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  1. My newbie trip Larry said the exact same thing to me, I knew I was gonna enjoy myself!!
  2. What a great day out thank you for taking the time to post.
  3. It would all depend on what she looked like.
  4. I had a heart attack 18 months ago and joined a gym 12 months ago, weights, HIIT and a bit of cardio. I enjoy it most of the time but the best bit is feeling great an hour after a work out, and Iv'e lost 14 KG
  5. I'm the same me here as I was there.
  6. I have some great memories of both establishments, thanks for taking the time
  7. Sitting here at work stunned. Just read the news about Baz
  8. Only met Baz once in Secrets Bar a few years ago, seemed like a great guy and I like many have enjoyed his posts. Just seems so bloody pointless. RIP
  9. No. In this day and age they are a complete rip off. I give some money to charity.
  10. andyajn


    Two years ago my cholesterol was measured at just over six and the doctor wanted me to go onto statins. I resisted and tried to get it down with exercise and diet. Last year however I had a heart attack and had a stent fitted. I was immediately put onto 80 mg Artorvastaton which bought my cholestorol down to just over two in a matter of weeks. I take them at night as advised. At first i did get a skin rash and tickley cough but these symtoms soon cleared. I'd take them!
  11. Are "posh" hotels guest friendly? I have only ever stayed at Secrets.
  12. I,m here..........and I'm there
  13. My bet is they don't find anything wrong with the brakes
  14. Happy birthday mate. At least one there that I recognize from 4 years ago.
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