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Retirement Extension today at Jomtien

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Up early to get the bank letter at Bangkok bank left the bank letter in hand 8:40 Am. Moto taxi to immigration  9am in Jomtien. I always use the office just to the left of immigration have them make all the copies I need and fill in all the forms charged me 300 baht. Yea Yea I know should do it myself why pay someone. I do because they know just what the officer needs and they put it in the right order and using them I have never been asked for another copy of something they get it right always.


In the office i go at 9:15 get a number which they are waiting for no one is ahead of me. Hand over my paperwork officer goes through it in record time. Looks up asks me for 1900 baht and gives me a card telling me all good come pickup after 2pm tomorrow.


They require all the normal stuff. Bank Letter Bank Book TM7 Copy of my deed of ownership for my condo I own 1 photo No mention of TM30. Was given the letter to return in 3 months to show updated Bank book. This could not have been easier. 9:25 done and dusted. This was done with the 800K in the bank method.

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