at some point.
  15. Good to see JasonL taking out one of his condoms back in the day and showing us all his talents. That takes alot of work to do what he did.....got a first hand view at the last Anniv party in 2018. Quite the character......good pics.
  16. Steve, The short version of a long story is that Jon Anderson after the 2004 tour ( that was the first meet/greet they ever did) started to have some health problems at age 59 with his lungs. He told the band he would no longer be able to tour for a while and went locally here to Stanford Hospital for treatment. The band decided they still wanted to continue on and according to Anderson, they did not tell him until after that they had gone out and got this new vocalist named "Jon Davison" He found out after the fact. Apparently him and Chris Squire did not talk for years, and finally reconciled before he passed away in 2015. Jon Anderson at age 74 now has toured with ARW with Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman, and is now doing a solo tour of the music he likes to play. A "Yes" re-union with Wakeman back joining Howe and Alan White? Maybe...I would not count on it. https://www.silive.com/news/2019/07/singer-jon-anderson-talks-yes-reunion-touts-new-solo-album-and-tour.html
  17. Yessongs Cliff.....you know who I am....Don't deny you've met me either LOL!
  18. I always wanted to go to Europe somewhere to see one of the big progressive bands, never have. Glad you did. Thanks Stu....yeah Courtney Love likes music....."Can I Hab anudder Blue Moon Beeeeer"? LOL! Terry, good time to be around Cali in summertime, looking forward one day taking Rachanee to the Rocky Mountains. Cliff, age is just a number...ask Mali, she will tell you the truth. Thai girls don't tell lies you know..Blah Ha Ha Ha Thanks, ever seen them? Thanks Glass, we are lucky ( IMO) to have been around in the days when these guys were in their prime. Amazingly, most of these bands that do still tour, sound pretty good still.
  19. This is about a 40 minute drive from where I live. Used to go to the yearly Garlic Festival and had a blast back in the 90's. Gun control? There is alot of improvement needed....I get the constitution etc, but at some point, we have to look ourselves in the mirror and say maybe we do need to re-visit the constitution. I know, a tough nut to swallow, but a 6 year old, 13 year old and 25 year old gone this time around. Bought legally in Nevada and taken to Calif to do his deed......sad indeed.
  20. Thanks Cliff, was a good time, what about me? You never say how nice I look.......you bastard! 🤪 ELP indeed, Wecome back my friends to the show that never ends. Thanks Roomark......The Winery is a beautiful place for a show and being that close, you can feel Billy Sherwoods Bass pounding your chest through those Carvin Amplifiers. Damn HD...The Strawbs with with Wakeman? Good to see that we are on the same page. He is outstanding, went to the London School of Music. ELP was a force back in the day no doubt about it. The 1977 tour I saw, one of the best. So sad about Lake and Emerson. Have seen them back in 1978...they are good. No doubt Alan, a guy named Jimmy Page uses one of these type of Guitars also. Ever heard of him? LOL! 1977 Page wowed all of us when the mighty Zeppelin was in their prime.
