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  1. I just deleted Kodi then reloaded the latest version using the Browser ( or maybe firefox) within the Minix box. I then did a search on UTube for the latest Kodi Addons making copious notes from the UTube video's so I could load them into Kodi. Being IT illiterate it took me a few goes to work out how to do it but if I can do it then anybody can. 🤣 Maybe I will get a smart TV as well. Keep telling me how good yours is which will tip me over. 🤗 I still download torrents but mostly just for music. ps Isn't it great to find a topic that fucking ignorant French piss head d
  2. I have one of Lanza's Minix boxes as well which I have also had for years. It does go out of date as all Apps do eventually but I just pop along to TukCom and leave it with a nice young lady who updates it for me and I collect a couple of hours later for 100 baht plus another 100 baht tip. It incorporates Kodi and I surprised myself by updating to the latest version and downloading a bunch of add/ons which work fine for films/series, world wide live TV and filth. HOWEVER, I love my sport and separately I subscribe to HD prime at about 400 baht a month which I added along side the Min
  3. They change the brace at each monthly visit. It was always 1,000 baht each month which was the charge for the consultation andeach new brace until about 6 months ago when they decided not to charge any more. Sai is in there for about half an hour, they do not knock her out with gas and her underwear is never inside out so why knock a gift horse in the mouth. No pun intended. 🤣
  4. Sai used to pay 1,000 baht at each monthly visit before they stopped charging her.
  5. Sorry, thought I had pressed to edit my piss pore spelin erors.
  6. I had a meeting at Mots office in Soi Khoutalo ( next to the Gold shop just past the railway line) who took down the basic details. It was Terry Lee who suggested using them as his licenses ( yes, 11 years by mistake) were due to run out a couple of weeks before mine and he discovered that because of Covid they were weeks behind and it had become essential to have an appointment which Mots organised. We both seem to have the same aversion to visiting Immigration etc. Mots got me an appointment for the 5th October and in the interim completed all the paperwork and visited Immigration
  7. My wife has them for orthodontic not cosmetic reasons and visits her dentist in Pattaya every month. She has been doing this for some time now and about six months ago the dentist ceased charging her for the treatment and new brace saving her 1,000 baht at each visit.
  8. If there were large numbers of unreported cases in Thailand then that would be reflected at the very least in the expat community in Pattaya and Bangkok. Expats going down with Covid would most definitely make the news and this very forum and that is not happening. It is very easy to rubbish Thailand from afar but they closed the borders very early and kept them closed. They introduced lockdowns and implemented what we now consider draconian measures but they appear to have worked. Another factor is that Thai's were already used to wearing facemasks prior to Covid so a very high percentag
  9. A good golf course always assuming it is still open. I had a really "cute" caddy who worked their part time. She must have left school by now. 🤣
  10. Thanks but your a little late in responding as I renewed my two licenses a couple of weeks ago and I did use Mots Services who saved me all the paperwork and the need to go to Immigration for the residency certificate. You still have to visit the center behind Regents School but having a confirmed appointment put me with the first 20 or so applicants for processing. There appeared to be a couple of hundred Thai's without appointments.
  11. Same in the "Robinson" mall up here in Mae Sot which was never a major tourist Town anyway. Their car park is packed all weekend with me often the only token farlang. The protracted lockdown and subsequent restrictions did however cause real problems with "food banks" appearing to support those minority of Thai's suddenly out of work. Once those were largely lifted the town appears back to normal as it has no dependancy on tourists. You are correct about hotel prices as even in Mae Sot I am seeing rooms available at a good hotel for around 600 baht. I will book myself into my us
  12. Your lucky. I haven't been able to open it at all. 😛
  13. There is more Covid in the White House than currently in Thailand. 🤣
  14. Mae Sot is where I spend about 18 days in every month. I am there now until I return to Pattaya/Bangsaray probably on the 3rd November. Prior to this recent incidence Mae Sot only ever had two Covid infections both back in March and both visitors from Pattaya. One of Sai's friends is a nurse at the General Hospital who dealt with the two positive cases and confirmed there had not been any further Covid admissions until the recent infections. It is not two but up to eight now including one young child all supposedly traced back to the two truck drivers who having crossed over from Bur
  15. The rainy season is over up here in the north west and if the weather forecast for the next 15 days is to be believed appears to be so in Pattaya/Bangsaray. Another week and I will be back to see for myself. That does not mean to say it will not rain from time to time just only the ocasional thunderstorm. Not enough rain in October to fill the reser's! 🥴 No showers for the tourists by Christmas. Christmas 2021 .................................maybe. Tourists, that is!
  16. I think that problem must be quite common as it has certainly happened to me but always then accepted at an adjacent ATM.
  17. If you ever go to Gibraltar do visit the Trafalgar cemetary. We discovered it by accident and found it to be a fine resting place for some of those sailors that served and died doing their duty.
  18. I thought that requirement had changed and you now only have to complete a TM30 if you have changed address? Not that any of us are likely to be leaving in the forseeable future with the current draconian requirements on returning . Even when I was going for trips to AC or PP I never completed a TM30 on return. A couple of times when needed to do subsequent 90 days Immigration just asked me if I was still at the same address and that was sufficient.
  19. I have only ever done one TM30 ever and that was some considerable time ago. i.e as in several years ago. I recently used an Agent in connection with renewing my two driving licenses and THEY had to obtain one on my behalf before Immigration would issue the residency certificate. I was not involved other than it cost me an additional 500 baht.
  20. No we cannot. The theme's are dark or light and that deep blue is in the light theme and has swallowed up all the signs. I would suggest going back on "The few changes at the front end" and reverse them. If it ain't broke.......................?
  21. I thought fat Thai girls was a recent occurance but apparently not?
  22. We used to get snow both in London and the West Midlands where I lived for some time but it was always as if that was the first time ever and everything came to a halt. When I moved to Edinburgh I found that no doubt due to its proximity to the sea there was far less of the white stuff but you only had to go a few miles inland to find the snow drifts. I once drove from Newcastle to Edinburgh on the cross country route in what became a complete blizzard. I reached the sign which said "Welcome to Scotland" which is at the top of a very steep hill and when you looked down it was impossible t
  23. We were sorting out a large storage box in Bangsaray and came across a couple of photo's from our visit to Genting Highland Resort in Malaysia. The first one is in Snow World which was amazing for Sai who had never seen/experienced snow even if it was artificially generated. That really is "snow" and, quite understandably, it was freezing. That was taken about 10 years ago before his poker addiction made everything go pear shaped. Should have seen the writing on the wall as Genting Highlands Resort is a massive casino complex. There is also a theme park where the foll
  24. Yes, it was loading very slow for me yesterday as well although it seems okay today.
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