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  1. It's been a couple of days since I posted, been moving and getting things sorted. Got a big car to take me to Jomtien - it needed to be with 3 bags and a set of golf clubs. Stopped off at Central Festival to go in the food hall downstairs to stock up with some decent stuff. So, I'm in the apartment now, soooooo much better than that shit-hole Areca/Evergreen. Fantastic uninterrupted view over the Ocean, great air-con and just as importantly, quiet. All went smoothly, unpacked yesterday and got things set up and working. Wifi is good, done some speed tests and max I'm getting is 15 mbps. They've offered to upgrade it once I get my Android box on Thursday and start streaming along with using my laptop, phones, etc. but the indication is it'll do fine. There's a dvd home theatre and surround sound, which didn't work. Managed to sort that but can't get the TV sound through the home theatre cos it's a bloody old DVD and doesn't have HDMI or Optical Digital Audio ports. Bummer. Might have to buy one as the surround sound is great when playing a DVD. Need to jump back a couple of days after my reply to @Steelers4Life. Ended up chatting with a lady on TF that I'd chatted to before. She's a "massage" lady on Soi Honey. Decided to go there - "Up to You Massage". To be fair she looked like her pics, was pretty and a decent body. I'd give her 6/10 for the massage part, 8/10 for the BJ and 7/10 for the boom boom. Pretty average overall. So didn't go out last night, just continued getting things set up and had my first night's sleep. It was so lovely and quiet, just the hum of the aircon. Didn't sleep brilliantly though. I insisted on new pillows, which they provided. But they're quite big. One is too low, two are too high. Ultimately dropped off but woke up with one helluva stiff neck. Around midday decided to take a walk around my new surroundings. Walked through Jomtien and part way along beach road. Nothing spectacular, pretty quiet. Crikey it was hot though. Sweating buckets. On the way there I noticed an Italian restaurant and thought I'd stop there on the way back for lunch. Really nice restaurant and got chatting to the owner. He told me about a gentleman's club that's walkable - good info for another day. I fancied pasta, been eating Thai food pretty much so far. Penne with salmon and creamy sauce, couple of glasses of a nice Chianti and a beer to start with as I was so hot. I'll be back there on a regular basis. Stopped off at Foodmart on the way back - needed a few bits for the apartment that weren't supplied and also bought a new set of cutlery. The set supplied was really old and stained - horrible. Decided to stay in tonight - few problems connecting to our UK servers, so got our IT guys on it. They're on my machine remotely to get it sorted. Bank girl coming on Thursday now, so may well take a walk to the gentlemans club tomorrow. If anybody has any good recommendations of where to go in Jomtien for a good massage and/or a good boom boom I'd appreciate it.
  2. Really sorry to hear this news Lanzalad. Everyone here is rooting for you mate. Most important thing is to keep that positive mind. You can beat the shit out of this thing.
  3. Thanks Steelers. Just been swapping messages with @nampla69, he's suggesting a take out from Devil's Den. Must say that sounds attractive this afternoon as it's bloody hot and humid out there. Been out to change some money (36.87) was the best I could get. Yeeks. Sweating my nuts off with a 100 yard walk and back. Be good if they came to me . . . Anyway, don't want to TF my own thread, so will keep off the taboo subject . . 😉
  4. No worries mate, I'll be coming in during the week.
  5. So hung around LK last night, watched the Ipswich game in Rock House, Alex kindly put it on for me. Had one particular girl on TF that looked nice, was swapping messages with her throughout the game and decided to give her a try. She's a beautician in a local salon, finished work at 10 pm, so I thought, ok, I'll see you after the football. Agreed 1500 short time and arranged to meet her at 11.15 in the lobby of Evergreen. So she shows up very drunk. That's something that really pisses me off, I'll never take a girl from a gogo or bar if they're pissed. In 5 minutes she gave me her life story, how her farang husband had recently left her, she doesn't want to go with men but now he's gone she needs money, I'm the first blah blah blah. She said she spoke to her boss who allegedly advised her to go to her first customer drunk. Couldn't believe it. This all happened in the lobby too, thankfully nobody else about. She got her marching orders. She was upset and knew she'd done the wrong thing, so I gave her 500 baht and told her to go home. That's 3 girls I've had from TF, 2 out of 3 have been successful. The gogo dancer gets back tonight, she's sending me messages from the bus right now. 11 hours sat in a bus must be mind numbing. I'll see her tonight for a drink, but moving tomorrow so won't have a late one and will sleep alone. As I have full tanks after last nights failure I think I'll sort out a massage today. There's a couple in the road opposite that I can see from my balcony and there's a new place open directly beneath my balcony. I swap waves with the girls when I'm out having a smoke, but they don't look like the naughty sort. @nampla69 has recommended a place on Soi Honey - have walked down that street and it's full of massage places. But I prefer it in my room, so may wander over the road and see if I can persuade one to come over to my place.
