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  1. Just caught up with this thread Phil and really sorry to hear this mate. Take it easy buddy and hope you shake this thing off as quickly as possible.
  2. Awesome. I did have it, but sold it with my whole collection last July before I moved to Thailand. Rely on Spotify now . . . That was the first album I ever bought. Got it from a mate who nicked it from our local record store, still in the cellophane!!! I bought all their albums until Byron then Lawton left. I think the latest singer is crap, doesn't do justice to the great songs they wrote and performed.
  3. Hadn't read this, thanks for posting. Really sad. Heep were my favourite band when they brought their first album out, Very 'eavy, very 'umble. Loved the first track, Gypsy and Come Away Melinda. Went to see them 3 times at the Ipswich Gaumont. They were excellent live, purported to be the loudest rock band when playing live. David Byron, who passed away years ago, was a great lead vocalist. Lee wasn't with the band until the 4th album, Demons and Wizards. Found this clip of Heep lip synching on top of the pops to The Wizard, the main track from the album. Some good clips of him in
  4. I've been away for a few days, so just caught up with this thread. I did meet up with @nampla69 on the day of the funeral, and we raised a glass to Phil. The eulogy was well written and very poignant and it's great that some of you guys could attend. Life is so sad sometimes, especially this year. I'm sure Phil is in a better place, in no pain any more and looking down with pride on Puang and Thomas. God bless you Phil.
  5. She looks like a really nice lady Phil and lovely smile. Like her dress too, slightly revealing yet sexy all the same. I'd buy her a drink and get to know her more, for sure . . . Good luck to her.
  6. Quite agree. Seen them myself a few times, always excellent. Love the bass player, really gets into it. Their instrumental "Orion" is brilliant and "Nothing Else Matters" has always been one of my favourite songs of all time. This concert with the orchestra is top notch. They play "Enter Sandman" as the last song - fantastic with the orchestra. Scorpions did a few concerts with an orchestra too - "Send Me An Angel" and "Wind of Change" - just awesome.
  7. Luckily got Sky, just watched it. Fantastic, apart from the bloody ads that you can't skip . . . .
  8. It's a fantastic effort by everyone involved. I was pleased to contribute and it's just great to see what a bunch of guys like us lot can achieve. Congrats to everyone and thanks @Thinkingallowed and @tommy dee for organising it. What we need to make sure of is that Puang receives continued emotional support. At times like this, after a sad loss, all the activity can deflect the mourning process. All of a sudden, when the formalities are complete, it can suddenly hit what's actually happened. Mentally that's the most difficult time.
  9. Good work Phil, you got some great plugs in there mate.
  10. I'm in Binlid - my team name is Boolean Bombers. Took me a couple of hours to get the team down to £100m, bloody hard. My initial squad of 15 was £30m over . . . 😩
  11. I'll have a go mate, not done it before. Bit late here, will register over the weekend. But only if there's some Ipswich players I can pick (not) . . . 😩
  12. There's only 9 left Phil . . . . Is someone having a pool party? 😉
  13. Interesting . . . UK mentioned. No doubt will still have to do the quarantine, but looks like a step forward . . https://pattayaone.news/thai-airways-ready-to-carry-foreign-tourists/?fbclid=IwAR32NWby3D1G7m6peiz4eQGLmL8H4HtI130WR04h-4nPfTVK1brfwHYVQNM
  14. Can't see Thailand opening up to travellers from India any time soon. India is getting around 1,000 deaths per day but more worryingly 60,000-70,000 new infections every day.
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