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  1. We are terrible, I never wanted Lennon back the guy is clueless. If he's still the manager next year I will be binning my season ticket. 2 nil down and we are trying to pass it from the back up the park and losing the ball everytime😀 I hate to say it but Gerrard has get Lennon sussed.
  2. Crying into my cornflakes, I had a bet on the football last night and England result lost me £11500😭 I was parked up in my car listening to the last 15 minutes ,I think its the only time I've ever wanted England to win a football match😂
  3. Thats not so good away all that time, yeah my condos been empty since all this covid started. I'm down at Soi 12, I maybe try and move further up sukhumvit once I get back. it seemed a good idea at the time buying a place between nana and cowboy but I'm a bit bored of it now. Even a few stops up the BTS would be ideal, somewhere between Phrom phong and Ekkamai maybe.
  4. Cant wait to get back over, for all the shite cowboy gets from people I think it's brilliant. My condos only 5 minutes walk/stagger from there so easy for me heading home. Did you visit any of the Massage shops on Soi 23 while you were in that area? Usually some good looking girls working in them.
  5. I need to watch this 😂
  6. I’ll get set up later, last season I never even changed a thing once I picked the team, just left it to run😂 I’ll be up the top half the end of this season 🙏🏻
  7. Having a few beers watching the boxing, looking forward to this Whyte and Povetkin fight
  8. Really sad news Rest in peace Lanza
  9. I've written this year off already, I'm just looking forward to the massive blowout once i eventually get over next year sometime.
  10. Another 14k on the bike this morning, by the time Thailand opens up I should be rid of my covid belly😂😂 Still no gyms opened in Scotland, madness how a company can open a gym in England but the same company can’t open here using the same procedures.
  11. First beer of the day, meeting some mates in town. I was walking by the brewery going into town and decided to get a quick beer in here. It’s a cracking pint😎
  12. Not Netflix but I just watched the first episode of this on Amazon prime, its only 4 episodes but it seems decent so far. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/video/detail/B08D11BD9B/ref=atv_dp_share_cu_r
  13. If you took the saddle off I suppose it could be used for that😀. ill send you a link you can get yourself one 😀
  14. it's got a dropper post seat on it, you press a lever and the seat goes up or down, makes it easier going down hills faster supposedly 😀
  15. Just back from out on the mountain bike for a few hours. Having a quiet afternoon watching some football then a takeaway later and watch the boxing. Exciting stuff 😂
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