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  1. Well Eva cancelled my flight for Nov.26th.2 weeks ago.
  2. My first single was Lucille by Little Richard.I think my ex kept it.
  3. Watched The Missing last night.Lucky it only 65 minutes long.What a load of crap.
  4. Was there for my 70th birthday,six years ago.Got a call in the afternoon to ask if my room had been cleaned.Five minutes later a knock on the door with 3 staff singing happy birthday. Presented me with a small cake and some fruit.Made my day.
  5. As Mr,Egg said I seem to remember one in Soi 6. Maybe different care,
  6. I renewed mine and used it in September to Pattaya .Its burgundy but only has United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  7. Just booked my taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya for November.
  8. Was returning from a days fishing in Plymouth,when my friend's wife phoned to say what happened.She called again a few minutes later and told us about the other one. Unbelievable.
  9. Mine was Roy Orbison in Birmingham about 1964.
  10. Scottie


    Was out of Plymouth.
  11. Scottie


    Was 2 minutes from home to boat when I was charter fishing.
  12. Is that the one by Cherry Bar ?Forget the name but has good reviews.
  13. When I was young my dad found a packet of cigarettes hidden in the cupboard and he said if it was me or brother you have my permission to smoke but you're wasting money.He was in the RN and got tobacco in tins cheap as chips.Best thing he said to me.I was 13 at the time.Stopped me from smoking.
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