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  1. When he gets going the only thing below the waterline is the bottom horizontal fin, the board and keel rise out of the water.
  2. Usually branded although some own brand are better than the branded version, and some own brand are made in the same factory as the branded version and simply packaged differently.
  3. My other half always uses tinned potatoes in her Masaman curry, I like them in that much better than "fresh" potatoes.
  4. Looks like my kind of place.
  5. When I was young we never had a takeaway, when we had curry it was always a Vesta chicken curry. Dad used to cut up a banana and eat that with it, I never really understood that.
  6. I love a good sci fi book. I have never read Heppner, I will give it a try.
  7. When did this one come out?
  8. My dentist says I press too hard when cleaning my teeth and am wearing away my gums and suggests I should buy an electric toothbrush. Maybe I will try one.
  9. Peter Sutcliff is dead of Covid 19. At least something good has come out of this
  10. I don't disagree with your sentiments, I'm just saying we cant blindly trust the drug companies when there is so much money at stake. I do agree that the only way out of this is via a vaccine and testing.
  11. I don't disagree with what you are saying but I have just one word...... Thalidomide.
  12. But will everybody be happy to take a relatively untried vaccine?
  13. Why oh why don't the rules get changed so that it is the leading foot which is the offside line, not the body, head or arm. This would be so easy for VAR to rule on if necessary.
  14. We need to get back to business as usual and that is not happening anytime soon. They are looking to put more and more of the country under "Tier 3" restrictions. Not good.
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