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  1. its best to use the wildcard early as prices for top players rises quickly
  2. im chip lol I don't think I will win my game next week unless I use my wild card but im hesitant to use it. good luck mr bin
  3. before the previous building were demolished they talked of a new hotel
  4. yes he moved the bar because no action st (been called that since it opened) was dead and not good for business, he went to soi buakhow/soi 21. now hes moved back to no action st the mind boggles
  5. always up for a freebie and doesn't like putting his hand in his pockets and wont pay for a dentist lol
  6. jezza

    forums offline

    thanks for your reply they are on now
  7. Its strange but today I see some Thai related forums offline has anyone else noticed?
  8. jezza


    the dark one was called Na
  9. it will be 2k for a massage within a year if this is true what bars do they have there?
  10. yes you are quite right if you are assuming he has a thai bank account with 800 k in it, reading what the guy was asking I am assuming he does not.
  11. if you know anywhere cheaper let us know.
  12. if you cannot reply in advanced to a topic reply here. the guy who is asking about a long term visa for a friend if his friend is over 50 he can come in on normal visa and change to retirement visa for approx. 20 k
  13. jezza


    I see threadfucking is rife here already
  14. jezza


    I hope as has already been stated this forum will not be associated with any 1 bar maybe the meetings get togethers can move around many bars chosen by a poll of the members, should you get a good deal in a certain bar you can always go back.
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