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  1. Too much to tell But this year there should be positive news
  2. That would be a pretty shitty despicable way to advertise . Luckily most who know me on this board realise I wouldn’t stoop that low to earn money.
  3. If she dies without a will then it goes to thai succession law There are various levels from 1-6.At the point any level is filled all level under have no claim top level is wife husband children and also parents if alive get elevated to that level so simple scenario could be wife dies with 1 children, husband ( you) and her dad so 50% goes to you as joint assets ( assuming she brought this during the marriage ) the other 50% gets shared between you child and son so at the end you would get around 67% of the estate. however in the above scenario where you are calling her wifey I am assuming you are married with papers . If you are just living together so she is your girlfriend then the whole estate would go to child and father as you being a boyfriend do not have the right to inherit under thai succession law
  4. Hopefully for a long time . Looking at my records I have had 47 clients ( and some of them good friends ) die on me this year 😞
  5. I checked the safe list today last count was 720 wills lodged ( none in the name of greasy spoon lol)
  6. Probate with no complication takes between 4-6 months charges vary on whether we are the executor. If we are then it’s a small percentage on the estate can be 1-5% depending on how complicated it is
  7. Does anyone remember the times we could go to sleep a full 8 hours without the need to wake up in the night and have a piss ?? old age sucks !!
  8. 2 year old sick to hospital spewing has gastro interitious back home then 5 year old got it spewing all over the place mother-in-law law down with flu and wife who just gave birth 18 days ago sick with a fever f**k all to be happy about this weekend although arsenal looked quite good
  9. It does not really matter where you met them. in my last life some 25 years ago I had a bar in the soi 2 complex and had a girl working ( forget her name) who was the short time queen over 30 offs every month for over 1 year. Then she left me to work in the new 7/11 that opened at the top of soi 3 as she had enough of the bar game. 1 month later brought her new boyfriend to the bar who took great please in telling me he’s not like these other muppets who have girlfriends wives from bars he met his in 7/11 and would never date a bar girl . i never broke his illusion but just confirms my opinion it does not matter where you met them from. The good ones work out the bad ones do not
  10. Maybe my Thai educated daughter with a gps of 3.76 is above average . I can only go on my personal experience. Getting a job with Nok air is not a bad achievement. my other 2 aged 16 and 14 are again state educated but supported via me with outside tutors so they are heading to university with a good standards. At the last test they were 1 and 3 from their respective classes out of 35+ I have in total 8 children in Thailand but the other 5 are too young to base how they are going to turn out but assuming I live to tell the tale I will 🙂
  11. For those of you with a few hours to spare here is the complete traffic act in English there are a couple of places in the first 2 sections where it says a vehicle should stay in the left lane most of the time happy reading 🙂 http://driving-in-thailand.com/land-traffic-act/
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