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  1. this organisation is trying to make a difference. They got quite some publicity lately. https://trashhero.org/
  2. Living in a country where you hardly see any trash at all in public, the condition of the thai hinterland and beaches is heartbreaking. There is trash everywhere and I don't believe its farang that are littering. However I also think a lot of the trash on beaches is washed on from the sea. Whenever i got to the beach i collect at least 3 pieces of plastic, no matter how clean the beach looks like i always find some. I don't just do this to feel better, i hope locals watch me and maybe there is some educational effect in it. Hope dies last.
  3. Thee is no such thing as censorship on a private board. There are houserules, defined by the founders. You follow them or you dont. Your choice. You can shout whatever you want in the public i dont care. You shout in my house, i make you stop or even kick you out as a last resort.
  4. Thats interesting, some of this places I would have ranked differently. https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/region_rankings.jsp?title=2018&region=035
  5. I love Wine from Bordeaux and Burgund but hardly ever buy it, because its too damn expensive. Most of the time I stick to Tempranillo (Rioja) from Spain, i think you get nearly equal quality for less money. Thats for red wine. White wine I dont drink at all.
  6. For more info you can download their pdf here: https://www.henleypassportindex.com/assets/2018/PI_2018_INFOGRAPHS_GLOBAL_181008_WITHOUT_CBI_PROGRAMS.pdf
  7. How many countries are YOU entitled to visit without visa or with visa on arrival? Austria: 186 Switzerland: 185 https://www.henleypassportindex.com/passport-index
  8. Thank you for your kind reactions gents. 🙏
  9. wow 1974! Must have been a great time to visit the region. From looking at your beatiful map I asume you where sailing? Nowadays these are pirate infested waters off the coast of Somalia. And Madagaskar, I always wanted to go. You have some crazy stories to tell, I am sure! I have been to Iran twice 1994 and 2005 I think, maybe I start one more tread and bore you guys again. 😂 @Thai Spice Thank you very much for posting this!
  10. Time to have have beer together, unfort. Basrah is a bit far off 😀
  11. Finally with bribes and local help I made it to the former construction site. The dam is still intact even the anti torpedo nets in the water are still there. So what did I learn? Saddam was an asshole, and its good that he is gone We many times tend to judge a situation without knowing all to much about it. If in doubt: Go and look for yourself 😀 Finally a short 1 Minute video: I hope i did not bore you to death lol Cheers D.
  12. Yes Erbil has been peaceful for a long time thanks to the local Kurdish Peshmerga forces. However the front-line to ISIS until beginning this year was just 80 clicks up northwest until they finally where pushed out.
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