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  1. I have come back up a bit. My point was not so much that I may not be able to access a bus for travel, but the singling out of us. But things are sorting themselves out and I appreciate the other comments and perspectives presented here (well 95% of them anyway). Cheers It appears Chiang Mai is open now. A flight up there and a good long stay seems forthcoming. And then hopefully work my way down toward Buriram to see some friends on a long overdue visit. It's going to be nice to put my traveling shoes on once again.
  2. Maybe we can meet for a beer before I depart and you can tell me all about it,
  3. After 20 years of planning to relocate here and live at least 50% of the year I learn foreigners won't even be allowed on a bus. My affection for this country has diminished to about zero. Very difficult to believe and accept that this may be my last time here. I feel like I got dumped at the alter. Good luck Thailand, it's been nice knowing you. https://www.bangkokpost.com/opinion/opinion/1934032/thais-only-policy-is-racism-pure-and-simple
  4. yeah…. I don't like them either. But I really hate rats. So... a big snake means more dead rats.
  5. Nice fart food - brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and onions. You'll be smelling like sweet nectar tomorrow.
  6. I agree Jambo…. I just don't see how its possible. How are any of them going to make it. Honestly... You walk around here in and many sois just don't look like ghost towns, they look like bombed out war zones. Seriously.
  7. Glasseye


  8. Thanks man. Havent had a good rib pig out since the last time I was in Bangkok.
  9. hmmmm, that sounds interesting. I may have to take a gander up there and check this guy out. Is he there most every day ?
  10. Not drinking at all. Just don't have the desire Mentally up and down like a fucking yo yo. Social "isolation" doesn't affect me much as I am used to not interacting in person much anymore and have enough contact with others where I still feel like I can carry on a reasonable conversation, lol. Most of those I care to interact with I am able to do on line, which is fine with me. I never feel "lonely". The thing that fucks with my moods/outlook (post Corona) is the uncertainties imposed on me by others. Leaving me with having less confidence and control on where I may be living in the future and how I will be getting there. Physically holding my own, not putting on weight but not in the condition I care to be. Hard to even get motivated for a walk when you think someone will shake you down because you forgot to cover your nose with your mask.
  11. Snot running down his nose..... 55555
  12. Dealing with family can be a real heavy weight, especially when you're dealing with "the other halves"" side. I recognized long ago I have limited capacity for dealing with it in close proximity. Just no way I'm going to be shelling out my time and stress bank on in-laws family, cousins, uncles/aunts/grandmas and babysitters. I just don't have it in me. Especially as time begins to be a more precious commodity in life.
  13. Yep --- Seems like many are wondering the same thing. They have so much info. spread out. Simplify and consolidate. Hope you're doing well Cliff.
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