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  1. Totally sober ... maybe you should go back and read what I said ... A pretty valid question ... how hard can it be to build a fucking road that doesn't continually need repairs ?" I wasn't haranguing anyone .. just stated what I thought ... it you took that as haranguing then that is your fault ..... The "gang up" crowd must be feasting now ! lol
  2. Bitch and moan ... I am not stopping you or preaching to anyone ... for me it just gets old and I also have a right to say what I want as well ... pretty thin skin you have ....
  3. I don't know .. honestly, I don't ... but, how hard can it be to build a road and then perform some maintenance 1 time every 10 years or so ... I don't understand ... What is it .. the materials they use ... lousy builders .. a combination of both ... what?
  4. When you live here long enough ... you understand ... Thai "ways" are mostly the ONLY way here ... they believe what they believe .. do what they want to do .. so you ignore it and just get on down the road .... really, what impact does it have on your life ... none ... as far as I am concerned ......... There is NO reason to bitch, moan and complain on things you have absolutely zero chance to change .... Really, what the f**k difference difference does it make that the Soi floods out and has numerous potholes ..... zero, nada, nothing in my book ... if it bothers one so much then just avoid it ... think good thoughts and keep on trucking .... Plus, if it really fucking bothered the Thai's they would fix ... come on .. their attitude to most things is mai pen rai ....
  5. It is not my work - so, why should I bitch and moan ... it is what it is .. if you hate it so much don't walk down the Soi ...
  6. Jeez guys, just get used to it .. no amount of bitching and complaining is going to make things any better .... nothing is perfect!
  7. My philosophy ... " pick and stick " through thick and thin .. ! Ziggy is great ... I am in the sea everyday with her ... watching her taking it all in with the biggest smile on her face .... I hope I make her as happy as she makes me !
  8. One of my favorite books was The Two Towers .. the second book of the trilogy ....
  9. "Force the change" Bro .... nothing ever happens by "wondering" ... don't mean to sound like a "dick" but, I am serious ... " Force the change" Even if you are totally not sure which way to go ... just do it ... pick a path and "force the change" and change as appropriate ....
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