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  1. When my son was 12 he loved to watch Dave on oz Tv. Read that he was coming to our city so saved his pocket money to buy a ticketand he and a mate went. I had rung DA assistant and told her about them. She met them at the theatre, took them to his dressing room where he sat them diwn and chatted to them both A very funny man but more importantly a caring person. 34 years later my son still remembers this kindness
  2. Wasn't she actually in a unit on the wrong floor?
  3. "and what is illegal about using an agent if you legally comply with the police orders," Nothing, and I imagine a lot of guys do to save time. But if you read my post none of the 6 I mentioned can legally qualify. One married pensioner doesn't even have the income for a marriage extension. I assume that some "tea money" is involved and the agent virtually confirmed as much
  4. And if one of these unlicensed drivers runs into you, guess who pays? If there are zero consequences for being legal, why bother.
  5. Of course they are involved in the racket One of the agents in my earlier post told his customer not to be concerned about the new requirements as his Immigration contact would ensure that his customers were taken care of.
  6. I know 6 people in Pattaya who use agents, none of them would qualify if they didnt
  7. Yes, also used here in the Philippines and it caused me some confusion. Also they don't have a "ground" floor in buildings so they start at the first floor.... Which is at ground level. Screwed up a few FL meetups with that one
  8. How true, different requirements, often from different IO in the same office. Makes me wonder if they are too stupid to learn their own documented rules or just like to give folks a hard time
  9. Perhaps because it doesn't seem to work for a lot of people who use forums to air its shortcomings?
  10. Unfortunately we leave on the 18th for a week in KL before heading to Philippines for Christmas. Disappointed to miss it
  11. Me neither so I became a retiree with RESIDENCE in the Philippines. Never been to an immigration office here in 7 years and spend 5 months a year in Thailand on TV and 30 day entries.
  12. Just booked Manila to Bangkok Oct 22 for 2 months then BKK to Kuala Lumpur for a week and back to Manila 24 Dec for Xmas.
  13. I recall a police statement I read on line recently, maybe Thai Visa, that said 40-45% of Thais stopped didn't have a valid license.
  14. Yeah, a very funny man. Used to love his posts and met him a few times, which was fun.
  15. School near me the kids would paint eyes on an ice cream carton and wear it on their heads to cycle, seemed to work
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