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  1. Yes, think I read the same. Fluent Thai speaker, well connected as well.
  2. Andy coll not sure why so expensive. You don't need a letter of intro, just a $19 ripoff. Go to the official govt website for your evisa. evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn pay only $25 US. upload a passport photo and face page your passport. U can track progress and only takes 3 days. Very quick at immig as well when u arrive. Got 2 one for Filipina GF no problems
  3. The Fascino in North road, near Lotus Tesco is really big with a huge inventory. They have my eye drops there and I haven't found them anywhere else
  4. biggles on several boards including Secrets.
  5. I am starting to get either a "Disc is Unreadable" or "Fatal Crash Intercepted" error message on disc's I have had, and used, over the years. They all appear to be in great condition tho. Before I take my console and try my luck with a shop at Tukcom, I would like to see if they will load OK on another console. Can anyone help out please?
  6. One of my favorite TIT was in Soi Bonkot when it was first built. Right on the S bend they put a power pole in the middle of the Road. After a few months they dug it out, but left a big hole. Locals put bigger and bigger tree branches in it as it grew. It was around a year before it was all fixed.
  7. "Well, at least for members of ASEAN it would seem logic that they harmonize rules and regulations" Not all of them though. I have had a Resident Retirement Visa in the Philippines for 7 years and have never been inside an IO. No reporting, no exit visas, no TM28-30 etc No renewals required as it's a lifetime Visa
  8. "The novelty of sex on tap will wear off,it sure has for me,plus your priority's change in life." When I first came to Pattaya at 51 I would have laughed at this idea but after a long time here by 67 I had had enough for it to lose its "zing" or maybe I just got old. Met a beautiful Filipina and we now divide our time between both places. Now at 73 I am very happy with the memories, and with my new life
  9. I have used Agoda regularly for about 9 years, and had no problems. One time I booked 7 days in Singapore, wanted to extend but hotel couldn't match Agoda price. Counter staff let me use their wifi to re book the extra days at the lower price
  10. After her first trip to Pattaya, Filipina GF insisted we take back a bum gun with us. All our visitors love it too.
  11. biggles


    Snooky was such a nice place that 10 years ago mates and I seriously considered long term rental of a house there. Great beaches, lovely people and so low cost Everything I read now from visitors saddens me greatly
  12. It's about 6 years since I went and the models seem to be in good condition still. Unusual for Thai maintenance. Great photos, it's a good day out but it gets hot as all in the open
  13. GF and I had 2 weeks in Nha Trang earlier this year. Fabulous wide beach, no rubbish around. clean water, no hawkers, jet skis, parasail boats etc. A wide tree lined park all the way, about 4km, gym equipment, toilets and showers. Taxis quite cheap but 5 local bus routes to all the popular places for 7000 vn dong one way. The only real downsides were the place is packed with Russians. Signs, menus, brochures all in Russian. We also found English speaking not common there, Google translate was useful. We would go back again.
  14. Thanks, he could get a taxi there. What's it called please and I can look on line for a menu?
  15. I have a friend and his girl arriving tomorrow for a week. He is keen on seafood, lobster, crab, prawns etc which I am not. I have no idea on a reasonably priced place in the central Pattaya so perhaps someone could suggest? Obviously looking for somewhere not over priced, like some in WS.
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