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  1. You know there is a pretty gigantic Indian community here in BKK ... I know a number of Punjabi's and most of these women in this group of friends are just beautiful .. I mean beautiful ....
  2. Lunch today .. it was Beach Gals sisters birthday -- so we had her family over ...
  3. Had lunch yesterday at Beach gals flower shop .... Green curry -- Mo Tod Kiteau pig thai - pork sauteed in garlic and black pepper Coconut milk curry
  4. ^^^^^^ I buy these types of pies all the time ... from Anne's Frozen Foods here in BKK and take back with me to the South all the time ... http://www.annsfrozenfood.com/ I really like their pies --
  5. One more thing I would like to add ... it is our responsibility as men to live honestly, ethically and make a shit load of dough ... ( I mean a shit load ) ... after that everything else is just icing on the cake .. including women .. they come and go ( at least that has been my life long experience ) just make sure you maintain self respect ( don't grovel or snivel or beg them to stay ) and be polite when they leave .... another one is just around the corner ...... regardless if you are an old f**k or not!
  6. Well, all I can say is you need "dough" and plenty of it ( the way I see things ) .. either way single or married !
  7. ^^^^^ I don't know ... over 1 week ? I could understand a couple of days .... @Barsie -- Bro, just go to the hospital .. quick and painless .. get it checked out .. probably nothing to worry about .. but, over a week is kinda a long time for something to persist ...
  8. No .... a "power of attorney" does it for you at the US Embassy .... Yea, I agree .. 5K is peanuts ... especially if you don't want to deal with the fucking traffic nightmares in BKK
  9. I don't think that is the case at all .. everything in BKK is more expensive than in the provinces .....
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