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  1. Meanwhile in the categorie "genius ideas", a Belgian Scientist (Frederique Jacobs) fearing a massive Covid 19 increase during the Christmas gathering and family meetings suggest we should delay Xmas to the summer 2021 as the weather is warmer and risk of contagion will be less....... Where will this debility stop ?
  2. Mmmm, you seem to be a bit of a scientific expert ? Would your other board name be Pete ? You know, another expert from Australia ?
  3. Seems it is the spaghetti bolognaise week .... Well, technically Napolitana ....
  4. Relax, Dont wind yourself up for nothing.... - you know I have more experience in Thailand than most on here. With a real job, managing Thai staff, kids in school, etc .... - i am not slagging off Ghai. You'll find posts by me on Indo and China. Just stating facts - I am not getting wound up, just can't understand the thinking of some. And dont start me on those who cry on the past "GFE" ....hell, paying a pro for her to pretend to be a "girlfriend" ... - I am not drunk, not grumpy - Take of your shiny armor, and remember "answer the subject of the post, not the
  5. Me stressed ? Hahahahahaha .....shows you have no clue about me.
  6. Meanwhile, the massacre game continues..... https://www.teletrader.com/amp/news/details/53603905 Rolls-Royce plunges 65% as it prepares closures [28/10/2020] 17:01:00 Shares of Rolls-Royce Holdings plc tumbled more than 65% on Tuesday after news that the company is preparing to temporarily close its factories, cut benefits and reduce working hours due to the ongoing crisis. According to a report previously published by the Financial Times, the staff of the British firm was informed of new measures based "around pay and benefits and potential operational shutdowns," pro
  7. Definitively. And : - will have the value of their school / UNI diplomas devaluated . - will likely have to take on low paying jobs for which they are (theoretically) overqualified
  8. Fully agreed. And that is one of the things that irritates me, you can't believe anybody in this story. I have read that PCR can give up to 30 / 40% false positives. But you can't find any official data or stats on this, although sure since 6 months there is enough data to do a serious analysis.
  9. About the tests... Here the "default" test for inter island travel is the so called "rapid test", the one done by picking some blood from your finger. If that one is positive you will be rejected to travel, and you should do a PCR test to confirm (or not) the Rapid test. Now have a look at the results between the 2 tests : So from 627 positive rapid test, only 98 were confirmed by the PCR test ? https://thebalisun.com/91-bali-inmates-including-7-foreigners-have-covid-19/ "91 inmates including 7 foreigners have COVID-19 after a second PCR swab test confirmed ear
  10. Bloody expats .....😁😁😁😁😱😱😱 https://thebalisun.com/bali-expats-not-following-mask-protocols-and-running-from-police-in-canggu/ To be honest, they're bloody idiots. At least have it ready and pull it up if you arrive at a police checkpoint ! Smile, Good Morning, go through, 20 m farther pull it off again. And the ones doing a runner should be thrown in jail for a W.E. . Not about the mask, but because their stupidity will one make that police will specifically target expats. It's not like there are checkpoints everywhere.... One every week or less, just chill out and take it eas
  11. My daugther's vegan doughnuts creation. This was her stand at an event in a BKK mall last WE. LINE_MOVIE_1602949585448.mp4
  12. Sad, but typical piece of dramatization "journalism" .... Insisting heavily on all the emotional parts instead of sticking to simple, objective reporting. But of course, this kind of stuffs sells better.
  13. What a marvelous country ... While every country is piling up 1000's of new cases daily, Amazing Thailand had only 3 new cases Tuesday. And guess what ? All 3 foreigners "caught" at the airport. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2009099/3-new-covid-cases-tuesday-quarantined-foreigners Great job ! Now what about testing the complete airport staff, everybody, including security, immigration, sales staff .... Just to make sure they are all clean ? Bloody joke it is, but hey face, face, face ....
  14. I love those "projections".... You ever worked with that in your professionnal life ? I did .... In this case it's B.S. Remember The Lancet "projecting" 500k death for the UK ? Or US government projecting "this will all soon be over" . Or "we have only 4 cases" ...
  15. Do you ever read some REAL newspapers ? https://deathmeters.info/ https://www.businessinsider.com/covid-19-compared-to-other-common-us-causes-of-death-2020-5?r=US&IR=T The Business Insider one is Feb to May, I hope that you can do a bit of basic math and develop over a one year period. That should keep you busy a bit .....
  16. Luxembourg government Covid website. Interesting numbers. If you like numbers of course .... https://gouvernement.lu/en/actualites/toutes_actualites/communiques/2020/10-octobre/21-covid19-retrospective.html PS : It's in English ....
  17. f**k me, I hope I'll get at that stage of ridicule.....🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 Yeah, yeah, I know.....living the dream in paradise 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  18. Yes but : - where to find the official numbers (daily / weekly ..) of global deaths for Thailand, so as to be able to compare to previous years ? Because TOTAL deaths is the only reliable number. - in the rural areas, I think some deaths may be Covid related but simply not reported as such Same as here. Old people die in the villages, they are burried and finish. - in the cities, if the hospitals were overflowing with cases in reanimation we probably would hear about it on social media, so it must not be the case I guess ?
  19. Well, yep, seems you're right ! I learned something today. But I wont tell the Miss....😌😌😌😌 https://gwinnettorthodontist.com/getting-braces-after-50/ https://www.youareunltd.com/2020/04/30/what-you-need-to-know-about-orthodontics-after-age-45/?amp
  20. Nope. I say their claims of "we have it under control, we have very low number of cases" is pure B.S. If they dont do massive testing, they have no clue how many cases are walking around. See what I posted this morning about Indo's "Green regions" ...same B.S. Concerning "bad flu", well for around 95% of positive cases nothing happens. Already explained 20 times here.
  21. Can any "misalignment" still be cured at 40+ ? I dont think so . Now if it is for the "fashionable" thing, it is another subject. Try for the tongue piercing, much more enjoyable for you ...😁😁😁😁
  22. Found on a Youtube comment : I asked my doctor when this Covid pandemic would be over. He answered "How would I know, I am not a politician !" Excellent 😁😁😁😁😁
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