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  1. Thanks I will give them a jingle. this is helpful
  2. Good question. I don't know the answer. But.... here are a couple things I speculate --- The brand of vaccine that may be offered might be limited. So, some regions may only get one kind. In the beginning you may either have to be acceptable to that one, or travel (pay) for a different brand somewhere else. Many vaccines require boosters. Some short term, like you need to get 2 initial jabs a couple weeks apart. And then some that you need to get a booster years later. Tetanus is another one that people need to get boosters on. I am sure we will hear much more about
  3. 4 egg omelette I just whipped up. ---Garlic, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, cheese Lovely
  4. Has anyone taken the bus from Swampy to Patts lately ? ---- I have taken Bell bus, but it appears the schedule departs from the airport every 2 hours. Unfortunately my flight arrives just after the bus leaves. I just wanted to check if anyone has used it lately and had any issues with it... Bus from Ekami to Patts - Many times in the past I have taken this after connecting off the BTS, good and cheap alternative. I was wondering if anyone has taken this lately. If the departure schedule is the same - they used to depart every 30 minutes.
  5. Have you ever worked more than a 2 day stretch ?
  6. yep.... feels like you've been run over by a truck..... and you have to lay there on the pavement for a week. Probably has killed off more people than all the wars in history combined.
  7. Yep...I've had them all. Hep vaccinations are big ones. Any one who even thinks about fucking strange should get one. I got them for the job, but a little side benefit for me over here. yuk yuk I've never had a bad reaction to a vaccination other than maybe a sore arm once or twice. I personally think any anti-vaccination person has a few screws loose.
  8. Yep... got the shingles shot a couple years back. I don't even recall there being an age condition when I got it. Something that's probably come out since back then. Maybe demand was higher than they initially expected. I don't know. I jumped on that as soon as I heard it was approved. Last fucking thing I want is shingles. Nasty nasty stuff. Smart move Yes, indeed.
  9. Good points Code, but like anything else in moderation. Many of these kinds are addicted beyond belief. I suppose though if someone has addictive tendencies they could be attracted to anything. Better a game than a needle I reckon. Part of the trouble is gaming is very visual. Many grow up and then later become addicted to the gambling games - either on line or in the casinos and truck stops. IMO gambling is the worst form of addiction there is and the most long term. Also has the greatest difficulty to beat, and long run can take everything from an individual, and their
  10. Can't tell from one day to the next what they may do. Just sit back and be happy.
  11. 55555 probably the same guy who blew his balls off when he put his pistol between his legs. Driving down a bumpy dirt road one night when he was out frog hunting.
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