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  1. Phantom51red

    Some pics from the holidays....

    Happy new year ys,glad to hear you enjoyed ao manao and hua hin 🍻
  2. Phantom51red

    tropical cyclone

    Think some of the beach vendors in front of the hilton in hua hin were being over cautious yesterday,they had the army in moving all chairs ect ect up to the chinese temple,bet they regret that today as nothing so far,and by the looks of things a normal day in the uk with some rain and wind later.
  3. Phantom51red

    tropical cyclone

    One of the guys on the drone fb page posted a picture from ko samui tonight...fierysome looking skies !!
  4. Phantom51red

    tropical cyclone

    Almost touch down,good site this....https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=102.26,6.52,966
  5. Phantom51red

    what is your favourite place in thailand,and why.?

    yip very close,one thing i liked to do in ao nang was get in the canoe for a couple o hours go around by the limestone tall rocks... beside the beach where they have the massage shops,was great until the rains came,then i couldnt even see the bloody beach so just had to wait it out till cleared lol
  6. Phantom51red

    tropical cyclone

    feckin cool that is !
  7. lol dont worry they do lots of thai dishes... even some western dishes.
  8. Phantom51red

    what is your favourite place in thailand,and why.?

    Very similar view i had in my hotel too !
  9. ao manao/ wing 5/prachuap khiri khan defo,,,about 1,30 min hour or so from hua hin,stay in a seaview room on the promenade,id recommend hadthong hotel 1200 bht a night, has parking underneath and great location central can walk to all the seafood restaurants,stunning sunrises mate.
  10. How long did you have to wait ? are you insured if so who with ? cheers.
  11. Phantom51red

    tropical cyclone

    Looks like it might be rough seas and a bit of rain coming....
  12. Cheers mucker,hope ye had a good one yersel,ive been filming quite a lot recently ,ordered some filters for the drone from banggood,,sunglasses really so better for use in the sun,,fuckin 2 weeks ago ordered them,,7-9 days should take !! ill give it 2 more days then ill be on to the company as i paid 50 bht insurance hmmm,postie probably seen the falalng name on the parcel and had it. ps arrived today :)
  13. Ye should defo get out of hua hin,would recommend pak nam pran,ao manao,ban krud, for peace and relaxing,great cheap seafood,cheap hotels,and if ye go by train well we paid 10 bht to pak nam pran for 2 of us lol,then cham am but not on weekends :)