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Mum Baan Suan in Huay Yai

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Sorry to bother you with another restaurant in Huay Yai, which is a bit far out for most ouf you guys, but maybe there is one or the other living not to far from there and might want to try something new.

So I drive past this place, speeding as usually and read something like "Coffee" and "Homestay". Thought to myself, there could be some food being served.


So the next evening I gave it a go. At the front next to the main road there is a porch with a couple of tables.



Opening hours: yes, the close up early here. It is darker here than on the darkside.


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That shiny big thing to the right is a coffee and espresso machine.


The door on the back is leading to a large garden with a bungalow (more are in planning stage). The plot size is about 1 rai. Other rooms are upstairs in the main building.


The kitchen:


You can rent the bungalow for 1000 Bt per night.



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They even have a pool there:


Kitchen and the rear of the restaurant.




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Coming to the food now: only few Western dishes, such as Cheeseburger, Spaghetti Carbonara, Pork chops, and others. Better order some Thai food.
I had the winged bean salad with shrimps and masaman gai, 120 Bt each. Both very delicious, don't know of any place where it could be better.




The coffee machine was doing a fine Espresso, 45 Bt. Unfortunately the machine is already switched off for cleaning at 8 pm or even earlier.


Rice 20 Bt, small Tiger beer was 80 Bt, they have Paulaner wheat beer which is a bit pricey.

As it is not far away from my home, Mum Baan Suan has a good chance to become one of my regular places.

It is located on Soi Huay Yai, not far from Soi 35.

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