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  1. Hang on for November and i will join you
  2. Sorry to read that G ,i hope it went well mate, fingers crossed its not serious.
  3. Or perhaps a brand new YouTube Vlogger.
  4. And I'm off to Cofu, but I doubt I will have as much fun as I did in June and January in Pattaya But have to agree the rate is taking the fun out of it.
  5. I'm booked for November, just bought my baht from the currency club, 39.30, i will take that chance, like you say its not going to putme off of going, i now use bell bus at 280 baht against a taxi at 1300 baht, there are little cost savings to be made, and flights are the same as i paid 10 years ago.
  6. Got a gas bbq just outside the back door, thought i might as well fire it up, all for tbe freezee
  7. Yes very nice - I took my wife there in November - and a nice look around the night market.
  8. I am jiggered to know what purpose there is to have a power socket in a ceiling, taken in the Hideaway guest house.
  9. Just shop bought jacket cheese potato and chicken breast with bbq sauce, and i stuck a whole tomato in the oven at the same time
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