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  1. I'm the most diverse cnunt on the forum,I ask questions,I'm not boring and I drink whisky(not whiskey)
  2. Yes or No,would it depend who it was? No bickering!
  3. Oops my bad,apologies. Wrong section. Did ye see that cnunt cummin oot the widae tho.
  4. You get the best gun safety info from the NRA, I'm a member only 65 dollars a year,well worth it.
  5. I want to be one. I will be faithful. Votes please.
  6. Will it be worth watching with men competing in women's sports.
  7. ..............I really wanted to put up some football or naked birds,(which I've done)I don't want to upset anyone. Bickering is not allowed!!
  8. I hope he grabs her pussy.
  9. I didn’t get The Donald to sign my hat.
  10. Fuckin hell,this is Steve Harley. Make me smile. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ux07mWAUi0
  11. At Bethpage Black this week.The USPGA. All eyes on Tiger of course.Great to see Graeme Mcdowell back in Majors.Narrow fairways,deep rough and a million bunkers. Koepka,Johnson favourites at 11/1,Mcilroy 12/1,the Tiger at 13/1.
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.................................FREE THINKING BE DAMNED.
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