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  1. And yet my replies to him result in moderation action............ someone is telling porky pies.
  2. its only cause of people like you that whinge to the mods.
  3. pissing myself laughing cause I got banned for calling someone a moron on thaivisa.com !!.
  4. Nah, life would be boring if we did not have haters.
  5. " Renee Steinaker, sued Southwest Airlines last year for emotional distress, negligence, invasion of privacy and sexual harassment. ".. Did they watch her in the dunny flicking the bean or something ?
  6. Mopping floors, few loads of washing, cleaning bathrooms, cooking dog food. Being single does have its draw backs !!
  7. His other toys aren't too shabby either.......... wish I had deeper pockets !!
  8. Hahahaha, hit a nerve did he.... you do like the personal attacks and seem to have free reign to do so. Have your breakfast beers turned into evening beers ?
  9. judging by the PM's I receive from Tommy someone here certainly do not like my posts or existence.
  10. Maybe they dont post because of you.... or even me.
  11. Marmite is shite, we eat Vegemite.
  12. Really ?. Not a fan of it personally, my go to beer when home is Little Creatures Dog Days.
  13. To be honest I don't know what they are or have ever tried them. Just found the news article title amusing given that (as you pointed out) the French are food snobs, give me some coon or bega cheese any day !!
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