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  1. No I dont ffs, but what I did was answer the post before I scrolled down to John Luke ffs, some of us dont read everything then go back and answer
  2. Do drop in bar on soi dianna were doing weekly trips 400 baht, also the hunny pot soi honey, and at one time retox soi honey also ran them, not sure if any were stopped because of unsubscribing, I went on the hunny pot one.
  3. The only thing I will add is, they are no longer in the lower floor of central, they have moved upstairs but I forget what floor number
  4. Thats cheap, i have 2 mates stay there regularly.
  5. Oh Phil, thats a nightmare mate, you have to stay positive bud, thoughts are with you, and best wishes
  6. I could easily light up again, but don't, as you just said, you want one and then a few minutes and it passes, you then think back a wanted a fag 1/2hour ago now I dont.
  7. Good luck Phil, I hope it goes well mate
  8. I found giving up the vaping harder than giving up the cigs, I think it was because I seemed to vape constantly, fags I was on 20 a day, I still miss both if I'm honest, but the craving soon passes.
  9. How the other half live, i take a cold sausage sandwich on my flights
  10. Good to hear, i decided to stick a week in September, even though im booked November, its only money
  11. Really enjoyed "Wild Rose"
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