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  1. Yep.... I'm not looking forward to returning home end of December - wearing only a sweat shirt. f**k
  2. Well.… Today a different story. I'm hacking my brains out and snot flowing like a river. No sore throat or fever though. I new it would eventually catch up with me. Proper rest should knock it out within a couple days, I hope.
  3. Gringos denied entry into Macau.... https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/07/world/asia/hong-kong-protests-us-chamber-commerce.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  4. Seems to be busting out all over the place lately. I have still been lucky the past few months. The clock is ticking though I fear.
  5. Nice hunk of fish looks grilled perfectly. For me a lazy, no lose way to grill or pan fry a nice fish steak is to marinated (even briefly) in Italian dressing. Cook until the juices begin to spurt out and gets a nice browning to the flesh. Lovely and easy.
  6. It would most likely be in the states. I haven't begun serious research yet. I've had a Mazda 3 before and it was brilliant for a car of that size. Some old lady forgot to put her car in park and her beast ancient Chrysler went down a fucking hill and crushed my 3. I was livid. So now I'm left driving a Jeep Cherokee which is a nice vehicle, but not what I want to be driving. It's like driving a tank. Hell of a difference in price. I don't think the gap would be that wide in the states, but still significant. The Cooper really impressed me when I first saw it some time ago. Although I haven't driven one.
  7. The Jayhawks - "Blue" https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+jayhawks+blue I'd Run Away Yesss !!!
  8. Bangkok auto show - Impact Arena. This past Saturday - One of these two models will be my next ride. Which one should I choose ???? Decisions decisions...… Mazda 3 or Mini Cooper - Countryman
  9. Hooters burger, last night in BKK. Damn good. Thanks to my friend for the feed.
  10. Weather is perfect here in Patts today. Frigging beautiful.
  11. Put this baby on and crank the bitch. Listen to the bass lines, relax and feel the rhythm. Release your thoughts and absorb the feeling and emotion of the music. Release your concerns about anything else, and what they think - be free, be real. Feel it, damn it.
  12. Info. like this is always a good "wake up call" reminder. How devastating and deadly fires can be. We tend to forget or get lax with thoughts regarding fire safety and prevention. But they are god awful. There is no smell worse than a fire scene.. Hiorrible
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