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  1. I was answering the post you idiot, surely you can see that. The topic is about Thailand, bars, go gos and that was the basis of the answers given by those interested enough to try and give their opinions. some of those guys are actually on the ground as well, not in some back-wood in another country. I think they have a right to post without your tedious hatred for Thailand and Pattaya quips cropping up in nearly every post about Thailand (ironically on a Thai forum) You have also twice now tried to remind people how experienced in Thailand you are yet wtf has that got to do with your po
  2. Oh, it's not just me that has a good clue about you, it shows in nearly every post. For a guy who is not even in Thailand you certainly get wound up about everything Thai, I just don't get it...maybe something in the Bintang or your solitude is changing you into a sad grumpy old man Past glories gone, just grasping at a life you once had so the need to complain about everything you no longer have control over. Seriously mate you should really be enjoying your life as a pensioner and saying good for you to all those who still have a life to lead but that is not your way.
  3. Must admit my thoughts are similar. The Minix box had its uses and Lanza updated it for me many times but eventually it just stopped working. I also got bored with the need to update software or download a new named app to get around streaming issues, also the quality of what I wanted was not always first class. I have HDPRIME which works really well for me here in the UK; I also have a Smart TV which has Freeview which allows me to watch most of what is important to me such as the news etc. I haven't gone big on a full SKY or Virgin package as nearly everything I need to watch
  4. I suppose nothing much wrong with your opinion but as this is a Thailand forum and the topic is about go gos/bars, restaurants that have closed my thoughts are that talking about the demographic left in Pattaya is well placed here. Starting another topic about there being many other places to enjoy yourself outside of Pattaya and Thailand could be a good start. Maybe even joining a non Thai based forum could also give you less stress at having to continue to knock everything Thai lol
  5. Can't see where I was saying the streets are lined with gold but there are Thais who are willing to take the stictching off their wallets. My point and I am not really needing to stress it is that most foreigners think that all Thais are poor barring a few in high circles. Fact is that many Thais have disposable incomes that allow them to spend in places like Sky Bar and that is why it was noticed by Esco. After coming to Thailand and SE Asia for over 33 years it is noticeable that Thais are spending more, in fact you know that when spending they are like other Asians, they will pa
  6. And where do the majority of foreigners eat and drink in Pattaya, probably not at the Sky Gallery. My point is there are plenty of Thais with money, both in Pattaya, Bangkok and the provinces despite what gets printed on the many foreign forums in Thailand.
  7. Yes it was a fish and chip Friday. Was going to buy but ended up making my own fish and chips with a nice piece of haddock from fish mongers and King Edward's potatoes from Morrisons.
  8. Not sure about changes, I have been away a while. There have been occasions when I have never been to immigration to advise of my arrival but then again I was usually just visiting from Pattaya or Hua Hin where I was in residence. it was only after I left the country and then came back and needed to renew my driving licences that I found out that I should be in possession of a new residence certificate, got to keep the authorities happy.
  9. At least my doctor can write a note, got signed off today for a month and then ironically got a call from the receptionist to say I am booked in for physio on the 02 November for my dodgy knee. Have been having a few problems with liquid on my knee, probably a side affect of playing too much football when younger but it flared up after doing a lovely walk to some waterfalls. Really bloody painful and after 10 days without going down the doc thinks I need physio. Good job there is a great woman in the house to take care of me. The little one has also started bringing me my tea so loo
  10. Bit concerned that your view is that 100% of the people on the planet are weirdos. 0% normal seems low lol
  11. Similar to me, I needed to change my 2 driving licences in Khon Kaen and I couldn't have them issued until I offered up a TM30, a bit inconvenient but every time you leave the country you are meant to get one if you are in private accommodation where you are meant to register your stay. One of the few times that Porn's father got a trip into town to confirm the details of my residence (our house is on family land).
  12. I can't get a blood test at the moment as only urgent cases are being dealt with and as the doctor's receptionist told me yesterday everybody thinks they are urgent at which I told the girl that to belittle my need for a blood test was wrong considering my doctor had requested one for me to give me peace of mind. Despite everything the government says about business as usual my doctor told me yesterday that many operations, many appointments are continuing to be cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. I am awaiting physiotherapy on my knee, I am awaiting an Aortic Aneurysm screening and
  13. If it was clear cut how come some of the pundits had completely differing views on what action should have been taken. Believe even one of Liverpool's own legends in the commentary box thought it was not a red card tackle. VAR is used for that very reason and on this occasion it failed to act but probably only because VAR didn't know the rules.
  14. Well there is nothing wrong in what you say but I am not telling anybody how to spend their money, it is just an opinion on a forum. Doesn't make my opinion right or wrong, just a conversation, a view and that view is that sending money to buy drinks for a girl who is thousands of miles away where they have no real interaction with is weird. Just don't get the need to do it other than allowing certain bars/groups to get another money stream. Good for the bars but I just don't see the value in it for me
  15. My wife has been telling me about quite a lot of feedback about these government quarantine choices and it isn't all good. Main complaint seems to be about the food although it did surprise me to see quite a few hotels in Pattaya being used.
  16. The whole point for me was being there, interacting with a girl, socialising, drinking with a babe, a touch of a leg, possible companionship for the night; it was why most of us travelled thousands of miles to be in Thailand. Now some guys are seeing only their money travelling 1000's of miles, it ain't right.
  17. Clear cut decisions are easy, it's the ones where there are differing views but understanding how referees make decisions are reached will give the pundits the basis for a debate.
  18. Do guys actually buy drinks for girls from 1000's of miles away., wow I am shocked by that. Blimey, I have a problem buying drinks for girls from 2 feet away................lol
  19. Restaurants, pubs doing everything they can to stop the virus spreading including, table service, wearing of masks when not seated, booking via apps, screens between tables or more distance between those seated, being met by a staff member with a mask on to pass on info etc = blame for the virus spreading so must close down. School run, no masks, no social distancing, the same 6 adults everyday standing all within 2 metres having a good old natter, headmistress sending messages to tell them to socially distance for the sake of the pupils and possible school closure and yet totally ignored
  20. It amazes me that some guys here are superheroes with the women. A girl pulls a knife and it is over in minutes no doubt with the woman on her arse or apologising profusely for having the temerity to pull a knife on the guy in the first place. I have had my run ins with women and only once did a knife get pulled (we were in the kitchen) and I can't remember any of the situations being over in minutes with the girl so remorseful she realised I was a God not to be messed with. We will no doubt continue to have issues with our ladies or companions on occasions but not being a legend 'i
  21. Not really a problem but the 247 logo bar being in deep blue seems to have swallowed up the sign on details as they are almost the same colour, suppose somewhere I can change the colours as luckily I can stab in the dark and click on the sign on to get signed in.
  22. Was this a women's league game cos I don't remember seeing that game on my TV.... Calling Namps for confirmation....lol
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