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  1. Can't think of the name but I used to use it on door2door. 🙂
  2. Never been to one in the UK neither has the wife. I've already told her if she wants to go with mates etc I don't mind but she's not too bothered. I personally don't want to go to one 🙂
  3. I think he kept one also didn't he? 🙂
  4. Obviously not mine but some favourites that I've driven. I used to drive Bentley's the same as this occasionally when I worked for an Arab family. The Porsche is a 959, My Dads Saudi client bought one and my Dad went over to Stuttgart to pick it up on a trailer with delivery mileage. A mate and I took it out around Bayswater in the early 90's, It didn't even have number plates fitted. The Z1 was owned by the same Guy and my Dad used to look after it at home. 🙂
  5. I think my wifes happy enough, According to her she doesn't want to go back to Thailand to live. She's got a few mates, a job with other Thai's and her car etc if she wants to do her own thing. Food wise she gets hold of most stuff she wants but she's also quite good with eating western stuff. She's not massively religious so not into the temple scene etc which suits me as I wouldn't go with her anyway so theres no issues there. 🙂 She comments to me about our relationship being different from many of the Thai girls here that she knows, they seem to be together every minute of the day and the husbands gives them an allowance etc and they clean the house, cook the dinner and run around after the husband. Personally not into that but we have also lived together for 17 years now, 13 of those years in Pattaya so we've always both had our own freedom (not in that way lol). 🙂
  6. Barracuda and a Camero, lovely. 🙂
  7. A 348 is the only Ferrari i've ever had a ride in, my Dads client/ mate gave me a lift to the Royal Courts of Justice in his blue one when I was an outdoor clerk in Holborn. The Cobra is my favourite but a very close second is a Ferrari, also very rare and very expensive. 🙂
  8. If it wasn't for friends and family I don't think I'd be going back often. The wife and I have already discussed our next holiday not being Thailand although I fancy having a look at Krabi. 🙂
  9. Maranello dealership in Egham. Used to drive passed it when I worked in Longcross Surry. 🙂 Well over a million for a proper 60's one. 🙂
  10. Car porn for me? Theres is only one-
  11. I was in Needham Market, Ipswich today and surprised/ happy to see a car dealers/ garage that specialised in TVR, MG and Noble. 🙂
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