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  1. Jade House is now for sale. The previous owner has "leased" the club to someone else and when I visited the place in late December, there were only 4 ladies working. I will be surprised if it is still open in 12 month's time.
  2. Time to shut down the soapies!
  3. This is the funniest thread that I have read in years!
  4. I thought that the retirement visa was Non-OA? The Non-O is a different visa?
  5. Humble request - for those you in Pattaya, can you please include the name of the restaurant where you had your meal? Thank you.
  6. This looks great Sir! If I may ask, what is the name of the restaurant where this meal is served?
  7. Hope that Schweppes will introduce Diet Schweppes Manao. I love that drink but the regular one has too much sugar in it.
  8. Most meaningful conversation between two intelligent men... 1st Man - I am a man of few words 2nd Man - I am married too
  9. First time I visited Pattaya was in 1989. Those days there was no roof in Soi Diamond and I spent quite a few hours at this bar each day. The eye candy was incredible at that bar.
  10. And their prices are almost the same as the ones in the supermarkets like Big C, Foodland etc
  11. I had a meal at Little India once and can confirm that the food was bland and not very good. Sher-E-Punjab on beach road, near Tipps Plaza, was the best I had so far.
  12. Just out of curiosity, where in Thailand are you living?
  13. Well, some burritos and Naan are made of the same stuff - flour. So all that is different are the fillings.
  14. Finally found a place that serves thai yellow chicken curry - Sailor Bar is Soi8. Did not disappoint.
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