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  1. Are they also called white beans or is that something different ?
  2. Nice to see something different than baked beans. So many good ones out there. Black eye peas are also very good.
  3. Bacon, onion, cheese - four egg omelet last night....
  4. Getting ready to go pick up my favorite egg foo yung at the local chinky.
  5. Glasseye


    Booze obviously saturated yours.
  6. Glasseye


    Weed is probably a very good thing for a guy like Tyson. I bet he eats a lot of Tyson chicken.
  7. I've never seen anything like either of those. Looks marvelous.
  8. Agree. You are retaining fluid for some reason. Could be kidney or heart related. Not something to blow off or think it is humidity related.
  9. Gonna have to get one of those. Been using a thing for the microwave that Jambo recommended a few years back. It works well but want to make em with water now.
  10. Wasn't sure. I guessed boiled. If I tried to poach eggs they sure wouldn't end up looking like that. If they are would love to learn how he made em like that.
  11. Man.… Bowie was great.
  12. Love boiled eggs, just don't seem to make them often. Never had them served like that. I'll have to try that some day soon.
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