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  1. at least its about pattaya or even thailand matthewh , few and far between on here /
  2. initially for info on bars and pussy . later for business . later still to keep in contact with friends . now to wind people up .
  3. one person can never know everything mate .
  4. its a forum mate , thats all , nothing more , nothing less . i dont need a hug mate , but thanks for the offer . i ll check in again in a few days like i normally do looking for interesting content , i ll not hold my breath .
  5. well its pretty simple , i want to know about pattaya . i want to know about bars , girls , restaurants , events in the main . i want to talk about politics , education , healthcare , as examples . ive already had threads deleted here , posts deleted here that were completely innocent . thats how i know threads i would start wouldnt be allowed to run on here .
  6. any threads id start wouldnt be allowed on this forum . i dont give a shit about what anyone had for breakfast , where the nicest temple is or when the train comes to pattaya and he likes .
  7. i was able to reply to 3 threads today all be it one of them got closed as soon as i replied but was ok to be open until i replied . the forum is on the up if i found 3 to reply to .
  8. ive never done this journey by bus only car . there are no land crossings between thailand and cambodia or vice versa that are free for farangs .
  9. golden wonder cheese and onion .
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