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  1. Many say they aint metal but I Love em, helps I love tidy asian girls too I guess !!!
  2. not went to but Baby Metal is playing Bangkok same weekend next year as the MotoGP..... Decisions decsions !!
  3. so the import is dodgy. Hopefully nobody bend her over financially.
  4. Yeah I'd be pissed if I stayed at a hotel and could not get an in-room meal (or an on-premises meal).
  5. It is the case. What ever Mrs Coxyhog is involved with is well dodgy and I'd hate to be the one left without a chair when the music stops.
  6. Hope the pie is good cause those chips look like frozen crap , I hate peas.
  7. The standout for me is the pathetic excuse for a salad !!
  8. Watching world time attack. http://wtaclive.com/
  9. one of my old shitters. 1996 Yamaha SR400 with a few mods.
  10. Bogan bitches (Shazza's) are already bikes, they'd be doing black too.
  11. Once you go Asian you never go caucasian prolly rings true for the Shazza's too !!
  12. Yeah nothing special about it and not what I would class as bike porn. I expect the owner is Indonesian, early to mid 20's in age and weighs 50 to 60kg.
  13. Yeah doing dodgy shit like this eventually someone is gunna get caught out and be up for a huge import tax bill, Hopefully it is not Mrs Coxyhog.
  14. To be fair Legend of borry part 2 was better due to Asian chick with sick tits !!
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