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  1. Sunday morning and I'm just getting up. Seems we had a little dusting last night. We have had very little snow this winter.
  2. It's the Superstition Mountains just outside of Phoenix Arizona. And yes, it is a fantastic view.
  3. I saw this on the bathroom door in Tempe Arizona.... thought it was very appropriate.
  4. Not a bad day ahead of you MrB. Just check your beer for wasps before you drink. 5555
  5. Got it done in a couple of hours. Now I've got to sand them and get 2 coats of stain and a clear coat on before I can install.
  6. Getting ready to router a quarter round edge on 26 - 1x4x8 foot and 6 - 1x4x10 pine boards for window casing and baseboard on a remodel I'm doing up by Purgatory Ski Area.
  7. Home made breakfast coruscant stuffed with scrambled eggs and cheese. And a side of fresh fruit. Not to mention a great view.
  8. A meal with a view. The Superstition Mountains just outside Apache Junction, Arizona. We visited some friends for 4 days last week. Weather was incredible and the views an hospital was even better.
  9. Didn't want to cook so we pulled out a frozen pizza. Added more cheese, onions and meet ( not shown) to give it a helping hand.
  10. It really is amazing just how blue the ski is. But you have to get away from the pollution that we have gotten sooo good at generating on a daily basis to see it.
  11. Outstanding TR Mike. Tahoe is an amazing winter playground. Looks like you both are having a great time. Tip o the hat to you both.
  12. Saw last night on the news that China has 1100 confirmed dead and over 40,000 hospitalized
  13. 55555555555 I have never heard the expression...." it's the dogs dangly bits " lol
  14. Agreed.... they look like what we call a typical dust mask and I'm sure they are better than nothing.
  15. Burgers and a nice wedge salad. Hit the spot.
  16. Just finished watching the first episode of " Pacard " on Amazon Prime. Looks to be a really good start to a new spinoff of the Star Trek franchise
  17. So what is the situation in Thailand. Is the Thai government banning air travel from China into Thailand?
  18. I'm painting the new apartment. Drywall, tape and texture was completed last Monday so getting a coat of primer on it now. Then 2 coats of paint to finish it off.... Will start installing flooring first part of next week.
  19. Well my first response is " another older lady being scammed " ........... Come to think of it, that's my 2nd, 3rd and 4th response also. But good luck to her anyway.
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