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  1. It looks similar to the Cane Toad, an imported, poisonous species that has taken over large areas in northern Australia. As kids we would go out with a torch and hit them with a spade..... which has had no effect on their numbers!
  2. Immaculate for a 29 year old car.
  3. It did in Sianoukvilke, went from a small beach side town to a big city in a short period of time after the Chinese opened their casinos
  4. Used to visit regularly, lovely people. The 2 musicians had been there for 10+ years and went to Puis bar in New Plaza. We followed them there as the Rock Factory was 150db noise. I imagine they are unemployed now.
  5. We had this in the Philippines for about 6 months and it was a PITA. Local officials saw it as a way to exercise their power and put their own interpretation on it often ignoring the National directives. Their rules changed often sometimes making no sense. I hope Thailand handles it better
  6. I have a number of friends who were very athletic in their youth, ozzies love their sport. Unfortunately most of them are having joint pains, knees and hips in particular. Perhaos there is something to be said for being a nerdy book worm!
  7. Pretty common with most food items I imagine. My ex FIL worked as cost controller for a major oz food manufacturer some years ago. He said they would stop the production line, make minor changes to the contents, eg add more water, change the labels and start it up again.
  8. I think you could be right, when I went to Jomtien about 18 months ago to get one to renew my licence they sent me to another room to do a TM30. First time ever for me.
  9. A golf course I visited in Cairns Queensland had signs warning golfers not to enter the lake to recover their golf balls as it was home to a large croc.
  10. Not sure I would trust a Thai electrician and plumber to instal one!
  11. I wish you good luck and good health in your retirement, I have never regretted mine. I worked my way into a job that I knew would be redundant in 2 years, took a package and left at 51 with 37 years service. Did 2X2 month trips to Thailand at first then 3X3. In 2009 I took out a lease on a Pattaya room for 7k baht a month. Still have it today at the same rent. I have had a Filipina GF since 2012 and we spend, normally, 5 months a year there 2x2 AND 1 30 day. It is great to lock up and leave, cuts down on luggage
  12. Do u have a link please? The one I have seen advertised is definitely age related and upto 75
  13. Love this thread, thanks everyone 😁👍
  14. For me, and for many other guys, its the requirement for CV19 cover that will stop my return. Any type of travel insurance is almost impossible for 75+ Until they relax this requirement, older travellers will be barred from returning. For years now the Thai insurance industry has been pushing for compulsory travel insurance and it looks like they have a foot in the door!
  15. It seemed very stable and easy to control despite the amazing speed
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