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So how's everyone enjoying


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Just now, Sherlock said:

That, or get yourself a majority shareholding in Amazon!!!

Amazon Flex have their main distribution outlet near my office, it is constant vans going in and out all day presently, a royal pain in the arse trying to get around them especially at security which can take ages to enter/leave.

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1 hour ago, Horizondave said:

I have no presents except some beer from my brother, that is it, nada.

Next year will have to organise a truck for the presents hopefully..... 

Sending a hug from Somerset Dave, if that helps.🌲

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10 minutes ago, Krapow said:


Had dinner with the family , went for a drive for an hour with my old fella and had a good chat back home now feet up for the rest of the day.

I had a beer last night so gonna leave it today.

Back to the gym tomorrow 

All the best 


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A sexy Walking St Hello girl who’s took a bit of a shine to me took me to Pattaya Beer Garden and we had a meal.
That’s it for me tonight. Bar looking ok. Last night was quieter than previous years but tonight is better.
Have a great day everyone.

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