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  1. "Confirmation of email address is probably not necessary to use the board: it is merely to check the data is still correct." I didnt sign up to Tapatalk and didnt confirm my email address but have no problems continuing to use my old log-in and password. Tho there are so few posts now it hardly seems worth the effort!!
  2. Yes, there a lot of really small, (like 1.1-1.4 litres) with them now.
  3. I have no details but have seen the Air Asia bus pickup point on the soii9 side of Central Festival
  4. I met my partner ten years ago and there is a 33 year age gap.
  5. Unless he had enrolled before he was around 65 he would not find a company who would take him on at 80?
  6. Wow its a big improvement from the last time I was visiting there. Live pretty close so often eat at one of the restaurants.
  7. You really have to wonder how people could fall for these very obvious messages. A couple of my email contacts got messages from me saying that my GF and I were robbed and stranded in KL and please WU money to me there. Now my GF name was right, we had been to KL many times BUT one contact was my son, who knew we were in Hong Kong, and the other was a friend who has no money. BUT if the right contact had been chosen, it was at least believable. I couldnt work out how they were going to collect WU in MY name in KL, unless they had an accomplice in the WU office though.
  8. I actually had reception at a hotel in Singapore advise me to use their wi-fi as they couldnt match Agoda price for me to stay a few more nights.
  9. "UKDave, I am in the Philippines and apparently we get a different selection choice to other countries ? I watch it on my Smart TV so have no idea how to get a URL off that, sorry.
  10. Tony, over the years I have read much helpful advice from you on various boards. I am sure many guys appreciated your contribution so even if you were "touting" it could be excused.
  11. The Fall, a 2 season show set in Belfast Ireland. Gillian Anderson is a Top cop sent from England to review a local murder. Ends up chasing a serial killer. Loves to get down and dirty with younger good looking guys. Very well done show.
  12. We have a similar grass here in the Philippines, they call it 'frog grass' at our garden shop. Been down five years, never mowed it but need to water it if you dont get much rain in the summer.
  13. I also find them annoying, I have 30 mbps, fibre connection but not enough to watch them
  14. I had an aussie friend who bought one for around 230,000 baht about 12-13 years ago. Smaller unit in the low rise blocks tho.
  15. I have logged into Secrets website every day since the date it was supposed to close down and had no problems. Accessing from AC Philippines on a very old Ipad2 with limited tech.
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