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  1. I don't disbelieve you. hes invested a lot of money there to just walk away, if hes walking away from an investment of that size theres going to be a hell of a lot of smaller bars hitting the wall.
  2. there is a niche in the market then according to you, go open a bar with zero tolerance smoking you will make a fortune.
  3. the smoking ban happened here a long time ago now, it didn't last very long have you any idea why bar owners put the ash trays back and allowed smoking in bars.
  4. hes big time into ladyboys now also a moderator on a well known pattaya ladyboy forum.
  5. it can be called secrets lies and videotapes!!! please start from the beginning before the bar had even opened and ben used a fake id on pattaya talk to poach the members and it only got worse
  6. secretsgate was a good read on the flb board and as it turned out it was all was true.
  7. I just sneaked back to top spot again
  8. paid my leccy at pea big c extra yesterday no id needed
  9. it didn't even wet the roads it was a spit lol
  10. it will be renamed within a year to ladyboy central
  11. its neither of them the same as the girls none of them work there
  12. definitely happening work starting next april.
  13. I am the tinkerman I should have left well alone
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