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  1. pattaya represents great value for money,re accommodation.most places have wifi now.such a transformation from the late 90s,when the girl would be on the blower.boom.
  2. yes the free cancellation is a good thing"edge your bets" as they say you have a garunteed booking,alongside that a choice
  3. do you book your hotels in person and pay in person or use booking.com etc.just courios due to the rates.
  4. any one from the eu can bring a partner to the uk,easily by using eaa
  5. I know,its unjust and uunfair ,and biased against uk nationals.so so wrong.
  6. nice one,trying emirates in april,eva and thais prices were horrific,must be easter and sonkran.
  7. goodluck with everything,i know its a pain mate.
  8. yup.until lifted no freds.ive done my time out.
  9. while my posts are being screened it wont happen.
  10. glad to see,and lets hope for further increases,after an extension of article 50,or comfirmation that there wont be a"no deal".
  11. well that is certain.will be in thailand april and cant wait.i will do a review of emirates,as ive never flown with them before.
  12. please bear in mind I haven't been for 3 years,may have changed chefs or ownership.
  13. the best ive had and now doing daily specials.roll on april.
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