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  1. I am a beta tester for Android and running my phone on Android P which is 9. Not really many new features the last few years except for security fixes, does Sony send security updates ?
  2. Agree 100%. My iPad mini is 5 years old and still running pretty good just upgraded to iOS 12 yesterday.
  3. You've done nothing but make up lies. No evidence of all about these being river ferries and you also claimed they can't operate safely in 2 meter water. How do you know either is true? Just making false claims against a business.
  4. You just need to be careful if flying on two different tickets. If your first segment /ticket is delayed or cancelled and you can't make the flight that uses the second ticket you are a no show and the airline doesn't have any obligation to you. Much different than flying on one ticket
  5. So you have no proof or links or anything saying these were used in rivers in China. Just 'i remember seeing it on a forum'. Wow that's pretty low to slam a company trying to provide a service.
  6. Family can't be in Thailand? As I said the Christmas prices and now the exchange rate keep out the low end tourists. Not my fault
  7. That's not a river boat. Anyway take the bus it seems more suited for you..
  8. River ferries don't have a hull like that.
  9. Have you seen the photos or been on one? They aren't river boats for sure. Got a link to this rumour?
  10. Mate its raining every day in the middle of typoon season, one just hit HK and the Philippines. Better safe than sorry. Could also be a lack of customers and using weather as an excuse.
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