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  1. And kev was on the plane for a stopover in the uk, then to sell a property and land in spain, he is comfortable, i think he can and should pay for it, with out the sympathy hand held out, that said i wish him well, horrible place to find yourself in. Best wishes to him
  2. I am the same, he was on the same row as me on the plane last year, he is so loud and his language is grating
  3. To save 99b not for me im afraid, you would still findme in Nickys or Robin Hood.
  4. Its a bit blowy thats for sure, but full central heating, its a god send
  5. Just at my caravan in skegness, first visit this year.
  6. Always great pictures from you Gazza, you always seem to go somewhere on your days off.
  7. My old mums 89, since my dad died 7 years ago she relies on me all the time, I dont mind, but sometimes it really makes me want to shout out loud, I just cant seem to do anything right for her, she lives 10 miles from me, but I go everyday, soon as I walk back in my door at home, the phone is going with something else, yesterday I had to take her dog to be put to sleep, poor old thing was 18 years old, her time had come, so that is all my fault, I never did like her, or according to her I didnt, so now a few more weeks of sulking and, driving me down further, I know its my mum but I aint a young man either, so today I will go again, and she will start with, why am I still here I just want to die, I will tell her thats not nice for me to hear mum, WHAT CAN YOU DO. So I know exactly where you are coming from I really do.
  8. You see Phil there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I am made up for you bud I really am, and Happy Birthday for today my friend, all the best for that bright future
  9. If only it was that easy, my old mum 89 years with no quality of life, would welcome this option, and I understand her, horrible existence, just wants to go be with my dad who died 7 years ago
  10. I dont follow anyone n particular, however i do like Geoff Carter stuff, I am sorry to hear that Kev in Thailand is poorly, I just can not stand his videos one iota, seen him a few times walking around town, but just not my cup of tea, a reason for me not to go to the Hideaway on a Wednesday night,
  11. I stopped going to the cave bar because how loud it was
  12. Never heard of Anglesey eggs before, i thought they were cottage pies
  13. Terrific set of pictures @alfazulu thanks
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