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  1. But blessed to have lived in a much better era..
  2. Children of the war generation made of stern stuff 👍
  3. Parents booked in Friday for jabs..light at the end of a very dark tunnel
  4. Looking at flights to Thailand on skyscanner..just looking mind
  5. I bit leftfield , but to those of you who live in Thailand and with all the changes going on, if the Chinese were to ever move in on pattaya,,could there ever be another pattaya like place spring up somewhere else in Thailand. Could a place like udon or hua hin expand its bar scene?
  6. Lots of my parents friends have now had the vaccination..hopefully itll be my parents turn in next couple of weeks..itll be a massive relief
  7. might just turn on the tv for this..true story is it not
  8. You learn something everyday..plenty of tea with a drop of something 👍
  9. Have you got any brandy in..I'd get in a sleeping bag and hit the bottle 👍
  10. Some big units in the Pacific islands
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