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  1. Man .. I used to drink the shit out of that when I lived in Bury St. Edmunds .. I worked in Thetford at the time .... all the people in that part of the UK seemed super nice to me ( London -- you can keep the place ) ... I was there a little over a year ... then I was off to Moscow .... great beer ( or ale ) , doesn't matter to me .. jeez .. some of the women in Moscow were total "knock-outs" .... really !
  2. Never mind Bro .. just go with the flow and have fun .....
  3. @Monkey Harris .... there are some really good guys on this forum ... yea .. some shit flies now and then ... but, it is all harmless .. everyone has an opinion .... you just gotta respect it .. regardless if you disagree ... never mind ... Nothing is ever Doom and Gloom with me .. lol .. lol " Baby -- just take a chance and dance with me "
  4. Yea ... I agree .. he is a super good man .... an honest guy that has respect ... very important to me!
  5. Life is good ... it is what you make .. regardless of the ups and downs ..... and the bullshit .. f**k it .. live free and happy ( at least that is my attitude and nothing is going to stop me from doing ) We were in Patts a couple of weeks ago ... then we went back home in the South and then drove up to Koh Mook ( a beautiful pace ) .. stayed a couple of days .. Seems lately I have been back in BKK every week ...for a couple of days ... No road police road blocks taking your temperature ... very easy to get on a plane from Hat Yai to BKK .. Mask wearing ( in the deep South ) really doesn't exist ... in BKK .. so so ... social distancing in BKK .. a big joke Ziggy is back in school without the plastic "jail cells" ... Beach Gals flower store is rocking and rolling .. like usual ... it makes me laugh .. she has a "factory" .. I am serious We are happy and healthy .... Except the fish ... I go out in my long tail every morning when I am home in the South ( Ziggy usually comes with me ) and I can't ever get a bite .. WTF ....
  6. Yes ... many times ... Just last week I went to the US and Vietnam Embassies .... and I was supposed to go back to Vietnam on Wednesday last week .... there was a simple question no one could answer ... would I have to self contain myself ( quarantine ) when I came back home to Thailand ... all of this Wuhan virus shit ..... is bullshit ... f**k me! So ... I worked out something with the hospital I was going to in Vietnam to install the software remotely ... and set up a couple of video sessions to teach them ... everyone involved was cool The beaches in Vietnam .. all of them I have been to are pretty good ... same with the food ... plus, the woman act shy ... but, they aren't at all ... never any problems ... Why are you confused KWA ?
  7. lol .. all of you guys are boring .... jeez .. you don't want to see what I was up to tonight ...
  8. Bro .. don't let anyone give you any shit ... and don't take any ... f**k that .... Walk strong and safe ....
  9. Yea Bro .... how could I forget? ... I really like you .. a straight shooter .. no bullshit or games ... a super good man! ..... Deep inside of me ... I am fairly balanced .. I know good from bad ... right from wrong .... sometimes bad shit just happens ... and you know me ... I won't hesitate ... The Belfast Irish genes ... could be a curse or a blessing ... depends on how you walk through life .... and I think I have been fairly blessed ... considering all of the wild shit I have done .. lol Loads of love back to you Brother .. the best to you and your family ! Are you in Issan ?
  10. I was only there for 2 - 3 days ... I guess if you look around you can find ... but, I had no such luck ... guess I was only interested in getting a belly full of beer ... and said f**k it ... plus, I am pretty particular ... if not a great ass, long legs .. nice toes and lips ... then I just say no
  11. Man, I know the quality of gals have dropped ... in Patts and BKK .. at least in the beer bars .. another story in the late night Thai clubs I didn't see one gal when I was in Patts a couple weeks ago that I was willing to put my dick into ... maybe after about 7 - 8 hours later after pounding serious beers ( which I did ) ... but, I would still be cautious Same in BKK .... 3 - 4 days ago .. I had to go to the US and Vietnam Embassy's .. while waiting to go to the Vietnam Embassy and after I left the US Embassy .. I stopped into Morning Night on SOi 4 .... ( Nana - lower Suk ) ,,, jeez .. all of the gals in there looked like they were " rode hard and put away wet" .. yea .. nice smiles .. but, f**k a smile when you are looking for a quality piece of ass ... with great legs and ass ... Guess, I am not surprised ... I know some gals here in BKK that have just gotten on line .... showing a little pussy and getting paid ... for doing nothing .. it beats the f**k out of me why a guy would pay for on line pussy ....
  12. Another side note ...Beach gals family lives not far from Pak Bara .. on the sea ... great people ... I was a confirmed bachelor it seems like forever ... she won my heart ... no drama, never a harsh word ,, no lies or bullshit ... she is an honest gal with a great heart .... I met her on the beach in Koi Lipe with her younger sister and her older brother .... I thought she was absolutely beautiful ( but, young ... around 18 at the time ) .. so I walked up and started talking to her .... I guess that turned out ok .... A very good girl with a wild f**ker ... we have a beautiful daughter and have been together a long time ..... maybe now 16 - 17 years ... but, it was hard for me to take the leap of faith with her and get married .. about 10 years later ... she hung in there and never gave up ... very cool .. and I am 100% guilty of some wild shit She has put balance in my life ... she is beautiful ... So .. keep your eye out ..you may find something good
  13. Get to Pak Bara and take a boat to Koi Lipe .... there is a Walking Street there also .... and if you time you visit right you can stay at my house on the sea .... Then go to Langkawi ... for a couple of days .. no passport hassle Just about everyplace in the deep South on the Adaman Sea side of Thailand is beautiful ... plus, the people are a different species from BKK or Patts ..they always smile and would do anything to help you .. for sure!
  14. Yea, I think so as well ... when I was there a couple weeks ago ... I think the 1st or 2nd September ... I was sitting at Prime Burger and there is a Bangkok Bank across the Soi .. I was shocked to see the number of farangs going into the place .. and it was a constant flow for about the 2 hours while Beach gal and I was eating our food and me drinking a couple of beers ( we sat outside ) The only place where I had to put on a mask was waking into 7/11 to buy some cigs ( on Walking Street ) ... none of the bars I was in didn't care .. they were all cool .. no problems
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