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Pattaya Go-go bars, beer bars & restaurants (News closures and Updates)

john luke

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A new arrangement between Scooters and the new owners of Secrets (but you already knew that.). Soi Buakhao branch posted above.


Pook Plaza in Soi Buakhao.  Not new unless you have not been here for a couple of years.




Beer Hub - located on the edge of Tree Town.  Very recently opened.





Pagoda Guest House and House Bar.  Recently converted from a Financial Advice Centre (which almost disappeared overnight) to a bar/accommodation complex.


Chunky Monkey Soi Buakhao.  Recently opened believed owned by the original owner of Robin's Nest.



This place on Beach Road is also fairly new.

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Ongoing work at Passion and Seduction in Soi 6





Scooter Bar in Soi 6.  It was around 0900, hence no customers.


Work at Pump Station 3



Fairly new I think.



Does No Free Toilet mean there is a chargeable toilet or no toilet?


Paint work here.



This used to be two or three bars - now merged into this.



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My Friend You Bar on Soi 6 reopened last week , it's now become an open bar .... don't know how that's going to work .. was no customers each time i wandered past ( short cut to beach road ... 😉 ) 


pic from when when the work was taking place 




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Second Road.  Baht buses use area in front of this as a stopping point to collect passengers.  If you get one of the baht buses here that is stationary and waiting to fill up, you can guarantee it will go onto Naklua, rather than turn left at the Dolphin Circus and proceed towards Beach Road.



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5 hours ago, Yesitisdakid said:

It's been rumored that chunky monkey has sold


5 hours ago, RR007 said:

Too Indians I believe


5 hours ago, Blue Streak said:

I was told a Welshman

Chang Fai mentioned Indians too.

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