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  1. +1 Wonder if she is not either occupied early every day/night or picky (would be fair enough). Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk
  2. In that case I might start to pay with a CC in Le Pub in the future. Since I only have one (short) vacation in Thailand per year now it will not matter much either way :-D Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk
  3. Is it expensive for you Phil if a person pays a small bill with Visa or MasterCard? Would it be better to work up a tab for a week (of smallish bills)and then pay it with the CC? Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk
  4. Are the ST costs in Babylon similar to the other GCs or is it more like the go gos? Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk
  5. There is a good chance the laptop would work properly again if you format it and do a clean install of Windows. Installing it with Ubuntu or Mint Linux would be even better - but most people are not willing to try new things :- D Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk
  6. Fully agree - very cute trouble. Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk
  7. That's good - preferably if it's also only 99 baht. Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk
  8. So either bringing cash and using TT or using TransferWise to put money into a Thai account is the cheapest solutions? Do the Thai banks change when I use their own ATMs? I have a Kasikorn account - is it free to use a Kasikorn card in a Kasikorn ATM? Is it free the city the account is in (Pattaya) but cost a fee in the rest of Thailand?
  9. When reading the forum it is clear that there are two groups of opinions here: 1) Those that like the Bahtbuster breakfast. 2) Those that think it is "pretty shite" or worse. And probably the major third group that couldn't care less. :-D I am in group 1 and have eaten too many of them the last 3 weeks. I think the 2 slices of ham is ham and not bacon but I know it is just back bacon instead of streaky bacon (which is what I call bacon). The fried eggs could be bigger but they are freshly fried and cooked well. The fried bread and the baked beans is an acquired taste but I like them. I like the sausages which has a spice I mostly found in British sausages not in Danish or German ones. So what does the people in group 2 think is 'shite' about the Bahtbuster? Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk
  10. Getting spending money out of the ATM with a CC seems a good solution but then my CC mostly add a fee per cash withdrawal. I could live with that - but I just checked with a Kasikorn bank ATM and it would take a similar fee (220 thb). That means that even if I withdraw 30000 thb the final "exchange rate" it too poor. So - does any of the ATMs not add a fee to the bank it belongs to? Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk
  11. Is must be unpleasant to sit on the sofa that is wrapped in plastic. I can understand that it makes it easier to clean but luckily most landlords understand reasonable wear and tear. Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk
  12. There is VERY little violence in Pattaya compared to how many drunken people from many different countries that are there. I would like to see the reaction of the men in Glasgow if the city was flooded by drunken Arabs (I know the Muslims should not drink) that had much more money than the local lads and thus had all the best P4P talent. I doubt they would show as much restraint as the Thais. As for quality - I am not really impressed by the quality of the French governments. France is becoming an Islamic country even faster than Germany or the UK. At least the UK is trying to control it's borders (via Brexit) but in reality the whole of Europe should listen more to Orban (Hungary) instead of trying to isolate him/them. Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk
  13. Good idea Phil. Some nights I would prefer non-alcoholic. Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk
  14. FF will (can) only sync if you are logged in to a FF account. Your computer friend probably did that for you and it should sort it for you. But I am pretty sure you can also export your beloved bookmarks to a file on a hd or USB stick. Then you can import them to most browsers - also your newly installed FF on W10. Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk
  15. But with no security updates that is dangerous. The difference to W10 is not that big so much better to update. And it really shouldn't compromise any of the contents. Sendt fra min WAS-LX1 med Tapatalk
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