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  1. If your travelling to Thailand anytime soon i doubt you'll get out of the airport to catch a bus.
  2. Not sure to be honest. Qantas have already came out and said international passengers will need to be vaccinated.
  3. The way things are looking if you want to travel then having the vaccine will be mandatory. Even though I'm slightly reluctant to have it looks like I have no option.
  4. Unfortunately I don't meet the criteria for the STV. Thai embassy in Kuwait aren't issuing the now available single entry visa which i believe some countries are issuing. Certainly looking like Scotland for Christmas and New Year. Although it'll be good to see family and friends I'd much rather be at home.
  5. I think you'll find most people want to get on with their lives but are being restricted by Governments around the world. I'd love to be heading home to Thailand on the 10th December and get on with my life but I can't. I know many guys in the same situation who want to get on with their lives but can't. I'm sure you'd like to be spending Christmas with your family but like many you can't.
  6. There is a huge misconception when it comes to Thais and money. Many for some reason think 99% of Thais earn minimum wage.
  7. Should be called the Selective Tourist Visa as its very clear that those on the first few flights will have been hand picked.
  8. Can't see many embassies/consulates issuing letters as there are and will be flights available to leave before the 26th. The unfit to fly medical certificate on the other hand may well be a good money maker for some.
  9. @tommy dee Have sent you a PM @Thinkingallowed Your a good man and it comes as no surprise that your there helping Puang.
  10. Well after six months off Suvarnabhumi isn't exactly going to be the best airport for me tonight.
  11. You pay 44k and don't ask any questions.
  12. Very sad news. Phil was certainly one of the good guys and he and Puang were such a great couple with who my partner and I enjoyed many a good time with. RIP Phil and condolences to Puang and little Thomas.
  13. Not while working 28/28 If my back to back was to agree to 56/56 then I'd certainly think about it.
  14. Seems they have had a change of mind. Will at least safe me paying a 3,500 baht overstay fine. Just wonder when I'll be able to return.
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