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  1. Thinking about it I probably had the same. My dad was a real tight arse . . . 😒
  2. I may have just had my first ever "99" in the very late 50's . . .
  3. I love a 99 too, can't beat them. Always wondered why "they" called it a 99 . . .
  4. Couldn't agree more - and that applies to Sky News too, as I normally watch that. The press representatives at the daily pressers are crap. They simply don't ask the right questions in the right way and when they have the chance to come back none of them say "you didn't directly answer the question" and ask it again in a way they have to answer it straight. I get so frustrated. I'd love to have the chance to have 20 minutes asking questions to Boris and Hancock.
  5. Thanks, though I do think my alter ego is an arsehole sometimes . . . 😬
  6. Weight - always been lucky in this respect. Have been on the 12 stone mark for donkeys years and at a tad under 6 feet tall that's about right. Lockdown hasn't caused any change thankfully. Alcohol - I'm drinking less overall than in normal times. No beer in the house but thank God for Laithwaites delivering my red wine on a regular basis . . . 😁 Exercise - this is bad as not doing much. A walk to the shops once a week is about it. A badly strained calf muscle in my left leg isn't helping, hurts like hell after walking about 100 yards. Getting a bit concerned about it as it's been like this for 2 months and when laying flat my left foot tingles and is sometimes a bit numb. It's all connected to my calf, can feel it. Mental - no problems there, keep myself busy on my laptop and have the Android box I bought in Thailand so have the choice of hundreds of channels to watch. Do find myself talking to myself out loud sometimes - makes me laugh.
  7. Britboy


    I'm 65 (it even feels odd typing that big a number) and mentally I feel just as sharp as I did 30 years ago. Physically, been lucky, not been to a doc for 47 years. Last time was when I was 18 and broke my leg playing football. Years of football and then golf have kept me in decent shape, still slim. But . . . . aches and pains when I get up in the morning, particularly back and left knee. As someone posted above, after 10 minutes and a shower I'm usually raring to go. The good thing when I wake up is that I usually have a boner. Long may that continue. And I can still perform after a shedload of booze. That's a good job because I tried Viagra and Cialis one time each, both of which gave me horrendous heartburn. So when the hampton doesn't do as he's told, I'll be f****d . . . 😟
  8. There'll be ways round getting into Thailand. I have a good mate in Dubai, will go stay with him for 14 nights if necessary, then fly on to Bangkok. In any case, while it's all doom and gloom right now, my opinion is that in a few weeks many countries will relax their "rules", especially where tourism is an important factor.
  9. Wow, yeah, airfix planes. And warships. Loved them . . . And Subbuteo. But only with the small balls. Those big ones were cumbersome and couldn't smash it in the top corner. I had leagues and cup competitions, loads of teams. Funny how my team always won the league . . . 😀
  10. And why not? Go for it mate. I used to have a fantastic train set when I was a kid. Would love to set one up now, but not practical and what would I do with it if/when I return to Thailand? Can remember saving up for weeks to buy a station.
  11. Hi Aqualung, As you're aware, I'm in exactly the same position as yourself, losing my mum a few weeks ago. It's tough being stuck at home - I'm currently living in my mum's house, getting everything sorted. I've only had 1 visitor too, my brother, who is helping getting this sorted. Technically that's been against the "rules" too I guess, as he's from a different household. I've hardly been out, walking to the shops once a week. Everything else has been delivered and I've spent more on Amazon in the last 8 weeks than I have over the last 8 years. We had mum cremated, we'll have a memorial and scattering of ashes when lockdown is eased more. I have her ashes at the house, along with my dad's, who died 25 years ago but my mum kept them here. So I have mum and dad side by side in a cubby hole that's above the hallway. So I'm with you mate and fully understand how you're feeling. I keep myself busy during these lockdown times by planning what I'm going to do next, knocking up business plans/spreadsheets and to wile away a few hours I'm doing some jigsaw puzzles. My mum had a bunch of them stashed away and I've enjoyed doing them. I've even ordered a couple more from Amazon that will arrive this week. Hang in there bud, things will ease and improve.
  12. b97b0569-1cf0-47b5-bf0e-43d3ae60105b.MP4
  13. I always take mine back - I get my £1 back that way . . .
  14. All done, have sent a few thousand baht. Happy to help.
  15. Thanks for posting that Bazle, it's a moving clip and must be very frustrating not to get Thai coverage of such a worthy cause. You can just see the gratitude in the Thai people receiving the bags. If I'd still been in Patts I'd have donated and also come to help pack and distribute. Is there still a way to donate? Be happy to send some money from here if there's a Paypal or bank account to send to.
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