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  1. Great pics. Looks interesting. I've always found Japan interesting. I need to spend some time there one of these trips. Do they have any good war museums in Japan, Tokyo ? Or are those banned ?
  2. Interesting. And it's right near where I'll be staying on Soi 8. Thanks man !
  3. Cool. Been a long time since I've seen a good live performance. When it does happen can be a real jolt to the feel good vibe. I'm due. I hope to pick up a couple gigs during my upcoming visit.
  4. If you just landed in BKK what would be the three things (places) you'd eat (other than pussy or ass) ?
  5. First meal I'll have when I get to Pattaya will be the Pad Thai. Room service at the Whitehouse. Can't wait !
  6. I agree. That is my greatest challenge.
  7. Nov. I'll be there for the party.
  8. I hope you do JC. Last trip wasn't the greatest for me. I think it was a couple things, as much psychological as physical as I did get sick a lot. It was also my first longer trip (2.5 + months). I hope to stay healthier this trip, and make it a bit shorter. Unless somehow you find something much better (hard to do IMO) you'll be back. It's tough to go somewhere new and make new friends. That has become my biggest draw now.
  9. I really enjoy it. Excitement interest isn't as strong. But almost every time I think about going somewhere else I go back to Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin. I suppose it's the friends I've made/making and knowing my way around as much as anything.
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