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  1. Heading to the Nha Trang beach front. They have done wonders with this place, clean, wide, no hawkers or boats. A tree lined park almost all the way along it. The Russians have invaded this place, menus, signs etc all Russian. Full of couples and families who probably all deserted Jomtien.
  2. Sitting with my beautiful GF in Highlands coffee in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Great coffee, strong wifi and nice air con. I could just as easily have gone to Jomtien and felt at home as the place is FULL of Russians. Signs, menus, travel agents, almost everything is geared to the Russian visitor.
  3. I started renting my current place near Big C Extra nine years ago and the monthly rental is the same price today 7,000 baht !! GF and I spend half the year in other places but it is a handy base still for us. Pretty good value after all this time.
  4. Yes, the explanation I read is what Esco said. Replaces Visa on Arrival for about 20+ countries, importantly China and India. This should relieve a lot of pressure at VOA counters.
  5. GF and I really enjoyed KL, great variety of food, clean, safe, easy to get around. Been several times now . Also HKK is another favourite but accom much more expensive and sometimes a bit cold.
  6. Something that surprised me was how many Asian prisoners died building the railway, 85,000 as I recall from the records there.
  7. That seems expensive ! I use internet banking to transfer from my Oz bank to accounts in Thailand or Philippines. Cost is $A18, and I get the local bank to do the currency conversion.
  8. Yes, mine is 6+ years old and no new updates. The camera is also under 1mp so very blurred in anything less than good light. I like the bigger screen, especially for reading forums and news sites tho It is quite slow loading photos etc . I bought a Huawei Y9 to play newer games on for 6,500 baht as the ipad2 doesnt have the memory or processing power. Brilliant phone but I would rather the Ipad2. No problems in 6 years apart from a New screen when I dropped it.
  9. biggles


    You should have taken the LB home, looks bloody good !!
  10. Painters post 3 hours ago shows it at 22.13, think I would rather not know.! Off to Vietnam this time, not back till June now
  11. Yes, thanks a lot. Been pretty much every year but thought it was much quieter last year. Still so many great custom bikes on show.
  12. Great photos, GF Nd I had 10 days there last year and loved it, especially the food. Off to HCM on the 20th for 8 days then Nha Trang for 15 days.
  13. GF and I have been living together for 6 years now. We divide our time between Thailand and the Philippines, she is Filipina. We also make short trips to other SEA places so we do get a lot of new, shared memories to talk about. We both have lots of friends in Thailand and make time to see them, sometimes together sometimes separately. Of course there is also a lot of time where we are together but doing separate things, both comfortable with that. I had 15+ years of mongering and living alone before her and it was a big decision for me, one I have never regretted.
  14. Ashamed to admit that I must be one of the worlds oldest gamers (73) and when my Ipad2 got to 6 years old it couldnt cope with many of the newer games. My solution was to get a Huawei Y9 a great phone, but used mainly for games. I still prefer the Ipad2 for emails, reading forums etc.
  15. We use Cp every 2 months or so on the BKK to Manila route. Agree with most of the OP comments, tho the one time we decided to fly PAL on that route we were very disappointed with them. One tip on price; have a frequent flyer club called GetGo, you can sign up on their web page. They will then send you early advice of any promos, they have a lot!! Can save you quite a bit.
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