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  1. Looking at hotels for my upcoming trip, sorted a hotel out for Ao Nang, just looking at trying out somewhere new for a week in Pattaya.
  2. Im the same, need to have a good look at my team and do some transfers
  3. First I've checked this in ages i had been stuck in the Ivory Coast for 5 weeks working with terrible wifi. Im surprised i'm doing as well as I am😀
  4. Watching France against the Argies rugby match and having a think about what I’m gonna do today that will keep me out the pub😀
  5. Nice one, I do nightshift at work. 3 weeks at a time then 3 weeks off at home, it's a nightmare. It takes me about a week to get myself back to normal.Its definitely not good for you.
  6. I was listening to this album earlier in the gym after seeing the new topboy series has started again on Netflix, not listened to it in years 😎
  7. I just transfered some money into my Thai bank account for my trip in December using transferwise. ฿37.93 to the £
  8. I told myself I was gonna go every day, had a look at it when I first checked in and never used the place😂 Im usually alright for going as well but just seemed lazy this trip and more interested in the drink, i definitely overdone the boozing this trip. Im back in December and I'm gonna try stay off the drink until then, its just over 3 months I should do it no bother. I just need to take my car with me every time I go out the house😀
  9. Not stayed in the hotel but its opposite my condo I have in bkk and a few pals have stayed in it and said it was nice. I see the shuttle service from the hotel regular going up and down the Soi. Not much in the Soi if I'm honest apart from cabbages and condoms and a little coffee/food shop further down near the start of the Soi As has been mentioned Korea town has a few decent places to eat but once you get out on sukhumvit and to Asoke BTS and the MRT you can get around anywhere you want so the area is handy that way.
  10. Gonna blast through it this weekend, staying off the drink this weekend and gonna get back into the gym, hardly went the 3 weeks I was in Thailand so need to get back into it.
  11. 5 of any cocktails or spirits it’s good for a wee livener before heading out. Can do a all you can drink as well for 2 hours. Barsu at the Sheraton
  12. In the Sheraton smashing through a load of mojitos before hitting cowboy. Cheap as Fook 😀 There’s a table of 3 Japanese guys with about 15 Russian brass. Old guys are loving it up dancing to the shit band 😂😂
  13. Having a few beers in soi 8 in bkk and Just booked my flight for my next trip. 20 December until 6 January 😎
  14. I don’t do it but On the rig I’m on they have got a vape room now since about 3 month ago, it used to be banned offshore. Your not allowed to travel with your own vape pen thing you need to buy it offshore. Not got a clue about pricing normally but the boys say it’s a rip off when they are buying the stuff offshore
  15. Definitely one of the better ones 👍🏻
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