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  1. Baldylocks

    Do you have any pets..?

    Good grief. Have a word with yourself
  2. Baldylocks

    What are you doing right now..?

    Waiting for a taxi, taking us to an elephant sanctuary, sam phan floating markey, plearn wan village, all around hauhin.
  3. Baldylocks

    Ever Broken A Bone?

    Toes only
  4. Baldylocks

    The Board Name Decoding Thread

    I told the board you were on your way after meeting youlast time, im in HauHin now, back to pattaya in January. No doubt will see you next year on one of our clashes in pattaya
  5. Baldylocks

    Do you have any pets..?

    My avatar, my buddy, keeps me fitter since retirement, done so much damage to my artificial lawns, cost me 1k in repairs, but i wouldnt part with him, he is so excited to see me when i come in, my mrs say when i go out alone he sits looking out the window till i come home, you cantbuy love like that
  6. Baldylocks


    I didnt buy, but i went through an aplication which my bank blocked,
  7. Baldylocks

    Scouser Lee is facing hard time.

    Made me laugh did that, "shouldnt be let out in their own gardens" love it
  8. Baldylocks

    2 weeks and not one cigarette..

    100%. if I am in the company of a smoker, you know when they come back inside after having one, they really do stink, Im glad no one smells that stink on me anymore.
  9. Baldylocks

    2 weeks and not one cigarette..

    I would say its been about 7 years, I did restart which lasted about a year, then stopped again, I would lay in best listening to myself wheezing, I knew it was time to stop, the craving passes, even though I will always want one at times, I just wont do it.
  10. Baldylocks

    2 weeks and not one cigarette..

    Stick with it Phil, more power to you buddy, you are going to need that saved money before long on your baby.
  11. Baldylocks

    2 weeks and not one cigarette..

    Thats brilliant mate, keep it up mate, you know it makes sense, i,m an ex smoker that could go back anytime, i do still miss smoking after food and when im drinking, but it passes. At least my chest dont wheeze in the morning now, worth it for that alone.
  12. Baldylocks

    I like them chubby

    Right up my street, all day long I would
  13. Baldylocks

    Nose and ear waxing...!

    I flick a lighter flame on my ears every week, and pluck me nose.
  14. Baldylocks

    What's your favourite takeaway

    I believe the long standing LB has gone, in September gone, and im sure i read somewhere as well
  15. Baldylocks

    What's your favourite takeaway

    I am still to try that spaghetti place