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  1. ...so it looks like i bought it from SunTech in TukCom. not sure what floor and whether they are still in business.
  2. ...so, I bought this box to watch movies from my hard drive. Can I have apps added to this box to watch -free movies & tv shows?
  3. ...my understanding is that things like a “firestick” requires a paid fee/membership fee...is that correct. I have been watching free sports on betting websites. Is the firestick basically the same line as just buying say truevision, a different format - provinding the same type of service???
  4. ...do pre-loaded boxes already have the apps? what do you actually get with a “pre-loaded box” and what does that do? what is the benefit of these pre loaded features? Is this free ? or I have to still pay a membership fee? thx
  5. ...I have the himedia type boxes. I’ve only used mine to watch movies from. Does these type of boxes including Minix boxes allow you to stream live tv for free??? or is this still a downloading device? thx
  6. Can you provide more info on “p torrents”. what is the actual web address? If I already have a media player/box, will the torrent/movie play once I transfer it to a portable hard drive? thx
  7. ... looks like another rear end accident. This time involving a fuel tanker. Thai’s drive too close. I would think, if I was driving a fuel tanker for a living, I would leave extra gap/space while driving...
  8. I’ve been coming to LOS for 1/2 that time and the changes are noticeable enough to change my retirement views too. I had initially planned to retire in Thailand, but within the last few years decided to just visit 2-3 times per year instead. I split my time now with the Philippines. Some of my main concerns are - Visa difficulties - Farong’s not being truly accepted by Thai’s, but tolerating us. - Thai govt rules/regulations/dual pricing. - Scams I’ve worked and lived in over a dozen countries and always felt part of the community where I lived, but not so
  9. Procrastinated by watch movie High Fidelity...getting ready to go outside to clean up the garden before winter
  10. ...official switch over from outside to now indoors. Grow lights on - Dill and Cilantro just started to sprout. Blueberries look good, should be ready in about a month. And rosemary, I just brought inside a potted plant
  11. ...I believe in the Philippines, if you are married to a filipino , you can return to the Philippines anytime now. And that also includes foreigners on retirement visas. Only downside, Duerta plans on keeping boarders closed for the rest of us until after 2nd quarter 2021. I guess my trip I was planning for Cebu & Davao will not happen early next year.
  12. ...nice to see lights are on @ night. great pics!!!
  13. Anybody spend the day over in Sriracha? Is it even worth spending the night there and making it a 2day/overnight stay town? What are the key places to see/do in Sriracha?
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