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  1. soi 6 always had a fixed price to go upstairs you have been out of the game too long
  2. how can he sell an empty shell does he own the property?
  3. does anyone know mr eggs codes
  4. its not been open long enough to build a regular customer base and will be difficult to sell in this climate
  5. I won the head to head last time
  6. I hope this thread doesn't die of the pics because 1 person thinks he has a right on here to say stop posting pics, keep up the good work don't let one person stop you, thankyou
  7. many leagues around the world didn't get finished but they still had winners and losers.
  8. so who won the head to head?
  9. the percentage of people still over here on visa amnesty will be very low.
  10. expats have not been paying barfines for the last 3 - 4 months (if ever) so how does flowers seem to think they will pay barfines soon
  11. so what do I win in the h/h league for winning it
  12. I don't disbelieve you. hes invested a lot of money there to just walk away, if hes walking away from an investment of that size theres going to be a hell of a lot of smaller bars hitting the wall.
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