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Thai Spice

An old frog Indonesians exploration

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2 hours ago, boydeste said:

Just read through and enjoyed the journey so far. Thanks for making the effort.


2 hours ago, Krapow said:

You, having a run in with a Mod, I find that hard to believe¬†ūü§£

Macron's breaking the strike!

Back to work Frenchie, allez allez allez ...



OK, Let me raise the question at the next Union Assembly....(Yeah, yeah , I know,.... don't forget the flags TS …)

24 minutes ago, drifter said:

Your posts have been a pleasure to read. I personally would enjoy seeing the rest of this series. This is, of course, your choice.


I’ve been living in Thailand but plan to explore more of SEA soon, since who knows how long any of us have.


Regardless, Thank you. 

Thanks, Cheers.

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Let's see if, although the on going strike, we cans give some "service minimum" …. :


OK, a few of the trip to the jungle early Jan (2018) after my daugther left

 I use Garuda, there are two L.C. airlines doing the route, but I avoid them.... It are the ones where recently they had to remove the pilot before take off because he was drunk, and caught another one using drugs in his hotel room...

First leg (Denpasar - Surabaya) on B737.  Nice plane, clean and confortable. Don't bother take the "snack" they offer you....except for the peanuts maybe   :



Second leg on ATR 72, a bit of a change for me who used for years to do HKG-BKK every month on Emirates A380 in Business.....



A few pics on the approach of Banyuwangi, you can see the various landscapes, town, culture, rice fields, and jungle as soon as you move a bit away..








Yep, that's a volcano there on the left in the background.  Dont forget Indonesia is full of them. It is located on the "Ring of Fire", (no, not the Johny Cash one...) and has about 100 ACTIVE volcanoes, without counting the inactive ones...




Welcome home !   Love this small airport.... (UPDATE 2018/11 : It has been a bit upgraded now, as it was planned as "backup" during the IMF meeting in Bali, in case the volcano closed down Bali's airport. )





10 / 12 minutes from your plane seat to the car seat  ....

OK, after 1 hour on the asphalt road, when this tracks appear, means we are about 6 / 7 km from home !

Imperial dust road first.... :



Dust road du Roy next  :




And finally the Frog's imperial's access lawn ..... Now you understand why I sold that Merc 500 ?  :




The "master" being back, a BBQ is organised and a few family members drop by .  Yes, it could be Issan, i know.......







OK, back on strike.... with a Bintang !



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OK, this was from March 2018, things have changed in the garden since that time ! :

We are quietly adapting.to our 3 week roster between Bali and the Jungle house. In the beginning we planned 2 weeks, but that involves to much travelling. "Update : This has changed, now stil l3w / 3w for the Miss, but I spend only 1 week !"

A bit difficult for me sometimes to follow the "garden strategy" ....Latest plan a few months ago was for the dragon fruit, but surprise, surprise, corn was planted as well.

One of the likely reasons is that seeing dragon fruit was making more money than oranges all jumped on the dragon fruit wagon, and the price crashed....  Brother in law had about half of his production going in the bin as he could not sell it.

Ok so we are here since 2 weeks, and an opportunity for me to see the corn culture thing.

A few pics and some basic explanation as we go.  Remember I have ZILCH knowledge ( nor any interest) in farming, so I keep well away from it.

That's how it looked 2 weeks ago



Basically when the corn is nearly ripe, the leaves are teared open,  and later it is "plucked" (?)







Next step is to dry it ... Bit a hassle as every evening you have to pick it up, and store under roof in case it rains during the night...and next morning put it out again. 3 days.



This is one of the very few operations where the old frog has a bit of qualification.... :



Yep, son has a nice little touch for mom... :



Next step is "rasping" it, to collect the grains as they sell it under this form :



This is sold for about 4,000 IDR /Kg  0,25 euro    9 THB/ Kg

Sure we dont need it, but it gives the Miss a bit a feeling of having her own crop, own money and the pleasure of selling it making her a business woman.

Besides that it teaches her son, because at the end one day all this will belong to him. Also for her brother who lives in the next house, and grows corn as well it is important. His only income is from the garden (plus when I employ him for works in the house).   So it would be very arrogant to ignore all this, and just say "we have enough money, no need this"

And when I see the thing is sold in supermarkets about 50 or 100 times what she gets, I understand that small farmers can feel angry.




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