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  1. Extending the topic to binge watching box sets, I have just finished all three series of ‘The Fall’ on Sky/NOW, Starring Gillian Anderson and a then-unknown Jamie Doran, it is the story of a serial killer in Belfast set in 2012. The murders are not associated with the troubles but inevitably the paramilitaries take a role. Series1 is about the murders themselves, Series2 the capture of the suspect and the last is the final outcome. There are many side plots throughout but none overshadow the main theme, serial murder. I was not expecting a lot from ‘The Fall’ but I was completely wrong. For me it was outstanding and I would recommend it to those able to track it down. I have seen posts by those, such as Krapow, about life in Belfast in the recent past and I would be interested on his take on this series.
  2. Live at present has no winners, no losers just survivors. It is memories where we decide the result of the lottery. Sorry! Too many bottles of Abbot Ale. First drink for three weeks, or half of Lent.
  3. I have never bedded a Korean woman, at least as far as I am aware. According to perceived knowledge the Korean race are quite nationalistic, disliking the Chinese and the Japanese, although their language and script are linked to these cultures. Since the Korean War seventy years ago North and South Korea have been kept separate and there must be huge differences now. For some reason these factors have fascinated me. At some time in the future I have promised myself that going with a Korean woman will be an education for me. But hopefully it will be more than that!
  4. Thai Spice No more comment from me except to say your ‘ umbleness reminds me of Uriah Heap from David Copperfield.Bonsoir Monsieur.
  5. Monsieur Thai Spice. Nothing to do with a sense of humour, British or Continental European. The concept of an ever closer union has always been the main reason for the Union even when it was just an idea in Monet’s extensive writings seventy years ago. What is your explanation for the Treaty of Aachen? Also read the results of the ECB’s Banking stress test issued last December. The fate of Euro is threatened by the mountain of non-performing debts of banks throughout the Eurozone not just in Italy,Ireland and Spain but also the mighty Deutsche Bank.The ECB will have to take decisions that will not be popular when the current credit bubble bursts, I agree it is slightly different It is 2019 and not eighty years ago. The countries of the EU should expect that Germany and France will protect the weaker nations that they are so closely aligned to. Ask Greece and Cyprus whether the spirit of Community extends to Southern Europe. The whole system is run in the interest of the big two nations. When push comes to shove Poland will suffer again. The question is how far the EU defence force is asked to put down the unrest that is coming. Your guess is as good as mine!
  6. It is time to have a quick perusal of the Treaty of Aachen signed by Merkel and Macron on Tuesday. Ostensibly it is an agreement for France and Germany to cooperate in military matters and to begin to merge the two Armed forces. This is the beginning of the EU army which will expand and probably replace NATO within the EU. Perhaps they will have to increase military spending to the 2% of GDP that both countries should have paying for many years. President Trump has called them out for their dependence upon the US for defence since 1945. However the back story to the Treaty is that France and Germany will gradually merge on many other policies, financially and diplomatically so that the two countries eventually become one. An example of how they see the direction of the whole EU edifice The passports of France and Germany will become interchangeable written in both languages! Personally I think back to August 1939 when Von Ribbentrop and Molotov formed a German/ Soviet Union Alliance that lasted until June 1941 when Hitler invaded. When the crunch comes and the Euro collapses ,and it will, they will be at each other’s throats and blaming the the other. Macron married a woman 25 years his senior. He has plenty of practice f@@@@ing an older woman knowing eventually he would be getting in to bed with the Chancellor of the Federal Republic!
  7. It is the Business class seats, not First or Cattle class, that make the money for the airlines. There is an equation of square footage/revenue for all three classes.Fortunately there are regulations giving a minimum space requirement for Cattle class.(I did see this week that a budget airline flew with two seats missing and their 'occupants' travelled sitting on the floor of the aircraft. I am not sure whether this was a hoax) Fill First class and Cattle class and the cost of the flight is covered. Sell Business class and the airline begins to pay its company overheads and it accumulates profits, I have upgraded on flights to BKK from London in the past and overall I enjoy the experience but not to the extent that I would do it every time.