  6. Mmmmmm . . . as a PM ok, will see what else I can dig out . . I did have a convo with John Luke about the pics I posted before, so have it from the horses mouth, so to speak.
  7. We outplayed them the entire game but couldn't get the 2nd goal. Then the inevitable defensive balls up cost us a draw . . . so frustrating. I was gonna say we "hammered" them, but thought better of it as that might make you think of other results . . 😉 Really pleased with how we played though. Bodes well for the season.
  8. Quick update, though covered some of the shit side of things in my reply to Pumpuynarak. I knew this would happen, once girls get their mitts into you a bit they try and take over. This Agency gogo girl, who is currently back with her daughter and mum, is coming back tomorrow night. Getting constant messages to say she'll be back in Pattaya, can meet and she can help me pack my stuff and help me move in on Monday. I'm telling her in a polite way that I prefer to pack and move myself (which is true) - what I'm really saying is "bloody leave me alone!!). I'll meet her for a drink, but no way is she coming to my room. I need to concentrate to get my shit together to move on Monday morning. She said she's not signed up to go back to work yet. I've told her to do just that, partly because I've got the bank girl coming on Wednesday, so have told her I'm going to Bangkok on Wednesday on business for the rest of the week and that I'll need to go there on a regular basis going forward. I guess I'm just being too nice. I did say at the very beginning that I'd be banging other girls - that seems to have slipped from her memory . . She is really cute though and she's promised to learn how to not put teeth marks in my helmet . . 😫 Let's see what happens, but really looking forward to this bank girl coming. She'll be the first female in my condo (unless I grab one Tuesday night), but I intend to have full tanks for her. One other interesting tactic (by the girls) I've come across for the first time. It was in Lady Love the other night. I had a great time in there (cost me 3k in drinks though) but one girl came over initially when I first sat down and said "I remember you, long time, I go with you before". Interesting tactic cos I'm f***d if I can remember all the girls I've been with. So I played the "oh yeah, I remember" and bought her a drink. As the conversation went on and I had a closer look at her, I thought no way would I ever have barfined you. So I started to ask a few questions (she did know my name, but I can put that down to being in there the night before with @nampla69). I asked her which hotel I took her to (only ever stayed at Hilton and Sheraton before this trip). Surprise, surprise, she couldn't tell me. So funny, so called her out. It was a hefty tab, but I had a shedload of red wine (including a replacement one after one girl accidentally knocked one over) but great fun. Of course I got some hangers on once they saw I was buying girls drinks, but no worry. Had a great laugh with a couple of the mamasans, who took care of me well. One of them (mid-40's I guess and overweight) was hinting at a drink, so I said I needed to see her tits, then I'd buy her one. She was shy to do that, so I said ok, let me feel them then, under her top. She was up for that (massive pair). So she got a drink and got real face in front of the hot girls that I was buying drinks for. I realise there'll be those that think I'm just the typical LDOP, but I intend to have some fun while I'm here. I won't be doing that every night, but once in a while, usually when it's not expected, when the vibe is good, why not? Haven't decided what to do tonight yet. Not been over to WS since the first night I arrived (8 days ago, it's flown by) so may well go to see Phil at Le Pub first. Actually, @misteregg, any chance of showing the Ipswich v Sunderland game on one of your screens at 9 pm? 😉
  9. Yeah, the aircon is quite noisy and pretty useless. It never gets down to the temperature entered in the keypad, bloody thing is booming all night. However noisy the aircon is though it doesn't drown out the horrendous music noise from outside. Haven't come across it before cos I'm always out, but last night decided to give the bars and gogos a miss and hit the sack at 10 pm. The din from outside was unbearable. Thankfully moving into the apartment on Monday, so won't be a problem going forward but whatever won't be staying here again.
  10. You're so right about the shower in the bathtub. I'm in one of the "luxury" rooms, bit of a joke title really. Apart from difficulty getting in and out and water is so inconsistent. Can't set it to keep a constant temperature, fucking thing keeps turning burning hot in a millisecond . . . . Great there's interest in what I'm up to, will keep updating and things (and shit) happens . .
  11. Absolutely Lanzalad. I’m paying an annual subscription for 2 boxes, which is cheaper for the whole year compared to the equivalent of half a month of Sky and BT Sports in UK that had sports, movies and multiroom. Plus it will work worldwide, so can even use it in UK if/when I go back there.
  12. It's actually stbemu, but I think you have what it stands for correct. It's software that's loaded onto the Android box and it provides loads and loads of channels . . . No idea if it needs anything else to operate, thankfully found a guy who's really on the case and can actually supply the boxes all set up. Just plug it in via HDMI. Yippee . . .
  13. Thanks JPK. I've got it sorted. One of the bar owners gave me the lowdown, now got an Android box that will give me hundreds of channels, including all UK Sky channels, BT sports and even EFL games.
  14. Thanks Namps - would love to meet up with Steelers. The card is a great idea and now I've got a Thai phone number may well do the same thing.
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