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  1. id better add cha am to the heading ....first pics are from black mountain water park,across the road is the golf course,apparently 4th best in asia,havent a clue,but probably talking shite,they are building some nice new big houses,i drove through some of them would house a boat load of immigrants ! Its good to have the drone back after a week in getting fixed.. crashed into a tree at pranburi forest park,the sensors dont pick up thin branches,well now i know.
  2. Aqualung after the band ? The mountain,500 steps take you a bit of the way up ,from then its a rocky steep path with ropes, about 200-300 ft from the top ye got to climb the sharp lava like rocks by fixed ropes,its worse coming down,you buy gloves at the bottom to stop rope burn where they pitch makeshift canopys and ye sign your name/disclaimer for climbing,apparently a fitness test too but i never got one,if i go again ill take my own gloves still burnt my hands a bit coming down,its only open on thai holidays for climbing by the way,the views are stunning ,thai army guys are posted at every hard climb section in case some get stuck , its worth it,its not easy tho,good to see ye in here too hawkey. I just read this the other day mate,interesting... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Prachuap_Khiri_Khan
  3. Phantom51red

    Do you have a favourite Thai dish..?

    yam pla dook foo ! love it at the moment,,tom yung seafood,pad krapow i eat almost every ther day,,jok moo breakfast about 3 times a week,,gang som soup, pork with garlic,,grilled fish with veg,,green curry with chicken
  4. Thanks yessongs ditto :)
  5. You need to register your drone if over 2kg and has a camera on it,it can take up to 7 months processing time[according to the guy in dji shop bkk] to be verified from 3 agencys as well as CAAT,you can do it online,the platform interface has a few problems... so i hear,other rules are stay under 300ft and 30 mt away from people/buidlings ect,but if you look online at drone videos in thailand,well it speaks for itself,cheers.
  6. lol ! about 10ft drop onto ledge behind,then about 800ft into the water 😁,keeping balance on the jagged rocks was more a concern,some views though,hope all is good mucker.
  7. Phantom51red

    What are you drinking?

  8. ao manao,next bay to prachuap khiri khan....
  9. Phantom51red

    What are you doing right now..?

    Im actually taking a brad pit,always take the laptop in to read while i do,saves me from doing things on it later,use brad pit time to delete crap update crap ect ect.
  10. Phantom51red

    Luxury on the rails

    Caught the train today,hua hin to pranburi ,10 bht for the 2 of us 😁,,only came back from prachuap khiri khan yesterday 19 bht each lol,,comfortable enough for 1-2 hours but woudnt fancy longer than that,never go hungry or thirsty as the food and drink sellers get on and off at all the stations.
  11. Phantom51red

    Introduce yourself to the forum

    Good morning and hello from prachuap khiri khan.