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  1. How the other half live.................
  2. Buy a lottery ticket, more chance than the above ever happening.
  3. Rent holiday LOL. Very much doubt that. Those bars have been run down for to many years. Had 1 beer in December in 1 of those bars. 1 singha 110 baht no girls in the bars & boxers pestering ya for money. With the beer garden next door selling beer cheaper think they will struggle.
  4. Just to say to all you guys that upload photos on here I think that the quality is outstanding. 👍
  5. SKY NEWS ; Results from the lie detector over the last 24 hrs for COVID-19.
  6. IMHO most bar rent prices are way over priced & key money is illegal but most call it a loophole.
  7. I firmly believe that the only way to beat this virus is to stay at home & have as little contact with other people as possible. Unfortunately the U.K government seem to be promising the world to the working class & delivering very little. People will only listen for so long but with many people running out of food , money & most of all patience how long will people stay home. I know many who will be working next week that were off for the previous 3. This government like most previous don't seem to be stepping up to the mark where they should be, when the money runs out so will the patience. A big cheer for the N H S workers though doing a great job & under a lot of pressure, when this troublesome virus is past will the government remember how important they are to this country & increase the pittance of pay that they currently get, I doubt it.
  8. EVA Premium economy. Get on 12 hours & get off job done. Also the extra money for premium for a lot more extra comfort is well worth it IMHO. Luggage drop off is easier & boarding the plane as well.
  9. Used to enjoy Mistys ago go about 10 yrs ago but don't think its there anymore.
  10. GOD BLESS YA KEV, you'll be sadly missed I loved watching your live streams. R.I.P.
  11. I think after this COVID 19 Pattaya will never get back to normal. But what would call normal in Pattaya. ???
  12. Regardless of what Brexit produces or the economy until a new government is formed in Thailand the baht won't go up very much.
  13. Have used it when passing & hungry, IMO its an average place to eat.
  14. I,ll be doing the above as this country & democracy are finished. Have a read of the Lisbon Treaty, staggering what is in it.
  15. Only 40 days now, wish it was a lot longer cos that exchange rate is shit. ONLY JOKING JUST GONNA TAKE MORE.
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