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  1. Righto, yeah good luck with that in Thailand.
  2. Worst commute I had was armour vehicle handover's to Aus embassies/consulates. Fly to destination on sunday, receive vehicle and prep for handover on the monday... tues/weds/thurs was vehicle familiarisation and handover... fly home Thursday night/Friday. Was glad when that was finished.
  3. Labour dept is very approachable and is very pro employee. They signed a resignation letter though so no leg to stand on unless they can prove they were forced to sign. .
  4. Sneaky way to get out of severance payouts, disgusting business practice.
  5. When it is good both shifts do 4 hours over time each, they are not at the moment.
  6. Pattaya had a park?... How novel, was it as good as the beaches ?
  7. To be honest I dont really care.. my post was merely implying emigrating to Aus is not a cheap or quick exercise so surprises me it is a desired destination.
  8. They must have plenty of time and money if they are emigrating to Aus.
  9. I don't really give a shit for crusty old dilapidated buildings.
  10. Not sure if it a thing every Saturday as this past week the roads have been quieter than normal as most of the Japanese companies have been closed due to some Holiday back in Japan so maybe the traffic for me this morning is a flow on from that. Our production staff here do work Saturdays though... both day and night.
  11. Cheaper to demo that old relic than refurbish it.
  12. Seems to be a thing here in Amata Nakorn... this morning the roads were deserted so that tells me not many companies are doing the 6 days thing.
  13. I would not go as far as calling them dummies but.........................
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