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  1. Have purchased many thing from Lazada. The COD thing is only for items supplied from within Thailand.
  2. Sir_Fondles

    737 Max

    The stuff coming to light between boeing and the FAA to get this pig into the air is going to be fun !!
  3. Good tip on the toys, I usually put mine back in their box and after a while the latex start to deteriorate.
  4. You can buy one from Lazada for Bt.49 and it will arrive in a few days. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/cosy-16-over-door-hanging-storage-bags-16-pockets-shoe-rack-hanger-multifunction-thick-tidy-jewelry-debris-storage-bag-organizer-i273500795-s433457939.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.14.7cdb5847xH602e&search=1
  5. please dont qoute me and reply as a common theme is that you do not like my reply to and I end up on mod watch. Ironically you will cry about this reply and mod watch for me once again.
  6. Was not questioning the morals of other when it comes to helping out someone else who is in financial need. If it an avoidable predicament they are on their own as far as Iam concoerned unless they are a relative..... even then I would remind them of their irresponsible stupidity..... assuming they have not done the go find me thing.... then I walk away. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  7. The ban ends at 6pm so there would be no reason why you cannot drink after that hour.... not sure they will actually serve you before that however as you do not state high end restaurant who will be sticklers for the law or a hole in the wall joint that may not give a shit. What bar lets you bring your own beer and let you sit there and drink it, regardless of alcohol bans or not ?
  8. There is a go fund me for Kev to pay his medical bills. People should not travel without insurance if they dont have the cash to pay the bills.
  9. Sir_Fondles

    737 Max

    is there any still flying ?
  10. 2 that I watch on occasion are Dead Farang and Johhny there is something happening.
  11. Thai Airways offers the option of printing off your own card, Qantas sends out a plastic card.
  12. Good to see France uses the same bricks as Thailand !!
  13. Fair enough, cavity walls in the houses I rented did not seem to provide much insulation at all, could feel the heat radiating through them.
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