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  1. Happy Birthday mate, hope to see you in October
  2. apologies mine sent by Paypal toTommy.
  3. You will do him proud Andy, i will be away in Greece on the 11th, so will raise a glass to Phil while im there, i expect there will be number restrictions in place because of covid anyway, best wishes and strength to Puang.
  4. So very sad, RIP Phil, you will be missed, im glad to of met you. Thoughts are with Puang and baby Thomas
  5. Yes that's him, from Canada I think he had Korean blood
  6. I think that was the do drop in on soi diana, Canadian chap, do drop in. soi baukkao Do Call In, used to be paddy's bar, Aussie bloke, think he got carted off for opening on lock down right in the beginning
  7. Happy birthday Phil
  8. Oh Phil i am sorry you are still going through all this, please stay strong for youself and your family, best wishes my friend i wish you well.
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