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  1. Not sure if the atm machine was “out in the open”, or it was protected inside a business (bank, grocery store, credit union). I plan to use the atm in the arrival hall in Swampy (somewhat restricted access), and in Pats I will use an atm in the bank, etc. Although, I know it is still possible to add a skimmer in those places too.
  2. I assume you received an atm card. What was the initial deposit requirement when you opened the account? Thx.
  3. I have to admit ignorance on this one. ”Toi Tok services via FB” (facebook or freelancer bar?)
  4. Is Bangkok Bank preferable to Kasikorn bank, also I thought that US board members had a lot more hoops to jump through than non-US BMs?
  5. Howdy Board Members, I have been a member of Secrets forum going way back, (board name tommy) and a fan of traveling to Asia. Hope to make it back to LOS very soon.
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