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  1. Glasseye

    Monger Songs

  2. Glasseye


  3. Glasseye

    personal messages

    I had it happen to me once on a different forum.....
  4. Glasseye

    Favorite street food soi in Bangkok?

    Thanks. Would just go for the food and jump back on the BTS to Soi 8.
  5. Glasseye

    Favorite street food soi in Bangkok?

    Soi 8 not bad. Gonna have to get up to Thong Lor next trip.
  6. Glasseye

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Nice. I see you have the avocado seed in water. My mom used to do that once in a while, put it on the sill of the kitchen window. Good memory.
  7. Glasseye


    Now this is some good looking pizza. For $1 per slice in NY. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/19/dining/nyc-pizza-upside-dollar-slice.html?action=click&module=Editors%20Picks&pgtype=Homepage I bet if someone opened a shop like this in Patts (at the proper location) they could make a killing.
  8. Glasseye

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Looks like you could get almost the same thing down at Chunky Monkey for 99 baht.
  9. Glasseye

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Roast beef hash.
  10. Glasseye

    Where do you buy your clothes ?

    Wherever I find the thing I'm looking for and a decent deal. Buying more stuff through Amazon and Lazada now. Last trip I was getting sick of dealing with Indian and Thai sales people. Really sick of the shit attitude.
  11. Glasseye

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Looking forward to a report...
  12. Glasseye

    James Bond Island, Phuket.

    Nice.... I'm going to have to give Phuket another chance one of these days. It's been a long time/
  13. Glasseye


    I always got a kick out of those nail games. Lay out a bunch of hammers in a crowded bar complex crammed with drunk roided out cowboys. See what happens....
  14. Glasseye

    LOS Monger Slogans