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  1. He was on a lot of medication back in those days. He's lucky to be alive IMO.
  2. Glasseye


    I think KFC has some of the best coleslaw out there actually. The mashed potato's are nasty.
  3. Glasseye


    Most coleslaw is average. But sometimes you find a good one and you'll always go back for more. Same with potato salad. Mom made the best of both. Sadly she's still not around.
  4. Nice job, great pics. Would like to visit there one day. Certainly is on my list of Nam places to visit. Hell of a battle took place there back in the day.
  5. Hebrew hot dogs with some black eye peas. Watching MLB.
  6. Catching those catfish with Stew was a great time. But be prepared to work, those s.o.b's are hungry, big and fight like the devil. They hit often, so as soon as you sit down they'll be back on the hook. Next time I'd like to try something a little more low key. Brought my little speaker with me so we were cranking some tunes, a few beers and some damn good food. Very good day.
  7. Every once in a while an unpleasant memory will reappear. That is of a girl(s) I shagged that was so ugly I would gag looking at when I was sober. Usually what I'd end up with was my right hand. But now and then I'd score a decent bird or even a real hottie. Every blue moon, back in the day, when I was very busy and didn't have as much time to invest in the better lookers I'd end up nailing what ever was in front of me. There was a time or two when looking back I'd think "Dear Jesus, how the f**k did I end up in the sack with her ?". Woke up with a dog after a long day/night of drinking (luckily it was at her place). I was curled up in a fetal position off on the corner of her bed. I rolled over and it hit me. I jumped up suddenly because I rolled into a wet bed covered in her piss. Oh shit, I quickly got my clothes on and ran the f**k out of there. I still think back to that time - WTF was I thinking ?
  8. Looks a bit more relaxing than hauling in 50 lb. catfish.
  9. Had some lovely sautéed garlic chicken livers in the Lebanese place in Central Festival last trip. Along with some hummus and bread. Makes for a lovely little meal, while looking out to the beach. Very tasty.
  10. Just telling you my style. They are good and less messy. Try one sometime you might like it. No, I don't use ketchup. Being an American has nothing to do with it.
  11. One of the rescue divers of the Thai boys was recently rescued in Tennessee. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/04/18/diver-who-helped-rescue-thai-soccer-team-was-just-saved-an-underwater-cave-tennessee/?utm_term=.bf4fb151f5c0
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