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  1. its shocking,looks like more threads have vanished aswell.
  2. I thought the ice cream sandwich[ with bread not waffle] was stranger than the bugs ! but it works.
  3. Had this problem just after the last king died,old passport almost full from in n out every other month[3+3 rota offshore] for years on exempt,,i was dressed in black explained i want to pay my respects to the king,[which my and the girl at the time did in bkk],she let me in told me next time get proper visa,when i got back to uk i went to glasgow got multiple entry visa then a new passport after that,now im back on exempt visa same 3 n 3 rota i do get some looks and some take longer to process me through while having a good scan at passport,,so far ok,probably wont be long tho till told again to get ME. Im thinking if i do get refused id fly back to dubai and hopefully fly to vietnam or cambo from there if possible,and say bye bye los for a few months or longer.
  4. If they play bobo m a lot i wont be dissapointed,love his music.
  5. sangsom n chang and ready for my first night in pattaya in about 18 months !! gotta show a couple o work mates around have i,,,ayeeeeeeeee !!
  6. Some pics from another few days in prachuap khiri khan/ao manao.
  7. On chrome and was having some probs on some websites,i just deleted chrome and downloaded a newer version,for some reason the old version of chrome was using up 25gb of space ! wouldnt have known if i didnt scan with cleanmymac,anyhows that might be the prob if you use chrome code.
  8. 99% it is id say,looking over to tory top right corner.
  9. Just back from a swim in the sea was flat calm, and walk with dog,took some pics of sunrise,bit too much cloud,[not my dog but hes always there early sunrise] 5 minutes down from where im staying in hua hin,10 min walk north of the hilton central area and pier,coffee time catch up social media time/news/ usual stuff before heading to gym soon,its bloody hot today,40s defo hotter than yesterday supposed to be and that was scorching !!. IMG_6292.CR2 IMG_6298.CR2 IMG_6305.CR2
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