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  1. Does anybody remember the Old Thermae. The one now came into existence sometime in the 90s. The entrance to the Old Thermae was through the toilets. I had some great nights there during my first visits to Bangkok. It was busiest after 2 am when the girls from the go gos used to go there. I can remember taking girls from there for 500 baht. Many a night I left around 7 am like a vampire when the rest of Bangkok was going to work. It was an absolutely fantastic place. I haven't been to the Thermae for years now and things have changed so much, it's likely I'll never go again.
  2. I'm looking forward to this from Danny Boyle being in the cinemas. The release date is the end of June. I hope it's in Pattaya for when I get there at the end of July.
  3. That is a very interesting question. At this moment in time I can only think of and suggest one possible difference. Religions have designated, physical places of worship such as churches, mosques and temples whereas superstitions do not. Maybe I could add that religions take money from their adherents in the form of tithes. Religions have greater power for social control.
  4. Yes https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/boy-thrown-mall-america-balcony-responsive-no-longer-critical-condition-n999076
  5. Filipinos are much the same. Visitations from the Virgin Mary are extremely common - apparently.
  6. Years ago I spent a week in a village in Buriram. Thai men there had tattoos which they believed would protect them from a bullet.
  7. Reminds me of a Kevin Costner film.
  8. Happy Birthday Leslie. Carry on carrying on.
  9. If you never do anything else with your life, go to Pattaya. And go there as soon as you can because it's not getting any better.
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