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  1. Love this thread, thanks everyone 😁👍
  2. For me, and for many other guys, its the requirement for CV19 cover that will stop my return. Any type of travel insurance is almost impossible for 75+ Until they relax this requirement, older travellers will be barred from returning. For years now the Thai insurance industry has been pushing for compulsory travel insurance and it looks like they have a foot in the door!
  3. It seemed very stable and easy to control despite the amazing speed
  4. I remember when they introduced the new seeding rules they said it was meant to limit the use of agents 😁😁
  5. Yes, the Chinese built a bridge from Hongkong to macau, 34 miles long so they have the experience
  6. I log in every day from AC, Philippines and havn't noticed any slowdown
  7. Philippine Dept of Transport announced last week that they intend for E bikes to require a licence. Its started, road tax and insurance next
  8. I thought the extender was just to increase the area that the wifi reached, not to boost the signal strength. If you have 25mbps signal I dont think it will magically go to 25mbps but you may get a signal upstairs for example I bought one and my signal is still 25mbps BUT I do see a marginal improvement in the number of bars on my wifi upstairs.
  9. It surprised me that you got buffering on Netflix with 100mbps fibre. Here in AC I only have 25mbps fibre but dont get buffering. I would be surprised if you can be registered on 2 accounts simultaneously. The UK one probably has better program choices anyway
  10. For anyone who likes beaches I would recommend Nga Trang, Viernam. This is how a beach resort should be, clean water, no boats or hawkers. A 2km long treed park with toilets/showers. Google it, you wont be sorry
  11. " I could have flown for about 1/2 the price I paid on the bus but I never would have gotten to see all the interesting little towns" When I first came to Thailand as a tourist around 1998 I spent 2 months travelling by public transport, mainly bus. Covered the western and northern parts up to Chiang Mai and Chang Rai. Down thru the centre to Bangkok. Returned the next year and covered the North east, Eadt and South. I met up with a friend and his GF in Pattaya...... and it was all downhill from there!
  12. biggles


    Like so many on the left, he seems to suffer from a selective memory
  13. Yes, we liked it so much we are planning for Tokyo next year. Been stuck here in the philippines for 6 months whereas we would have had 2 Thai trips in that time
  14. We only did Osaka with 2 days in Kyoto. Really liked Osaka, so pleasant to walk around
  15. Fab bike, but should be Red
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