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  1. Sounds like he may have booked through an agency..I just cancelled my flight 18th march to nepal with emirates,was going hiking to everest base camp,gokyo lakes,few 5000 m peaks ect ect,24 days wasgonna be staying in various lodges ,feckin sick,months of planning and training for this,nepal gov cancelled all visas and all expeditions to climb everest this year.Im getting the full refund £660 may take up to 15 days off course,thinks its the same with most airlines if you have booked in a certain time period.Come back from 25 days in thailand yesterday,flight to dubai was chocka,tho they did change my flight from 1am to 2am. Not many people wearing face masks on both flight,thought it was funny, one guy s face was full of dread few rows in front of me as he had 2 old chinese ladys sitting in his row,with face masks on. Restricted from going to work[offshore] tho for 14 days,so bloody stuck in uk,cant even go back to thailand cos that would put me back another 14 days once back to uk,hey ho off to scotlands mountains ill go.
  2. 22:17 GMT - Arsenal say manager Mikel Arteta has tested positive for coronavirus. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/51865442
  3. Songkran not cancelled is the latest to get comments building up on a post on TV fb page.
  4. Waiting in the coffee shop for the 255 train to prachuep khiri khan from hua hin,45 minutes late as usual,the green tea is good and for 19 bht 1 way cant complain to much.
  5. The uk Government has announced measures that all workplaces with 10 employees or more are to have paid mandatory leave to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus starting from March 6, 2020.Offices will resume after 2 weeks of the mandatory closure.Read the full article here:https://external-preview.redd.it/vxPXEGgL4v8mCGw06IFGsmJNtqWQg-z60xQQ79dHKPY.jpg?auto=webp&s=db7685262e9b352a4888e547f52a244e2ea2cb9f
  6. Same here,cannot return to work in the offshore sector uk,time will tell i suppose how far they take this.
  7. I hope this is not the price list at various hospitals or clinics to get checked for the virus !
  8. Might have been different if your name was muhamed and from dubai i guess.
  9. Dont like her look now,far to skinny,probably makes her fanny flaps look like donkeys ears,seen TV in the venue aberdeen,my mate was all chuffed cos she wrote her name on his arm with a marker pen.Cute as hell back then tho,Just watched that inxs doc last night,feck kylie without her make up !
  10. Even the oil companies have really jumped the gun...email from logistics yesterday.... Hello *()* Please be advised that you are not authorised to travel offshore due to living in an area which is affected by the Coronavirus, you will remain at home downmanned for the full duration of your next trip 09/03 – 16/03. Many thanks Lisa Now this has all came about because a group of guys from tern alpha rig went on holiday to thailand,they all returned back to work apart from one guy,he felt sick[leaving thailand no doubt] and went to his doctor who signed him off, he told his workmates on the rig for a wind up he had the corona virus,which then set them in a panic going to the rig medic,which resulted in them being isolated then flown off the rig,once they got back to hospital they were all cleared.It made national news lol !! I know this as i worked on the tern 5 years and my mate who also lives in thailand and still works there has been restricted from going back offshore,same as me,what a pity these oil companies dont know the truth. Got to add was great breezing through immigration the other day minus the locusts tho still had some,notice the difference in hua hin already :)
  11. i give my ting tong a teaspoons worth of powder from the 10bht sachets and have her hand wash in the basin. 😁
  12. Stayed in petals inn last week 1 night,would stay again,,900 bht on soi 4 next door to heaven bar,it was decent enough as never got to the room till about 8pm,,back about 2am,away at 11am,,,,prefer majestic suites but wasnt available.
  13. I was handing out free anti smelly backpacker deodarants in hua hin train station a few days ago,honestly some of the backpackin fuckers around there,the stench is unbearable,funny watching the thais moving away from them.
  14. I recorded this song[ok i ripped of pink floyd young lust] a few years ago,just added a video for it,thought yee mongers might like it,abigail she s actually a nun by day.
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