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  1. A lot of smart TV's have Chromecast build in.
  2. Mate reading your thread really hit home for me and had me thinking "That could be me"
  3. Stopped on 28th November last year after many many attempts. I used the product in the attached link along with nicotine patches. The patches I used for 4 weeks, 2 weeks 20mg and then 2 weeks 10mg. The ePen I kept to a minimum, it was used mainly for a nicotine hit. I honestly believe a big part of stopping smoking is mind over matter, as it is for any addiction. https://www.govype.com/uk/e-cigarette-epen-starter-kit
  4. That's twice now I've tried to watch the interview but I just cant listen to that scouse accent.
  5. So was the film, 30 minutes was enough for me.
  6. Is it on any Thai channels.
  7. Used in Kuwait and it doesn't cause any hold ups. Being a new system I'm sure it will take a wee while to get up and running smoothly.
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