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  1. I always really liked "The Faces" -- Ronnie Wood is to much ... lol
  2. Bro ... I honestly don't know ... but, I will find out for you and send another message ... give me a week or so ... I will ask around .... I always see Thai's snorkeling in and around certain little islands ... and I have snorkeled a lot also ... I do see some dive boats now and then when I am out on the sea ...
  3. propagating -- yea I agree But manipulation and propagating ( seems the same to me -- even though I understand the difference ) -- you gotta admit -- they are masters ......... I still don't believe that people take the news seriously any more these days - especially the print news ( I am only speaking about the USA - because that is all I know ) -- WTF ? Most of it is all political attacks ... which I get severely tired of ... and all of these "agendas" .. Hollywood ( who gives a f**k about these people -- their whole life is pretending ) ,, the left ,, the "woke up" ,, all of this bullshit
  4. Yea they are masters at this ( skilled in manipulation ) -- but, I read the article very carefully and banning is burning to me .... sorry I mislead in the topic ... WTF -- aren't there bigger problems in the world ? Lets not even discuss SF .. LOL
  5. I spent a ton of hours in the NYC Public Library when I was growing up ... that was my Moms punishment for me ... I was always in trouble when I was young and most of my time was spent on a basketball court or the library ... I started to really love the library ... That is really cool - great -- the British Library does that .... I can' compare the NYC Public Library - but the number and topics of books in this place is vast and huge .. really huge .... I hope that some crazed governmental official DOES NOT start attacking libraries .. that would put me in fighting mode ....
  6. I would go for it also ... the Belhaven looks good ...
  7. Don't ever give up ... keep fighting even if you feel that you have no fight left ... f******ing fight ~! ( those are my asterisks - LOL ) I remember when I was in the "joint" ... I wanted to lay down and die on some days - just give up ... but, every morning I said to myself ... fight .... and fought I did ... there is always light in the dark tunnel ...
  8. Also ... if you get a chance go to Koi Lipe ( recommended for sure ) ... I am there all the time with Ziggy ( my young daughter ) and it is a great little island and there is also a Walking Street ( lol ) ... So you fly into Hat Yai airport ... so much less hassle than Phuket Intl .... then take a mini van to Park Bara .. just a tad more than 100 baht ... There is a sea port ( very, very small ) but some pretty big boats there .... and you then take a boat for around 300 baht to Koi Lipe ... a little more than 1 hour But stay in a hotel on the north side of the island .. much more private with pristine beaches ..... you need to take company with you because the P4P ( like Pattaya or BKK ) does not exist ... a beautiful place .............. https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ACYBGNR44yWeW7HokuNKNoYD6FvBgVYFkw:1582113901094&q=pictures+of+Koh+Lipe&tbm=isch&source=univ&client=firefox-b-d&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjbpsbIyd3nAhXwwjgGHZfHCQUQsAR6BAgKEAE&biw=1920&bih=916 If you want then you can take a day trip from Koi Lipe on a boat to Langkawi island ( this is Malaysia ) .. don't worry about a Visa or any of that shit ( I am serious ) ... some great little restaurants and small hotels there .... there are so many boat trips daily from Koi Lipe and if it is an off the grid spot you are thinking then just rent a long tail ( very easy to do ) You cannot go wrong where ever you go to ... in the South on the Adaman sea side of Thailand ... the sea and beaches are beautiful down in this area I am a sea / beach type of guy .. that is why I live down here .... plus, this is where Beach gal grew up ...
  9. I did the same ... she was a 20 year old "drop dead innocent gorgeous gal" .... . a little side thing I had going ( 1 out of a shit load ) before I married Beach Gal ..... I paid for the last 2 years of her Uni at Ramkhamaeng ... she was worth it .. for sure ... now and then I would give her some spending money .. never a lot though ... she was a super gal ... she is now living back in Chiang Mai ... working ... I see her now and then when I go to Chiang Mai to work at a hospital up there ... she met a home town ( Chiang Mai ) guy after we finished and being the loyal type of gal she is .... is still with him ..... good for her ... I wish her nothing but happiness .... I could still see her today and carry on where we left off ... but, my heart has always been with Beach Gal ...
  10. That sill seems to be the "action" Soi on lower Suk ..... I remember years ago the only place worth going to was Cheap Charlies and I forget the name of the disco / club in the basement of a hotel there ( WTF -- I was in there a 100 times and can't remember the name -- LOL ) But .. my all time favorite Soi on lower Suk was 7/1 .... that was a totally decadent Soi .... full of despicable activity .... it has slowly died .... The Magic Table next to the Eden Club was a great place and the owner was a great guy ... man ,, the fun we had in this place I was in Baccara this last Sunday night in Soi Cowboy .. the gals in there never disappoint ... the place was wall to wall ....
  11. It is always like that ... 1K ST or 2K all night ( most of the time 1.5K) ....... I try to keep my mouth shut when I hear the prices some guys pay ..... if they only knew ... LOL
  12. A little side note .. if you are planning on going to Phuket ..... fly into Hat Yai instead of Phuket ... It is about the same time getting into Phuket town from Hat Yai -- driving about 1 hour --- and if you get stuck leaving Phuket airport at the toll booth then it takes longer than 1 hour You can regularly get round trip flights to Hat Yai from BKK for less than 1K baht -- sometimes right around 600 baht Hat Yai is a very small and efficient airport ... if I don't drive to BKK when I leave home in the South then I always fly from Hat Yai to BKK and then back again .... then a 1 hour drive drive home which is close to Pak Bara ... Hat Yai to Phuket town is right around 1 hour .. sometimes less - sometimes just a tad more .. for a little more than 100 baht in a mini van
  13. I would scruff that down in a minute ... even the eggs look good ... When I lived in the UK .. I got used to beans with breakfast ( I never ate them when I was growing up in NY with breakfast ) ... even now I really like ... I'd say it adds something special with the breakfast ,, I am not sure what that 'special " is ... but, it is pretty tasty ...
  14. Yea Bro .. I agree ... Neil is a pretty wild leftie -- but, I can't hold is music against him .....
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