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  1. matthewh

    songkran flight price

    everything has shot up,especially thai and eva.ive just booked with emirates 6th till 28th of april 799,with a free hotel in Bangkok for 1 night.
  2. anyway back to the topic.ive paid to go to the gents,then a bloke not a bird started massaging me.i wont say what I said.
  3. matthewh

    What are you doing right now..?

    have a good and safe flight.
  4. Singapore is the nicest airport ive been to,pukky went to the ladies and I waited and waited and waited.she er slipped out and lost me.next thing they are asking for me over the loudspeaker and there she was at airport info.we had a long stopover but it wasn't that bad.
  5. matthewh

    How Paranoid Are You?

    in Thailand its self im very relaxed and chilled.yes I get wound up on forums.face to face never
  6. matthewh

    How Paranoid Are You?

    5. 55
  7. matthewh

    What are you doing right now..?

    just home.working on a roof and it was like an ice rink and not safe.
  8. yes mike.i will lay of starting threads for a bit just for you.
  9. matthewh

    Do you smell? And what of.

    I don't mate.i work hard enough during the day.im on about a customer behind me at the checkout.after work
  10. matthewh

    Do you smell? And what of.

    ive read the fred.what about a mention for brut 33.
  11. matthewh

    Do you smell? And what of.

    funny really I was in tescos and a lady said your covered in shavings and smell of wood.just said that's my job.