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  1. Baldylocks

    new to the forum

    Wttb @stuartf
  2. Baldylocks

    What are you doing right now..?

    Just back from central festival, been and had a big arse wart lazered off my back 3800 baht, yesterday temporary crown fitted, new crown tomorrow 7pm dental Hollywood soi lengkee, I have had injections everyday i have been here so far. 6000 baht crown, not sure what id pay in the uk
  3. Baldylocks

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Looks like they kept thst bacon and sausage under those heat lamps, hope it tasted good kerry
  4. Baldylocks

    Wheels Up.........how many days till ?

    Im always ready for home after a couple of weeks the same, i know what you mean, hope its been a good visit for you
  5. Baldylocks

    Wheels Up.........how many days till ?

    Fly at about 8.30 in the morning, National Express bus from Milton Keynes 3.30 ballache flights, but very cheap, for me to have an extra few days holiday, even catching the Bell bus to Pattaya this time, something I have not done for many years, cheap room Retox hotel, cheap charlie holiday. Then I go again in April with EVA so not all cheapys
  6. Baldylocks

    Wheels Up.........how many days till ?

    That worked for me recently, gave me exit seat no charge on early check in. asking nice and politely goes a very long way I think, done it many times with EVA, fingers crossed Dave.
  7. Baldylocks

    do you cook thai food at home

    Never not No, dont like it
  8. Baldylocks

    What are you doing right now..?

    That looks right up my street does that, 2 slices bread and butter, cracking
  9. Baldylocks

    Chayapoon update

    Ì have never failed to have good time in BC, girls are not so greedy gor lady dtinks, seem to stay at your pace, if you drop in to "Do Drop In" bar soi Diana they run a bus 400 baht leaves at 2 back at 9, just right, every Thursday.
  10. Baldylocks

    Chayapoon update

    Most places are around 150 baht. £3.50 ish down in Ban Chang 100 Baht
  11. Baldylocks

    Chayapoon update

    Yep, and even for a fugly 500 BF.
  12. Baldylocks

    Where was I? 12/01/19 (Solved)

    Lone Star Soi Lengkee
  13. Welcome to our board @TheFiend
  14. Baldylocks

    At What Age Are You Past Your Prime

    Just what i did on my second year retirement finished at 62, had enough on the water board, on call every 5 weeks called oit at all hoirs, enough was enough, now if i work its up to me, day here day there, very happy now, even better when the state pension kicks in 2 years time.