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  1. Rule 1. Never tell Thai police the truth. It just confuses them.
  2. Maybe could be turned into a benefit if the bar was being plugged on here. You don't get 35 pages of comments from people who don't give a shit. Compare this to the number of comments on their Facebook page. There's a lot more love on the boards. Is the Secrets association really a problem? Secrets was a popular and successful bar and there seem to be a fair bit of nostalgia for it here. Would anyone be put off going to Beavers because they didn't like Babydolls? (perish the thought.) And as for Scooter's "a few yards off the beaten track" location being a problem, it doesn't seem to be a problem for Pattaya Beer Garden.
  3. monkeyman


    Zandvoort is going to need a huge amount of work over the next eight months to get it up to F1 standard.
  4. They're a bit slow with their closure announcement then.
  5. The printers must be trying to blacken their name...
  6. They won't be doing much business for their last three days then.
  7. Soi 16 bars have had girls trying to sing while riding a Syrian.
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