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  1. Stay strong mate,hope both you and wife kick its ass back to china !
  2. Ive been reading lately and viewing a video of some folks receiving their test kits,swabbin puddles,dogs,fresh air not doing any swab at all and just stickin the test swab back in tube,results have been coming back positive,dont know about agendas but somethings certainly wrong with test kits and some in gov facilitys have accepted this.
  3. Turning back 2 weeks earlier cos of bad weather i finally made it up Am Bastier pheww,another cracking day on the cuillin ridge in the isle of skye.And to think on my fb page a memory came up from a year ago when i climbed the small mountain in ao manao prachuep khiri khan,thats how it started in thailand lol. A short movie was made.
  4. Great colours love this time of year in uk ,been out with drone taking some coloured autumn shots.
  5. Embaressed to say ive just discovered it ! only 3-4 hour drive from my house aswell,suppose the past 15 years ive spent in thailand its gone like whoooosh,now discovering my own country[thanks covid!] ! yeah skye is some place scenic views every corner you turn,lovin it,just a pity no girlie or gogo bars tho ! but tinight im on a promise and she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose hahaha
  6. Neist point isle of skye drone shot,if the weather stops me from going up the mountains i just go visit some touristy spots,tho not so many tourists now as its baltic.
  7. Here we go,the bat eating soup,eat shit bubbles of a baboons ass are coming back first ! Thai media The Bangkok Insight has revealed the first flights that will be allowed into Thailand now that the government has approved plans for the STV or special Tourist Visa. The first flights will be from Guangzhou in China on October 8th and 25th. The first will be a specially chartered Air Asia flight to Phuket carrying 150 tourists. Then on October 25th 126 people will be allowed on a Thai Smile flight to Suv
  8. Been a long time,since up that way,was up twice,golden triangle area is worth a look,hire a bike,theres an opium museum on the way,its massive and so is the lovely gardens it sits in,ye could travel up to mai sai for a side trip,small market town on the border,crossed before into mynamar but wouldnt advise now might not get back in ! chang rai itself is ok small cluster of bars near end of market,maybe closed now,i was with my gf at the time so might be boring if you dont take a girl with you. They have a place beside the market outdoor venue to watch thai bands,similar to pai mai
  9. Pretty impressive,ive been watchin some youtube stuff in the mountains, guys with the same gear,invisible sticks 360 cameras,gotta admit the footage looks great,why not,good on him mr barrow that is,not to long ago he thought they were gonna kick him out.
  10. Not going to happen in october with quarantine restrictions still in place,these companys are scum who will take the cash but not fulfill their part.
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