  21. So took wifey to her first ever concert here in America last Sunday and all went well. When you “roll” with Yessongs, you better be prepared to like “English Progressive” bands cause that’s what you’re going to get. So how does a Thai gal from Bangkok learn about this type of music? You “hook up” with me and it is played at the house and in the car all the time. On the same token though, I have been turned on to some of the Thai bands she likes. Carabao, Slot Machine, Sek Loso, Bodyslam and a few others. I play Genesis, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Stones, ELP, Moody Blues, Asia, Queen and of course “Yes” at her house, so she is well versed. Yes, Asia, John Lodge (Moody Blues) are playing this particular night at the “Paul Masson Winery Ampitheater” here about an hour from my home. Set here in the foothills in Saratoga, Calif where a lot of the rich people live, this place is just beautiful, been here many times over the years. Pristine weather at 84 degrees (29 C) at 6:00pm, does not get any better. Decided to do the meet/greet too, 3rd row reserved seats, and thought she would get a kick out of taking a pic with the band, get to meet the guys I have been telling her about and have shown many pictures since first seeing them in 1974. Dinner at a Thai restaurant started the evening. John Lodge…..comes out and have seen the Moody Blues a few times over the years. His voice is still strong and talked about the passing of Ray Thomas and his influence on the band, and what he meant to him personally. Did a nice 7 song set that included “Stepping in a Slide Zone” “Gemini Dream” “Ride my See Saw” and closed with “I’m just a Singer in a Rock and Roll band” Asia….they played a tribute to the late John Wetton who sadly died of cancer in Jan 2017. Steve Howe and Geoff Downes both came out to play with them, since they too were in the band and Billy Sherwood took over on Bass and did 10 songs that included “Don’t Cry” “Wildest Dreams” “Only time will Tell” and closed the show with “Heat of the Moment” Carl Palmer at age 69, this guy can still play Drums, he is friggan fast and his cadence is just mind blowing still after all of these years. He also came out from behind his drums and talked about how “lucky” he was to have played with ELP and paid tribute to both Keith Emerson and Greg Lake who have both passed away. They played “Lucky Man” that blew the crowd away. That Moog Synthesizer solo Geoff Downes did for this song was mind blowing…..pass me the Bong! Seriously….. Yes…came on last at 8:30pm and it is now dark, sun sets at 8:00pm here during the summer, John Lodge band came on at 6:00pm. Granted a few line-up changes over the years, but Steve Howe at 72 years old can still play no doubt about it. Opening with “Firebird Suite” by Stravinsky, they have been coming on to the stage to that song for all the years I have seen them. Played a good variety of their catalog that included “Siberian Khatru” “I’ve Seen All Good People” “ Going for the One” “Tempus Fugit” and brought the house down and closed the show with the epic, 21 minute piece from the Relayer album entitled “The Gates of Delirium” Howe was fabulous on slide Guitar for that! Came back for the encore, where Alan White talked about playing on John Lennon’s album as drummer and paid a nice tribute to him with Jon Davison and John Lodge singing “Imagine” very nicely done. “Roundabout and Starship Trooper” closed the show where Howe was just outstanding on his solo for Starship Trooper. Wifey said to me “Oiiiii, he is pretty good, you were right” Chai…..LOL! Meet/Greet….so 30 minutes after the show, 28 of us who bought the VIP Meet/Greet, were taken down to the band and were told all of the rules….this is my 5th time, so I already know the gig right? Mr. Howe is the only one really that has a set of rules. It’s cool….. no shaking hands, he will not sign any sheet music, no Guitar Straps or T-shirts either. CD’s, all albums, pictures of him that you have taken are all good. I brought 2, 8x10 for Rachanee to talk with him a bit, get signed etc. So we get our picture taken with the band, that is over and now the line to talk to the guys and the signatures begin. I will cut to the chase, did not tell Rachanee what to say, just gave her some suggestions you know. Howe is last, as we get to each band member she tells them something like “Hi, my name is Rachanee and my husband Mike, has seen you many times and this is the first time for me. I am from Thailand and I liked your show tonite” Cool..she did well. Geoff Downes told her he has been to Indonesia, Billy Sherwood said he would love to come to Bangkok with the band and play (yeah right..pipe dream) Alan White told her “You look nice tonight” Never trust the drummer! Roger Dean was there too to sign pics, he does all of the amazing Yes album covers over the years. Nice guy. So we get to Steve Howe….just an observation from a far, this is the last night of their tour, he seemed in good spirits from what I could see right? We approach him and Rachanee tells him what she has told the others….he smiles and throws up “The Wai” and I think he said “Sa wa dee”( later confirmed by her) he has a very mellow voice. Jesus Effing Christ! Are you kidding me? He knows a bit about Thai culture? He told us that his wife on his 65th b-day surprised him with a trip to Thailand and Indonesia 7 years ago. They went to Chiang Mai and really enjoyed it he said. Rachanee asks him if he is ever going to come back to Thailand one day and he said “Yes, before I get too old” with a grin. He then signed the 2 pics and he asked her “Was it too loud for you”? She said “No, it was not bad at all” Unbelievable…well done to these guys for being cool with everyone…. and a great experience for her.
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