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  1. I tend to use Robins Nest as my default too. Having said that, been there loads of times and while the female staff have got to know me and I have a good rapport with them, the owner or manager, who’s seen me in there many times, hasn’t said a word. I just think that’s downright rude, especially when the female staff are telling me it’s really quiet. It’s made me look for alternatives.
  2. Good for you Grayray. That must have taken some bottle, though I guess the red mist overtook being Mr Sensible.
  3. So much to say about Kevin. Bobby Robson has said he’s the best player he ever coached. I know that to be true as I’m still good mates with Bobby’s best mate over the years, Charlie Woods. The stories Charlie tells of Kevin are hilarious. Like him and Allan Hunter disappearing to the groundsmen’s shed at half time during home matches to have a cigarette. Kevin’s debut was at Old Trafford and we won 2-1. A few games later we played Leeds in their heyday. Allan tells the story of Alan (sniffer) Clarke, who while a great finisher was also a nasty piece of work. In the first few minutes he elbowed Kevin in the face. Hunter went over to him and said if you do that again I’ll break your fucking neck. Clarke never went near Kevin again the entire game. Kevin was an absolute colossus. His power was immense, he was so quick and his leap was incredible. One last story, in the mid 70’s they organised a 100 yard race to see who was the fastest pro. Charlie drove Kevin to the venue and they stayed overnight for the race the next morning. Kevin went out with some mates that night and got bladdered. He showed up 2 minutes before the race looking like shit. This was televised btw. Kevin was the favourite, along with Malcolm McDonald. The gun went and Kevin streaked ahead. After 50 yards he was in the lead and yards ahead of McDonald. All of a sudden he started to slow up, “adjusting” himself. He finished 2nd to McDonald. After the race Charlie asked him “WTF was all that about?” Kevin explained that due to being late he forgot to put on his jockstrap. After 50 yards his meat and 2 veg were hanging out the side of his shorts! They played the tv footage, which showed his Crown Jewels slapping all over the place. Due to that it was never shown on tv.
  4. Yep, remember him playing for us, though wasn't involved with the club at that time so never got to meet him.
  5. My bank girl is 37 and childless. She hasn't put any pressure on or even mentioned kids yet, but being honest, her being without children was one of the attractions as I certainly don''t want any more. Can understand your dilemma and I'll do the same as you if it gets really serious with her as I'll have the conversation. It wouldn't be fair of me to stay with her if she desperately wants to have a kid.
  6. All the guys you mention there are great guys. I know Mick pretty well, played golf with him a few times with his son. Warky I class as a mate. He still lives in Suffolk and comes to all home games as an ambassador in one of the hospitality areas. His front room is a shrine of medals and cups. Pride of place is his PFA Player of the Year award. Clean sweep that year for Ipswich - Warky won it, Mariner 2nd and Frans Thijssen 3rd. Kevin Beattie (the best player I've ever seen at Portman Road) won the young player of the year. Sadly Kevin died a couple of years ago. Our fans raised enough money to create a statue of Kevin - to be placed along Portman Road in between the statues of Alf Ramsay and Bobby Robson. I know Bryan Hamilton well too - he also still lives in Suffolk and involved with the club. Great guy and when you get him and Allan Hunter together it's such a laugh. They have a love/hate relationship, always taking the mick out of each other. But they're great mates. Paul Mariner lived in USA for a good few years, but he's in the process of moving back to Suffolk. I've lost contact with Magic. He's not around the town any more but wish him well.
  7. Looking forward to it mate . . 🍷🍷🍷🍷 Would prefer to avoid a certain female though . . 😉
  8. Thanks Krapow, appreciate your comments. Yes, the Tractor Boys are doing well. Haven't mentioned this before, but I've been involved with the club at board level for a few years now. One of the perks is I get a live feed of every game, so even though in Thailand I've watched every game in full since I've been here. Some not live as it's often a Saturday night or a 1.45 am kick off, but I can replay them, so often watch in the morning while trying to shake off my hangover . . . While we're playing well and back to the "Ipswich of old" (passing the ball around nicely and great movement to receive the ball rather than hoofing it up to a big bloke) League 1 is shite. The standard is dreadful and if we can't finish in the top 2 we'll have something to answer for with the squad we've got. Even when the opposition are on a "dangerous attack" the final ball and finishing is so poor I don't worry too much. Anyway, interesting you like Hua Hin. I've never actually spent any real time in Cha Am, only passed through it on the way to and back from Hua Hin from BKK. I'll certainly post my thoughts on HH once I've been back there. I'll be here in January - currently my flight back is booked on January 29th, but will see nearer the time if I stay longer than that. At least with a 12 month retirement visa I have the choice. Not much happened since my last update, except I have this weekend alone as I've pretty much binned "helmet scraper" gogo girl and bank girl has gone to Khon Kaen with her mum and 3 brothers to visit her grandparents. This has reinforced my intention to not have a 24/7 live-in as it's great having my 100% freedom. While it's nice to have an attractive and slim TG at your beck and call, so to speak, while on Wednesday I'm looking forward to her coming on Friday, on Monday morning I'm happy after she's left. I guess being selfish, once the tanks are well and truly empty, the rest of the time it's a type of pressure to make sure she's not bored and that we're doing "stuff", some of which I don't really want to do. Probably a sign of getting old - CBAS (Can't Be Arsed Syndrome). So went out last night to LK Metro, popped into Rockhouse which was going to be for a couple of beers before hitting some gogos, but ended up being a 4 hour session. One of the girls had a birthday, there was a sound system set up with a DJ (set up outside) and it turned into a fun night. Sat chewing the fat with Alex most of the time, but got chatting to the DJ and the guy who'd organised the sound system. Good fun. Staggered out of there and jumped in a Grab, so didn't even hit a single gogo in the end. Had a great lie in this morning, which again brought home that I didn't want a live in. I actually woke up early due to a big thunderstorm, so at 7 am was sitting on the balcony with a coffee and having a smoke, watching the lightning and pouring rain. Had a bit of a headache, took a knock-out pill and crashed again until midday. Late, leisurely breakfast then walked to the 7/11 to stock up. Back to reality. Filled my basket with the stuff I wanted and went to the checkout. 7 other people "queueing" in the loosest possible sense. One checkout open and I counted 8 staff standing at the side, talking incessantly and loudly, totally ignoring the customers trying to queue. Then some Asian comes in and attacks the "queue" from the entrance end, goes straight to the counter and asks for some cigarettes. Unbelievable. He can see there's a queue FFS. A farang lady who was about no. 3 in the queue had a real go at him. Both the check out girl and the guy just ignored her, he got served and left. Was so hard to bite my tongue, but I did. And guess what? No. 1 in the queue, a Thai lady, had bought a sandwich, that she wanted toasted. So the checkout girl put it in the toaster then just stood and waited. The queue had got bigger and these 7 other staff members were still just standing and talking. No thought of serving someone else while the sandwich was being toasted. Finally the crowd of check-out girls moved and opened up two more check-outs. I finally got served, got my change and left without saying a word. I was proud of myself as I so wanted to let rip. One benefit of having a live-in is to get her to do this shit. When bank girl is here, I get her to do it, so I can avoid the stress factor. So it's great being on my own, back in the condo, deciding what to do and when to do "it", whatever "it" turns out to be.
