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  1. Well the whole STV thing's gone down the crapper now and nobody's getting any refunds. We really shouldn't laugh.
  2. Meths was big step up from Watney's Red Barrel.
  3. Pattaya Beer Garden is closing down again, albeit temporarily.
  4. Shouldn't they be charging the car?
  5. monkeyman


    That sanctimonious little shitweasel is now an embarrassment to himself and to the sport. Bet the sponsors underneath that shirt are not too pleased either.
  6. monkeyman


    Sounds like he was given the boot to make way for Vettel.
  7. So the work doesn't start until next year but they're still targetting local tourists. Hmmm.
  8. And a less well known one. Who but Ray Davies could rhyme 'vernacular' with 'Dracula'?
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