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  1. Yes, which brings me back to my original point, the statistics don't reflect that. They usually quote a batch sample number and a balanced sum of positives and negatives. To be accurate they should show inconclusive results too. Anyway, I have no medical knowledge of the situation apart from the experiences of myself, family and friends. I appreciate your information on the matter though. Thanks for that.
  2. Lamb shanks day for me. I did them a little different this time. In the slow Cooker right now.
  3. That makes sense, but he was asked to go give another sample for testing twice. So there wasn't a final outcome yes or no to the original sample methinks!
  4. Exactly, but you don't ever see this quoted in the statistics!
  5. That's a definite maybe then. My initial post was to point out that they don't always give a positive or negative result. An inconclusive result kind of leaves you nowhere methinks.
  6. It was done at a UK testing site and results obtained in 48 hours. he said he had to swab the back of the throat for 15 seconds, then up each nostile for 10 seconds each. I have no idea about the process used here. Is there more than one way to do it? Edit - just done some research and we use a PCR process here for our Covid test centers.
  7. Just to throw some reality into the mix, a good friend of mine has done 3 covid swab tests since march and 2 of them came back inconclusive and he was asked to please take another test. I wonder where that figures in the figures? LOL
  8. I have seen it a few times whilst fishing, but usually there are a few crows mobbing the hawk at the same time which tends to piss it off enough to leave the area.
  9. That's a great series of shots, was the crow trying to get rid of the hawk?
  10. I love the improvisation of a coke bottle. The days catch and probably the evenings dinner.
  11. I did the same last week in Tescos, 18 bottles with 25% off.
  12. Been a lazy day watching youtube. I was up a decent time for a mornings pike fishing in the boat, but my mate is feeling crap, so we didn't go. he instead has just taken a covid test. Hopefully it is just a chest infection.
  13. Catching up on recorded TV whilst slowly getting pissed on wine.
  14. Reheated from frozen spag bol. The best flavour of the batch.
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