  9. Yes, been there, done that and seen it all, for 15 years. I tend to ignore patronising posts, especially when it's clear the whole thread and other threads haven't been read in order to have a full picture. My comments have been about how Pattaya has changed for the worse over the years in respect of how, in general, us farangs are treated. I find it amazing that this is the case, when the vast majority of businesses are suffering due to the lack of farang visitors. You'd think they'd make a better effort to be pleasant to the ones that are here. What I will do in coming weeks is go to Hua Hin for a few days. Hua Hin is where I've been going for 15 years, I've really only spent extensive time in Pattaya for 8. Farangs have always been treated with respect there, so it'll be interesting to see if it's also changed. @john lukeappreciate you tidying up the thread. It seems a few BM's are enjoying it, so I'll happily continue until or unless I run out of things that I feel may be of interest to pass opinion on.
  10. Yep, foodmart is another one. I go in there a fair bit and agree, the females are miserable. The 2 guys who stand around at the entrance (the "heavies" presumably) aren't too bad though.
  11. Wow, 17 days? That’s quick, but was obviously the right thing if you’re still together. Good for you mate. This guy had told her his life story (warts and all), lent her his car and asked her to move in within 45 minutes of meeting her. Thats a Guineas Book of Records entry in my book.
  12. Just to add one more thing to the main update, which I meant to include, but forgot. I’m beginning to think the mantra that Thailand is the Land of Smiles is disappearing fast. In the last 3 days I’ve been served by Thai ladies who have not uttered a single word through the whole transaction. WTF? Even in miserable England, if I’m a customer and I buy something, the minimum I’ll get is a “thank you” at the conclusion of the transaction. Worst case, a grunt. On Saturday bank girl and I went to Central (needed some toiletry stuff from Boots). The taxi dropped us off at Cigarista, so I could buy cigars. It’s msybe half a kilometre walk to Central and I fancied a beer. We stopped off at some random bar, it had 3 moose serving. Nobody else in the bar, none of them came to our table So I asked bank girl what she’d like, walked up to the bar and ordered a Singha and a water. Not a word. I went to sit down, the fattest moose brought the drinks over. Not a word. Some pleasant conversation with bank girl, finished drinks, after a few minutes caught one of the moose’s eye, and gestures for the check bin. Check bin plonked on the table, not a word. Moose waited while I got money out of my pocket. I paid exact money, but moose couldn’t see that. Not a word. We got up and left, not a word. On the walk to Central I asked bank girl WTF has happened to Thailand? 2nd occasion was in the 7/11 in Jomtien, on the corner of beach road and the police “station”. Bunch of stuff to pack and charge up, she was talking at high volume to another check out lady. Didn’t look at me, said nothing through the whole process, didn’t hand the bag to me, plonked the change in my hand, again without even looking at me, continuing her loud Thai conversation with the teller at the other end of the checkout. Utterly pathetic in both cases. Don’t they train staff here in customer service?
  13. I think I understand what you mean, but having been here so many times, seen, witnessed, read and heard about all the scams, rip-offs, and short- and long-game plays, my guard is still always up. One has to really think through every possible scenario when faced with a given situation. It really does make it difficult for the 100% genuine Thai ladies that still exist who want to snag a decent farang. And just as difficult for a 100% genuine farang to find a 100% honest Thai lady. Us farang have to be so street-wise to stand any chance, but at the same time this makes us a cynic and/or a sceptic. I certainly know since I’ve been coming to Thailand I’ve become much more cynical. It can effect your personality.
  14. Exactly. I sincerely hope this one works out for him, but the signs were not good from her reactions. I get the feeling she thought Christmas has come early.
  15. I’d love to meet the guy and have a one-on-one with him. I’d definitely recognise him again, as he was facing me. The girl I wouldn’t, she had her back to me the whole time, even when leaving. Only saw her clearly when she first walked in. I wish him well, he seemed a really genuine and nice guy. But he’s obviously not learned his lesson, he’s set himself up for yet another expensive fall. And I find it bizarre he did it in earshot of me at 10 am in the morning.
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