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  1. Understand and agree. The ass reaming we take is horrendous and will continue to get worse. It's not just the percentages they suck out of us, it's the cnut fcuking back stabbing arrogance and attitude they have. It's insanely inefficent and ridiculous. It makes people's blood boil more than just about anything. It gets so many people fired up that they vote for an orange turd.
  2. Another good one. 😁
  3. A really really good song.....
  4. If you locked in(which I think you did) before 65 then you should be reasonably covered as policy holders are somewhat protected by law. But, for the most part I think the vast majority of folks (especially those who live into their 90's) the system will suck up most of their assets.
  5. Those treadmills must take a beating. I bet they assign someone to regularly maintain and repair those babies. If they break down there aren't really many options for cardio I would reckon.
  6. Is that the old band they reformed with just one of their guys ?
  7. Doesn't surprise me at all in any rural area. I am in a kind of "suburban" style environment with a splattering of farangs. I keep a low profile when at home. But stick out like a sore thumb when I do my rides to the market and gym. They probably think I'm crazy or a little eccentric (which I reckon I am), but I get a lot of smiles and head nods. I really have no control over what they may say (or not) about me. I think many of them recognize I am a long stayer, and that I fit in well. There were a couple of farang blobs at the market yesterday (maybe mid 30's, Euro grung types). Bouncing around like pinballs. One of them accidently walked into me. I ignored him, but he stank like shit. Every once in a while I will read some idiot driver (Thai or Farang) the riot act, so I am sure that catches some attention. I seem to always be able to get along with the people I need to. Now that you mention it... I remember before I relocated here from North Carolina there was some kind of on-line "neighborhood news facebook type bullshit" going around. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with that crappola. Fcuk that with a huge rod.
  8. My Dad used to pound down a couple strong Manhattans after work. Then he would make a quick tour of the house and if anything was out of order he'd make sure we knew about it. Mom would usually be in the kitchen getting dinner ready and pretty much ignoring him. I always remember her having one Vodka/Soda and smoke one Newport cigarette. Dad would have one or two cigs. He seemed to always be changing brands. Now looking back he was probably getting the cheapest he could find. Vermouth.... probably why we are so fcuked up.
  9. The chinless guy with the pointy head is what makes it so funny.
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