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  1. Okay, I can see it would be more trouble than it's worth. Do you know if the old ones are still available anywhere? I've looked around but without success.
  2. Could we get rid of all the new ones then and put the old ones back? They were so much better.
  3. Yep, what the bars desperately need now is a huge influx of Gabor's LDOP Asian cretins.
  4. monkeyman


    Driving a black Mercedes definitely makes a statement...
  5. monkeyman


    Well it's not been a good weekend if you're a black dude driving a black Mercedes. 💀
  6. And I know just the man for the job...
  7. monkeyman


    So painting your car black is how you fight racism? Guess Martin Luther King got it all wrong.
  8. monkeyman


    You'd also need a time machine as the Malaysian Grand Prix was dropped from the calendar three years ago.
  9. If she'd kept the name perhaps she could've formed a duo with Troggs singer Reg Presley (real name Reg Balls.) And if they didn't fancy being called Cock and Balls, they could've teamed up with Pete Shelley and become The Ballcocks.
  10. Judith Durham is my guilty secret...
  11. Yeah, just to the right of Gary Glitter, two rows in front of Hitler.
  12. Does Justin Trudeau know that you're not supposed to spray it on your face?
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