  8. This thread has been a revelation to me! Eyenitnoy as well as Brian from Luton/ Dunstable the newspaper delivery man were my two 'look for' posters on S"""""ts forum. Eye always gave good value for the time that you invested reading his posts. I would not have made the decisions that he took but he laid out the reasons for almost all that he did. He opened my eyes in as much as I took time to investigate what he did financially. I followed Eye because I loved Mikes Mall Art Street as a destination not just for myself but for other members of my family. ( The Artists there provided such great value for money ). At a time when I was considering a retirement in Thailand and the £ sterling was north of 65 Baht I followed closely the comings and goings of the Nirun Appartment complex, its decoration with a Stripper Pole and ' Old Masters'. Eye really gave such great detail not only of his personal life but also his financial position. I forget when I last read a post from Eye but his true love was certainly in Italy 'helping' Signor Macaroni. I guess from reading this thread things never did work out for Eye despite his understanding of Mathematics, Science, Astronomy etc. and Miss Lek being just twenty with little education. I hope that both have emerged whole and are now thriving on a different course. Does anyone know whether Brian is still on the scene or does he confine his holidays to Europe with his wife?
  9. The Tipp Plaza facility is really now a tattoo gallery. When I went there at the end of November there were probably fifteen or more units occupied by the skin artists, one or perhaps two art studios and half a dozen left empty. The second art shop appeared to have been abandoned. The whole place just appeared to a take it out leave it slum. Not a patch on the Mike’s Mall Art Street which was a vibrant centre of artistic talent with just a couple of tattooists. I know there are true art studios spread around South Pattaya and now spreading into Jomtien,
  10. Mr. Smiler Do you have any idea why you were chosen for this ‘ gift ‘ ? In pre-Reformation times in Christian Europe such objects were highly sought after and treasured if it was rumoured that they had Saintly origins.. They were preserved and coated with gold leaf and carefully stored to prevent damage. Perhaps if her memory and your relationship with the family is important you can agree with the son that the relic should be so treated. Explain that this is a Christian tradition and it will be displayed on,say, her birthday or the anniversary of her death. To be worn constantly in the Buddhist tradition is not consistent with Christian norms. Hopefully there would be no loss of face for either party with this solution Good Luck!
  11. Just a simple manger scene for me from Advent Sunday to the Feast of Epiphany. But the Shepherds and their sheep had better hide if I hear Kirsty McColl or Noddy Holder more than a dozen times, a feeling of hate takes over and I start looking for cushions to throw. It is too early to wish you all Merry Christmas, so do not read this sentence!
  12. In passing, if any American citizen is in London and is looking to waste an afternoon, visit the Mayflower pub in Rotherhithe. It is an authentic 16th Century pub and the departure point in London for the Pilgrim Fathers. The address is 117 Rotherhithe Street London SE 16. It is about a mile plus a bit down river from Tower Bridge and around the corner from Rotherhithe Station on the London Overground service. Too late for this year but the immediate environs of the pub and St. Mary’s Church hold a week long celebration of the Thanksgiving Holiday. But the area with its connection with the Brunel engineering family is well worth a visit at any time. A genuine area of unspoilt London docklands!
  13. A premature launch for many Loy Krathong wreaths and fewer girls in Thai traditional dress the price paid here in Jomtien for an hour of tropical downpour.
  14. True! But my local Wetherspoon is about 8 miles from Stansted and provides a considerably better service. A pint of Abbot Ale at lunchtime was £2.19, the same pint at Stansted was £4.65 an increase of 113%. Just a little disappointed that is all. Still time to forgive and forget.
  15. Much obliged for your reply Lanzalad. I think all Airports are overhyped. Even the Wetherspoons follow the lead of others in pricing at airports and I am a big fan of their pubs.
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